Cool Oral Hygiene images

A few nice oral hygiene images I found:

Fort Hood Dental Activity educates children
oral hygiene

Image by Army Medicine
Fort Hood Dental Activity Dentist Capt. (Dr.) Brandon Gage, assisted by the "Sparkle Toothbrush" Spc. Salvador Sanchez, talks to children Meadows Elementary School about the importance of proper nutrition and the effects of certain "bad" foods on teeth. As part of Children’s Dental Health Month, dental professionals from the Fort Hood DENTAC plan to educate almost 4,000 elementary school students on post about the importance of proper oral hygiene. (U.S. Army photo by Patricia Deal, CRDAMC Public Affairs)

oral hygiene

Image by pennstatenews
Rita Jablonski, assistant professor of nursing, Penn State, shows an oral hygiene approach she helped develop for patients with dementia on an actor refusing care.

Gene Maylock, copyright 2008 Penn State School of Nursing/Center for Excellence in Geriatric Nursing

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