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Blind Man Regains Sight After Science Implants A Tooth Into His Eye
Because science is totally insane and doesn't care what you think, they've decided to go ahead and start restoring sight in blind patients. And because science is really ridiculously, they're doing it by implanting teeth into eyesockets. Because that's
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Watch: Pulling a bad tooth from the mouth of a tiger
Ozzy was rescued from a neglectful owner who fed him a diet lacking in the proper amount of calcium which has caused Ozzy to suffer from bone problems and may offer an explanation for having a bad tooth. This video of Michael pulling Ozzy's bad tooth
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Five-year-old Addison Puma memorialized on Sweet Tooth bench
Before the diagnosis that would send the Puma family into a desperate search for a cure, the preschooler and her mom, Melissa Puma, would visit The Sweet Tooth of Marine City every time they came out to the family cottage at Cherry Beach in
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