A Very Potter Senior Year Full Version

AVPSY A Very Potter Senior Year Full All videos belong to Starkid. I do not own anything. Make sure to have a box of tissues & enjoy! :)

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25 Responses to A Very Potter Senior Year Full Version

  1. Samantha Spangler says:

    fabulous cake indeed

  2. Shupadubu says:

    someone please fix his tie

  3. fullmetalstrawberry says:

    Same rules as Death Note XD

  4. IidoliseJohnnyDepp says:

    Darren and Joe always break character which makes the whole ting even more supermegaawesomefoxyhot

  5. Aimee Roome says:

    okay is wonderful

  6. mynameiscalypso says:

    Yeah that really sucked… He’s so good at singing I was hoping to hear him, but his mic was just crappy :(

  7. BlatantRaindrop says:

    Lauren is so good that she manages to portray the same character but makes him seem older, like in AVPS when she made him seem younger!

  8. BlatantRaindrop says:

    Guess I’m your heavenly father, eh Potter?

  9. Debra Nesan says:

    She is Evanna Lynch…

  10. Kanade Tachibana says:

    That moment when people cheer more for the avpm actors than an actual harry potter actor..love it, poor Evanna, she seemed so nervous

  11. kitkat1595 says:


  12. MsBleachification says:

    Albus Scarfy Potter <3

  13. MsBleachification says:

    “woah is that a floating diary??”
    “oh shit”

  14. CadetJumbo says:

    am i the only one who thinks that the girl playing luna in this looks exactly like evanna lynch who played luna in the films

  15. MsBleachification says:


  16. MsBleachification says:

    “Oh no. I cheated on my girlfriend. I did it. I’m nothing but a no-good low-down rotten fat ugly cheating scumbag.” XD

  17. MsBleachification says:

    does baby want some wine with that cheese?? F*ck you!

  18. MsBleachification says:

    What’s up with Darren Chris’ mic???

  19. Olivia McDonagh says:

    God this muscial! So many damn feels…
    Thta ending makes me cry literally every time I watch it, if not forms a huge lump in my throat…. We’ll miss you Harry Potter….

  20. Azola98 says:

    What’s wrong whit Harrys mic?

  21. Matt Brick says:

    Freeze mother fucker were the wizard cops BEST LINE EVER

  22. ll9811 says:

    they only had a week to prepare for this that’s why they used there scripts and Darren was so busy with glee the he flew in right before this and only had a couple of hours to learn the songs that’s why his mic is messed up

  23. senna bode says:

    but i don’t want to let go

  24. Fatema El-Sayed says:

    He was one of the last cast members to get the script.

  25. diogenku says:

    this whole thing is literally the saddest and happiest thing i have ever seen

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