How to: Catching baitfish on Sabiki rigs

This Fishing World presentation shows you how to go about catching your own live bait using Sabiki rigs.
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The most amount of fishes I’ve ever seen. School of bunkers have no where to go. So much bunkers that you can catch it in every way, especially the guy hand …

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36 Responses to How to: Catching baitfish on Sabiki rigs

  1. Scott Edwards says:

    The Sabiki rod is very interesting; I haven’t seen that before. To pass along another tip; you can more or less accomplish the same thing using plain gold hooks. We rig 8-12 of them on dropper loops and it works just about the same as a Sabiki rig and is less expensive. You jig the rig, and the fluttering motion of the bright hooks on the way down triggers the bait fish to bite.

  2. silverback1101 says:

    nope..sometimes theyre called “fake lures fish “…japanese bred fish….

  3. chestateegold says:

    hard to catch bait right on the bottom too. ive always had trouble catching pinfish in cast net so sabiki rig does the trick

  4. Mrwaffles23qz says:

    are sabiki fish called yellowtail.

  5. johnboots256 says:

    After you’ve got your bait pull the rig back into the rod, pull the rod apart and clip a small float to theline end of the rig. This leaves you with a handle and an entire rig safe inside the sabiki rod. Don’t let the rig rust out, just pour some fresh water through the rod and wash the salt off, put it in the sun for a bit and you’ll be ready to go next time. Unclip the float, clip the line end to that, join the rod and fish.

  6. Canoe571 says:

    Would making a Sabiki rig with braided line make it less apt to tangle? That mono looks like it has a lot of memory.

  7. Kevin Nguyen says:

    easily made with size 10 baitholders and thread.

  8. TheNumbaOneMiss says:

    this is super cool, gotta get one!

  9. spencer movie says:

    thanks mate this is a nice couple of tips

  10. johnosandra says:

    top idea

  11. CaMaRoHasGame says:

    thanks for letting me know because I wasnt aware that some piers wont let you throw a net.

  12. Gil Carleton says:

    Many piers in Alabama will not allow you to use a net so you have to use a Sabiki rig.

  13. CaMaRoHasGame says:

    I dont want to be a dick here, but why not buy a $25-$50 cast net… and watch a couple videos on how to throw one, and get a whole school of baitfish with a couple throws.

  14. pouladia says:

    You dont need to have all 9 hooks on, all you do is divide it in half and it becomes more manageable to unhook your fish! Plus you get 2 sets instead of one and easier to put aside once your done fishing!

  15. tylor luongo says:

    can you use them onshore like by a peir or does it have to be on a boat?

  16. TheSpedds says:

    if Asians made it, it’s efficient

  17. 19971612 says:

    you can have a lot more fun if you’re efficient. But I agree if fun isn’t involved there’s no point, but why not spend more time fishing?

  18. TheSpedds says:

    It’s not efficiency, it’s the fun.

  19. micahgee says:

    sometimes fish are extremely net shy!

  20. TheMrAnnomus says:

    it is cheap and good

  21. IGbullshark says:

    i use a net when im on the beach but the pier where i usually fish dosent allow nets, so the Sabiki is perfect

  22. Nick Rucinski says:

    Use a de hooker bait lasts long and keeps the slime coat on the fish I commercial bait fish in Florida for a living trust me it makes a big difference in the performance of your baits

  23. victor ingrasci says:

    all of his bait r dead

  24. BehnieBro says:

    if there that close to the boat you could just net them…

  25. SpicyLupus says:

    I use sabiki’s off of my local pier and catch all sorts of decent sized fish, from spot to speckled trout.

  26. TheFishie123 says:

    does this still happen cuz i want to take my grandpa fishing for stripers next season and we use pogies aka bunker . if you could please let me know if this still happens i would like that alot. thx

  27. saintmen55 says:

    those are thread fin herring in the ocean also nicknamed greenies

  28. chrissyboey says:

    can bunkers live in salt water? cuz theres alot in the ocean to0.

  29. WildBillDaFly129 says:

    yeah there was a blue fish following them.

  30. etdipillo says:

    any bluefish or anything following them?

  31. WildBillDaFly129 says:

    next to east rock school/blake field.

  32. hockeypaint7 says:

    where in new haven is this?

  33. WildBillDaFly129 says:

    i believe it was around early september.

  34. WildBillDaFly129 says:

    new haven, ct.

  35. primi ny says:

    where is this place

  36. jl901645 says:

    this was awsome!!! what time of the year was it???

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