The best dog Trcik (best of Maggie smile)

the best trick ever the dog smiles when asked to.
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25 Responses to The best dog Trcik (best of Maggie smile)

  1. loubluemoon says:

    You better have given her 10 treats asshole

  2. jermaine barron says:

    He has her trained good

  3. Andy Kohn says:


  4. Mark Rolston says:


  5. Kuudos1 says:

    27 more times

  6. 2XXRATED4U says:

    Lmaooo poor doggy probably thinking is this fool ever gonna stop asking me
    to smile again and again and again and again…and….again…lol

  7. Tearsofjoy909 says:

    Aw she’s a beauty! *huggles for her*

  8. Jaidy TehMogwai says:

    @casadyslocum how many times were you dropped on your head before ur
    parents found out you had down syndrome? plz i would like to know

  9. Manikmanuva says:


  10. I just wandered how long my youtube name could get and it turns out it is quite long says:

    man that guy pissed me off so much, smile, good girl, smile good girl smile
    good girl and on and on and on and on….. If i was maggie id bite ur ass

  11. beth leonard says:


  12. drredskin says:

    looove it man

  13. Sierra Mata says:

    This dog is awsome…. Even though her owner keeps telling her ….. “one

  14. zzbaz2000 says:

    Look at that poor dog

  15. beth leonard says:

    Ok magpie 1 more time I promise, good girl ok just 1 more time,wow good
    girl and again good girl! x6

  16. connorrist01 says:

    one more time :) just kidding. one more time :) ect.

  17. Gabriele Matuzevicute says:

    people stop saying this its his dog so dont u start telling him what to do
    with it!!!!

  18. Nathalie P. says:

    thats so sad… she’s whinning-dont you ever listen to your dog? she
    doesn’t like it! poor thing at least give her her fav. treat for listening
    to you. love ur dog dont torture her

  19. Saartjen says:

    OMG. Lovely dog, stupig guy. Don’t ask something over and over again.

  20. slykatt13 says:


  21. blaze welling says:


  22. Mogul Khan Axe says:

    ehhh can you smile ? gooood girl.. ehhh can you smile ? gooood girl.. ehhh
    can you smile ? gooood girl.. ehhh can you smile ? gooood girl.. ehhh can
    you smile ? gooood girl.. ehhh can you smile ? gooood girl..

  23. DogmatizedMag says:

    My dog pulls a funny face like that sometimes but not on command, cool
    trick :D

  24. 3lit3gn0m3 says:

    this guy is how i see regular parents nowadays.

  25. Imelda Silva says:

    Cool tricks!!! I like ur doggie! :)

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