How to Make a Viral Video: Smash Mouth Parody | Youtube Geek Week

This is for everyone out there who has ever been asked to make a viral video. These memes are one-of-a-kind, and you can’t replicate them. For Youtube’s GEEK…

The lips and cheeks of Francisco Domingo Joaquim (Angola), were measured, at full stretch, to be 17cm (6.69 in) wide on 18 March, 2010.

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49 Responses to How to Make a Viral Video: Smash Mouth Parody | Youtube Geek Week

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  14. Matan Popko says:

    …enjoyed means liked…

  15. Ciaran Connolly says:

    When did i say i liked it.

  16. Kimwh2011 says:


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  18. Stale Bagelz says:

    I like ponies and bagels. Can a man not like two things in his life?

  19. Alex Mackey says:

    What a bunch of autistic cancerous garbage.

  20. Christina Kamp says:

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  21. Sara Strasser says:


  22. TheMrickens says:

    I thought you liked bagels

  23. proprog5000 says:

    I guess this is a fail since most memes reach around millions within first week so yea ;)

  24. MOPERONEMOPE says:

    I thought it did too.

  25. Alexis McGrath says:


  26. chanchila O says:


  27. Mikal ingeb says:

    plan B evryone plan B scream like a little girl aaaaaah

  28. valiyah moss says:


  29. valiyah moss says:


  30. valiyah moss says:


  31. Poviis says:

    Im sure hes not gay like you..

  32. Christian Mena says:

    He b sukin dick thats why

  33. ForRealms . says:


  34. Mayra Tello says:

    Black ppl

  35. madcomedy20 says:


  36. campbpar says:

    I kind of want to see how big his jaw looks though. Like it’d be cool if he shut his mouth for a second to see what he looks like.

  37. TheCoconutNetwork says:

    That’s awesome!!!!!!!

  38. LyricsEditors says:

    You guys are IDIOTS for making fun of him, this guy was fucking born with a fucking problem. If this was you, would you like if people made fun of you? Learn damn respect, shit this is the rudest comment I ever seen. Pretty sure a comment you’d like to hear is “This nigga sucking pussy all day.” then you wouldn’t say shit, or you’ll probably be jealous like you’re now. Learn respect, go ahead and reply some insults, take your internet anger out on me, but I all I do, is tell you the truth.

  39. bambalia says:

    BHAHAH your comment made my day xD !

  40. Evelin Sanchez says:

    Snowman09100 haha u silly

  41. snowman09100 says:

    This nigga be sucking too much dicks!

  42. robernecadet says:

    Nasty af

  43. USMCLP says:

    No homo?

  44. Luqman Muhammad says:

    Can bite 3 apples in a time i think

  45. Kote Kutalia says:


  46. MeNoBozo says:


  47. MegaTristan99 says:

    looks cute kinda funy . . .

  48. Matthew Pinnock says:

    Dentist: Say ahhhhhh.


    Dentist: Can you kiss me?

    Francisco: Why?

    Dentist: I want to see if my whole face gets wet.

    Francisco: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (smooch)

    Dentist: Yep, this is slobbery.

  49. Henk Sjon says:


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