My 10 Favorite Boots for Fall 2013

The 10 Best Boots for Fall 2013 // Bubby and Bean
1. The Alms Boot, in Whiskey Blowfish  //  2. The Horrigan Boot in Black, H by Hudson  //  3. The Brit Lo Boot in Black, Nasty Gal  //  4. The Contra Boot in Black, Pink & Pepper  //  5. The Biker Boot in Pecan, Madewell  //  6. The Parker Suede Boot in Weathered Sage, J.Crew  //  7. The Who Boot in Alpaca Suede, Belle by Sigerson Morrison  //  8. The Legacie Boot in Brown, Madden Girl  //  9. The Richards Boot in Black, Matisse  //  10. The Hi Top Back Zip Boot in Black, Minnetonka 

As much as I whine to you guys about summer coming to an end, I’ll admit that there is one thing that gets me pumped for fall.  And no, it’s not pumpkin spice lattes.  It’s boots.  This especially holds true for this year, because the vast majority of cool weather clothes I own and would potentially be getting excited to pull out of the closet will not be fitting my now nearly six-month-pregnant body.  Since I refuse to go out and spend a bunch of money on a new fall/winter maternity wardrobe, and will thus be making do the best I can with what I have clothes-wise, I’m focusing any cool weather fashion excitement on a staple that I can wear no matter how much my body changes.  Again, this would be boots.  And booties.  And ankle boots.  And there are plenty of them that I’m loving this season, as seen above.  Lucky for me, I already own #10 (and adore them), and am anxiously awaiting #1 to arrive early next week (outfit post coming soon).

Who else is mildly obsessed with boots and ankle boots for fall?  What are your favorites from this round-up (ya know, just in case I break down and get myself just one more pair)?

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