SF Treat #20

EMB, Pier 7, and Black Rock may be “gone” but San Francisco is still skateboard Mecca. This video feature by Colton Light is an awesome display of the shredd…
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23 Responses to SF Treat #20

  1. NateLP02 says:

    7:50 this line

  2. Lucas Bizub says:

    the cool thing about the video is they are always in different spots!

  3. puff dankbeyaatch says:

    kai gormenson used to hit my local park in sd a bit he killed it im psyched hes gettin some coverage

  4. Evan Burner says:

    SF Treats are the best thing that happened to skateboarding

  5. 1billees says:

    What are the songs pleaseeee I must have themmm!

  6. the1garcia says:

    thrasher bought out slap? or slap went bankrupt?

  7. bugginout23 says:


  8. tonebalone1181 says:

    this is fucking skating…along with gx

  9. Christoffer Lange says:

    Thats Copenhagen, Denmark.. Weird.

  10. Orlando YLB says:

    Does any one know that spot at 7:45

  11. dvs2751 says:

    SF is by far my favorite to see in skatevideos for sure. So fuckin gnarly. again Thrasher has been putting out some of the best videos I’ve seen in awhile lately

  12. dale decker says:

    this is really great

  13. TheRealCiabatta says:

    Oudalay’s part made me want to go out a skate right away.

  14. Bert Torkelsson says:

    07:42 – 07:49 copenhagen!!

  15. Matt Toppa says:

    song names???

  16. Rodrigo Alonso says:

    great video !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Rodrigo Alonso says:

    yeah !!! but malto is regular….. ;-)

  18. JROSHREDS says:

    Such a sick video

  19. sanderflovolle says:

    8:38, who else thought it was malto?

  20. thepupils209 says:

    On point & delicious, no need for dessert.

  21. Fritte Söderström says:

    first song: /watch?v=K18Jo_3VKcQ

  22. Chris Weeks says:

    Oudalay! Best fuckin style!

  23. Henry Hernandez says:

    would love to see a full part from oudalay

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