Aquatasy – That “Ich”-y Feeling – How to Treat Ich the Smart Way

Aquatasy presents a humorous & helpful guide to treating the dreaded fish disease known as “Ich”. Think you already know how to treat? Well, before you start…
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Smart Treat was ultimately a bust for us. Started out with promise, but we soon discovered that there were more sunflower seeds than we could handle. Inconsi…

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25 Responses to Aquatasy – That “Ich”-y Feeling – How to Treat Ich the Smart Way

  1. gd6585 says:

    Great tips, but when you mentioned that you cannot bump up the water temp
    high because of certain fish, such as Black Skirts, which is my problem,
    you did not offer advice on what to do if you have those types of fish.

  2. Ng zhixiang says:

    P.S I don’t have heater , test kits for water( PH, ammonia) . I tried
    reducing water up to 80% and replacing them with new ones, added salt, ich
    medicine( blue liquid type) . But to no avail , some help or tips maybe?
    Thanks :)

  3. Ng zhixiang says:

    Hello, I have found that my flowerhorns are actually like sick again, does
    ich also sticks to the eye? I did a 75-80% water changes and it didn’t work
    at all, the feeder fishes died within the hour of release even though they
    were kept in the water with a bag to regulate its body temperature but in
    the end they still die, how do I end this ich madness?

  4. Ng zhixiang says:

    Hi, I am truly grateful for your awesome instructions and why do they get
    the ick, your video is very specific to understand on what to do and some
    precautions to take . I hope my fish does recover with your help, thanks
    for uploading this video, much appreciated !

  5. TheFlippo123 says:

    is it table salt?

  6. Curtis Bailey says:

    Your video was real helpful

  7. √Čric-Michel Lee says:

    I have been researching Ich treatments and so far I find your video to be
    the clearest and most helpful of all. You would make an excellent teacher
    if you aren’t already. However I do have a question about the quantity of
    salt you recommend adding as I have more often heard about one tablespoon
    per 10 gallons…

  8. NaturalistaYoYo says:

    Thanks for such an informative video… When doing water changes, do you
    let the fresh water sit out for a while before adding it to the tank? and
    do you add conditioner of bacteria supplements to it first?

  9. anni50ful says:

    HA HA very good ..

  10. Sufiyan Haddadi says:

    thanx nice video

  11. Fish Tank Girl says:

    Great vid! You have some mad video editing skills!

  12. Latisha Harris says:

    Does this salt work for betta fish

  13. Cole Hammond says:

    thank you for this video! I am in a really bad spot. My power is out and we
    can only run my heater for around three hours with a generater we are
    running. Could I put german blue rams and a madagascar rainbow in a 5
    gallon bucket with a heater to make it easier to heat up my tank. I just
    subscribed to you yesterday and at this moment I find out I have ich. Any
    suggestions? I lost one madagascar rainbow.

  14. Devon Palmer says:

    Hello I have a few questions and I’m hoping you can give me some feedback
    to let me know if I’m heading in the right direction. I have a fan tail
    goldfish that I “rescued” from walmart. He lives alone in a 5gal tank. He
    was in a smaller 1gal for a few weeks before we transferred him. Now he has
    the white spots tell tale of Ich. I have already done a water change and
    added salt and using an Ich med. Should I move him to another tank to clean
    his? or what else can I do ? will my method cure him?

  15. akalegs says:

    LOL…….great video. Loved it.

  16. dahlyvh says:

    Good video!

  17. Staceysfishtanks says:

    loved this! Great job!

  18. Charles Bonik says:

    great vid. just getting into fish keeping so im trying to learn as much as
    I can. so thanks very much

  19. Chitown Cichlids says:

    Awesome video really enjoyed watching…

  20. Jobber says:

    Great video. Always good to refresh the knowledge base.

  21. Brad Johnson says:

    Very good video, love the animations! Thanks for the sub, I subbed back!

  22. CocaCoveyClassic says:

    great video. looks like you had fun with it.

  23. luvmyhondafit says:

    What if I have a 150 gallon tank with over

  24. Devon Palmer says:

    Yes a few days prior to me seeing the spots all over his body ( not just
    gills) he was laying on the bottom of the tank and hiding. The 5gal has
    gravel and plants and decorations so i moved him to a hospital tank and
    have been doing water changes and using salt and ich meds. Hes a lot better
    already most of the spots are gone. I removed him so I could properly clean
    his tank and eradicate the parasite. is there anymore I should do?

  25. luvmyhondafit says:

    100 pounds if sand as a substrate???

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