Junior Senior – Move Your Feet (Official music video, HD)

iTunes: http://www.itunes.com/juniorsenior Spotify: http://spoti.fi/tdIbMQ Rdio: http://on.rdio.com/11wtsjm The official music video made by Shynola. “Move Y…

Here is the recap of Andrew Wiggins senior year at Huntington Prep. Hoopmixtape Volume 2! Beat By Cypria. Check out his fan page here: http://facebook.com/Cy…
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50 Responses to Junior Senior – Move Your Feet (Official music video, HD)

  1. 098Mister says:

    8 bit

  2. fang6639 says:

    lol does jr sound like Michael? a little bit huh??

  3. homies4lifex3 says:

    1:58 Prepare Your Anus

  4. Ryan Veeder says:

    what is even your deal

  5. Glen Paterson says:

    You must be somebody special to say that. I ‘d like to take you out for a haircut.

  6. ApocalypticPhuture says:

    The early 00s were shit for movies music and television and the economy wasnt astronomical by any account. And dont you mean youre proud to be a 00s kid? Take the nostolgia goggles off fuckhead.

  7. MattyBishPTG says:

    dat fucking squirrel tho

  8. MattyBishPTG says:

    shut up faggit

  9. FunnyMAN Rampage says:

    soo true! this video pumps me out Oh Btw you can use this to get it on your pod => bit.ly/11OUG5F?=singk

  10. Billy Park says:


  11. Danny Dob says:

    Random feeling to listen to this song then discover that gambit benq was listening to it :D cool

  12. sabachan3 says:

    fucking great clip = :)

  13. xarkz says:

    Denmark’s biggest contribution to mankind

  14. RetroFlashback1 says:

    This was good shit back then. Now we got this 2010s bollocks…

  15. I ahmed says:

    Still has better graphics than COD.

  16. gusdekiller2012 says:

    i heard this song from looney tunes casino Scene

  17. fusionfall newb says:

    i heard this song from looney tunes and i got here ^_^

  18. fusionfall newb says:

    i heard this song from looney tunes and i got here ^_^

  19. psichoparano says:


  20. psichoparano says:

    the realy 00′s were good years,good music,good movies,good economy…i feel so lucky to be a 90′s kid <3

  21. loser515100 says:

    only song that ever came on the music channel like 10 years ago ahhhh the good days where games where good music was good and wrestling was sick

  22. The SubFix says:

    sounds so much like michael jackson…

  23. Joel Ritchie says:

    White Chicks & my childhood brought me here

  24. Artisallireallyneed says:

    How could anyone not love this song? This shit is fucking awesome!

  25. NintendoKart7 says:

    when it got to the massage part I minimized the screen

  26. knink24 says:

    He looks more athletic then Lebron when he was in high school.

  27. TheBronxUberVillain says:

    Million views but under 5,000 LIKES… under 200 Dislikes. Fishy numbers…

  28. rammajamma488 says:

    I dont need to see 100 dunks…I wanna know if he can shoot or if he has good court vision. Athleticism can only get you so far.

  29. DSN6313 says:

    I see a bit of Dominique Wilkins

  30. Chris Cathcart says:

    good jump shit Andrew Wiggins…

  31. james clarke says:


  32. Katarina Brezovnik says:

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  33. opitz107 says:

    This kid has the chance to be a serious NBA baller. I see a lot of Matt Bonner in his game.

  34. opitz107 says:

    LOL HAHA im dyin bro.

  35. John Sweensum says:

    KU baby!

  36. Karl Sexon says:

    i think more of a lebron james. look it was all dunks…

  37. branman11373 says:

    high school kids cant go directly to the nba anymore, new rule

  38. Sean Johnson says:

    that hert my ankle

  39. Kid Rachetz says:

    Juwan Howard was actually kinda good in his first 4 years. lol

  40. TheLittleSpanishFlea says:

    DAaaaaaaaaAAAAAAMN that kids got hops, see how high he gets? AMAZING

  41. BRANDON11776 says:

    why is this kid going to college he should already be in the nba

  42. jsgkld says:


  43. Rented duckling says:

    who the fuc is that?

  44. UFspeed says:

    We are magic

  45. UFspeed says:

    I sure hope so

  46. jeremitrius1234 says:

    Has the potential to be as great as Juwan Howard.

  47. Kappa Marino says:

    He will be in an Orlando Magic jersey next summer.

  48. Asa Williams says:

    2:02 made the kid sit down lol

  49. TheGeForceNick says:

    He is amazing! I would hate to see him get in trouble and ruin his basketball career.

  50. Vance Tuck says:


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