Frank Zappa 1971 12 04 Magdalena – Dog Breath

Live at Montreux Casino, Switzerland.

Her name is Ringo (Ringer), and she can process more oxygen than a Ford V-8.
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28 Responses to Frank Zappa 1971 12 04 Magdalena – Dog Breath

  1. GeneralGuy77 says:

    HAHA “spread mayonaise” gets me every time
    A great homage to Canada.

  2. Greg Waits says:

    Billy was a Mountain was – imo – the first rock opera. FZ was eons ahead of the pack….and he STILL is!

  3. John Stoutland says:

    I remember Zappa In Washington DC Concert In Nov.or Dec 1976

  4. steve paul says:

    I remember Detroit and Frank and the Greek….1982…

  5. defyras says:

    Frank Zappa is complete which some is proven here by this great text and matching music. :)

  6. zootzrats says:

    My favourite Zappa drummer… and I think he was Franks too!

  7. zootzrats says:

    He turned down Led Zep…. and then they picked John Bonham!

  8. Peter Goodman says:

    One of the best Zappa tunes. Lots of great memories listening to JAB from LA. Studebeger Hock!

  9. sociallubricant69 says:

    My favorite zappa album is the one I’m listening to at the moment

  10. DFocelot says:

    All hail His Holiness FZ

  11. Terry Corcoran says:

    Insane….in terms of the subject matter, the quality of the performance, and the insane vocals of Mark Vollman. This band was incredible! The World’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band? Look no further. Frank must have rehearsed them to Hell and back. Fame costs…

  12. PastowanyKaban says:

    zappateers tracker

  13. spacehopperballs says:

    poor Bozzio - Love the guy but he never filled Aynsley’s boots and he knew it.

    Aynsley just had “something”extra…..

    Was it maybe just “Class”????

  14. mrseat38 says:


  15. PastowanyKaban says:

    true. don’t know why i wrote Variations since it obviously isn’t… thanks for spotting that.

  16. ANDREW SALTINO says:

    fix the name, this isn’t the Dog Breath Variations. just Dog Breath

  17. helikestv says:

    Fucking hell! This is from the “Smoke on the Water” show? What a piece of rock history!

  18. max31416 says:

    Hi there, arklat, old pal. Still draggin your little tormented soul in the third planet? If nuthin else works you can still listen to some soothin soul.

  19. pizza351 says:

    the counterpoint here is just amazing especially the second one with the lower voice. just f’n awsome. 6:26

  20. gaggen61 says:

    Wonderful version. Where do you get it from, I love Just another band, but this is amazing. How can I get it and wherefrom??

  21. orangewestpro says:

    I was amazed that the Rolling Stone (Ronnie Lane) Recording Unit was outside the Ballroom when the guy set the flare gun off on the roof with the members of Richie Blackmoore and deep purple there and this recording was saved.
    Talk about Smoke On The Water.
    Blue Moon.

  22. pentherapy says:

    HAhaha, gotta wonder what his kids thought of these incest songs when they heard them. (Thinking specifically of this and Brown Shoes Don’t Make It)

  23. PastowanyKaban says:

    no sir. And no, it doesn’t seem right there ISN’T one.

  24. Zachary Van Haslam says:

    Ok, seriously now… is there actually a Zappa signature Les Paul? That doesn’t seem right.

  25. Hans Duchardt says:

    - I totally have to agree – saw him several times back in Germany – and most of the time with other members. In Heidelberg “Napoleon” was such a bundle of energy he stole the show. Going back in time – and I’m still in love with “Magdalena” -

  26. Stephanie Lyons says:


  27. _Holsy_ says:

    I think i’m in the wierd part of YouTube again…

  28. markcheryl100 says:

    damn cute dog!!

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