Celebrity Business Analyst Announces Opinion on the Effectiveness of Movie Trailers

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) July 16, 2013

Celebrity Business Analyst released its opinion today on the effectiveness of movie trailers after a July 9 Vulture piece explored the use of highly charged moments in previews to create hype around new movies.

?Satellite tv offers the opportunity for audiences to watch movies anytime they would like to, but part of the fun of going to a movie theater is seeing the trailers for upcoming films,? says Celebrity Business Analyst. ?Previews give you just enough of the movie?s big moments to draw you in and get you excited about watching a new film.? According to the site?s analysis, movie trailers have grown by leaps and bounds since their beginnings. In the early days of film, trailers were completely different than they are now. Most of them featured voice-over narrators praising the movie and its actors using superlatives to describe the film, with perhaps a bit of a plot synopsis thrown in. These days, Hollywood studios tend to put the emphasis on action when considering what to reveal in a movie preview.

?Now, movie trailers seem to focus on the ?big? moments. They aren?t all narrated, and they aren?t as long as they were in the Golden Age of Hollywood,? says Celebrity Business Analyst?s senior writer. ?Studios have dumped the classic, ?In a world where?? voice-over narration for sound bites from the movie itself. In addition, they choose the film?s most explosive or most hilarious moments to make it more alluring to potential audiences.?

Studios spend a lot of money on marketing, and trailers are no exception. One huge moment came in 1996, when 20th Century Fox paid $ 1.3 million to air a teaser for Independence Day during the Super Bowl. Before then, movie trailers weren?t considered big enough for Super Bowl commercials, but Fox changed that. Just thirty seconds long, the teaser features shadows falling over New York, crowds of panicking people, and the White House exploding. It may sound simple in words, but it was enough to contribute to a domestic gross of $ 306 million.

Celebrity Business Analyst has a positive opinion about explosive movie trailers. The site states that using the film?s biggest moments as teasers is a good marketing tactic and creates more interest in new releases.

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Celebrity Business Analyst and its readers have an interest in the business side of Hollywood. Topics of discussion on the website include analyses of celebrity income and the financial aspects of how movies are made.

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