Kids Never Get this Excited: SEASON’S GREENIES® Commercial – 30 seconds

The holidays take an unusual turn when toothbrushes become the year’s most anticipated gift. See how much your dog can love dental care with GREENIES® Dental…
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Learn how to make a Orange Pistachio Greenies Recipe! Go to for the ingredien…

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29 Responses to Kids Never Get this Excited: SEASON’S GREENIES® Commercial – 30 seconds

  1. Rick Swanson says:

    I am in that commercial

  2. Aubrie Parker says:

    Best commercial on TV. You guys are crazy…

  3. loneshewolf74 says:

    Awful! I’ve got an earache right now and I HATE shrieking little brats! Especially cross-eyed ones in ugly PJ’s and half their teeth gone! D=

  4. kjllwc says:

    Wat kind of dog is that

  5. TheNinnyfee says:

    And I would throw some white chocolate chips on the still warm cake and let them melt instead of glazing the cake.

  6. TheNinnyfee says:

    Love this recipe and will definitely try this! If you want to make it a bit more oriental you can also add a splash of rosewater, goes very well with pistachios and oranges.

  7. heyummrandommuch says:

    oooooooohhhhhh mmmmyyyy gggggaaaaaaahhhd. i have but a half bag of flour, 2 packages of ramen, and some vanilla extract in my house. why the hell am i watching this.

  8. William Marcum says:

    omg! Someone is eating what they want when you can’t have it. HOW DARE THEY.

  9. Vash TS says:

    That is as ridiculous as saying Chef John cant use cayenne pepper because food can be good without it and someone is probably allergic to it.

    YOU are the BOSS of your *insert food here*.

  10. PvtSkittles12 says:

    Can you make “Special Greenies?” ;)

  11. marisa82 says:

    just admit it, you are angry and frustrated because you want to eat chocolate and cant :P ;)

  12. PhanRegSop says:

    WHAT. Chef John, seriously….nailing it.

  13. MsNarutobabe says:

    The way how you speak makes your vids really fun, love them

  14. 2dasimmons says:

    Are they legal?

  15. Amy Chavez says:


  16. DDelilahM says:

    Just omit the chips…sheesh im blown away that someone who must be used to adapting recipes according to the allergies of her family, cant seem to do it with this one without complaining.

  17. AetheraSora says:

    I think I will try this with white chocolate chips.

  18. QrazyDude says:

    This man has had over 15 years of culinary experience, and you have the audacity to tell him what he thinks tastes good is wrong?

  19. farflungfloyd says:


  20. musicalaviator says:

    Chocolate chips which… as it happens, were imaginary!

  21. Mawgbot says:

    Oh God, really? People like you still exist? I thought you’d all crawled back into your hand-threshed thatch caves by now.

    Seriously, get off your high horse, Cupcake.

  22. Kuroi Bun says:

    Tired of brownies? NEVUR

  23. Ramses van Wijk says:

    i pity the fool who’s allergic to chocolate

  24. MoniMeka says:

    wow, i really like those! i want to make them! LOL

  25. SimpleSock says:

    I make Greenies too but mine have some extra herbs.

  26. Shilag says:

    So even Chef John doesn’t always crack a perfect egg! My confidence just got a big boost!

  27. bluishskin says:

    I’m sorry to say this but that is your problem. Simply don’t add whatever that makes your family allergic. Don’t even bother watching this video if it’s that offensive to you.

  28. wilosony says:

    Food allergies doesnt exist. Those are in your head.

  29. mesahusa says:

    oh… i thought he meant maryjane greenies, lol/

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