Sloppy Senior Makeout Prank

These lovebirds are old, but that doesn’t mean they’ve lost their youthful spirit. Instead of getting a regular picture taken, this couple gets plain old dow…
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to Sloppy Senior Makeout Prank

  1. Just For Laughs Gags says:

    NEW PRANK! Let’s just hope this SMOKIN’ HOT couple’s sexy pics don’t get


  2. Alan Shannon says:

    This was hilarious! I love Just For Laughs :) 

  3. Randy Ahmad says:


  4. OCUBOX says:

    Hi Gagster,

    let the editor know that my right ear feels very
    lonely during the intros lately
    s’il t plait *XD*

  5. Max Power says:

    Sex after 70.

  6. amir mikhail says:

    it’s funny, the couple are beautiful

  7. Duh Enlightened One says:

    1:13 the blonde girl appears to have substantial facial hair 5 o’clock
    shadow. Kind of disturbing. It can also be seen in other shots with other
    lighting angles, so it’s definitely on her face, not an issue with the
    video. What’s the deal with that? Is that a French / Quebec / Canadian
    thing that some women have? She really needs to get some laser treatment
    or wax or something. I’ve never seen such thick facial hair growth on a

  8. TheJarlsDen says:

    Fascinating how every guy is like “Hell yeah grandpa, you get that shit old
    timer.”, and every woman is like “wtf”.

  9. IslandBreath2100 says:

    That old man is so hot. Wanna make out with him.

  10. Františka Tichá says:

    Well if ? Lowe still blooms in every age ! 8 – )

  11. DionLaurent1 says:

    Those old people are awesome!

  12. NYCrazyRob says:

    Lol, Rebecca Black

  13. tnductai says:


  14. ChiaraCavalli says:

    Grandma and grandad getting a bit….. Too far…;)

  15. Neutrino H says:

    Grandma grinding against grandpa after their sloppy joe kiss in public is
    surely a spectacle. 

  16. Lothar Rinke says:

    LOL this heteros “LOL” … ne ne ne in public “smil”

  17. Abolwafa27 says:


  18. Caleb Rivera says:

    why is the intro screwed up? Everything else is OK (sound). One other
    thing… already kinda did this prank.

  19. Randy Ahmad says:


  20. فواز says:

    00:30 :’(

  21. Rychard O. says:


  22. HarryHydro says:

    You go, Grandpa!

  23. rodolfo morandi says:

    VERY nice! :D 

  24. ahmad mohammad says:

    The blonde is shemale

  25. huyked says:

    My cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing. :D 

  26. 4LoveOfDance says:

    3:08 “WAIT FOR IT” 

  27. Megan Snow says:

    So amazing!!!!!!!!!!! I LUV
    IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  28. 4LoveOfDance says:

    Not a fan of the dance, but they usually kick that up a notch right before
    Worlds. I don’t get why everyone is hating on Erica…? I mean, she stepped
    down, but one of the girls reached for her and she just looked like she was
    kind of chilling. Haha. 

  29. Nicole S says:

    I think you’re all looking a bit too far into what was essentially just a
    fleeting look of exasperation on Erica’s part. Maybe it could have been
    perceived as a bit unprofessional but it’s not worth this much argument.

    In other news, I’m not a huge fan of the changes they’ve made… The
    original first stunt was so cool and original, but this one here is pretty
    much just a repeat of what they did in 2012. Here’s hoping they improve it
    over the season.

  30. jose lopez says:

    omg why they drop erica hahaha 

  31. Anne Staley says:

    Thats fine if Erica is mad but while you’re on the mat, keep it together.
    Be a professional and take care of your anger elsewhere

  32. yamdeu says:

    I don’t blame them for being so stressed out, I couldn’t think of a way in
    which they’d be able to improve from last season, but they did! People need
    to realize that they are HUMAN BEINGS. Only a select few people that have
    ever lived on planet Earth have been able to perform stunts anywhere close
    to this. NO EXAGGERATION. I don’t blame Erica for being frustrated, I’m
    sure they all were, especially after working their butts off in
    practice. Wouldn’t you be? And on top of that, they KNOW where they stand
    in the cheer world. People expect perfection from them, and it’s not fair.
    You do realize that most of these girls aren’t even 18 yet? To be under all
    this pressure, to know that millions of cheerleaders and cheer lovers from
    hundreds of other countries know who your team is, and look up to you is
    STRAIGHT pressure. We need to stand by our sisters, guys. That’s what a
    family does.


  33. ansleigh sturdivant says:

    Not the cleanest but if they can hit that routine they will be killer!

  34. Austin Zimmerman says:

    I would be pissed too. shes a big named star that people stare at when shes
    competing, one small flaw and its BLOWN out of proportioned. LIKE THIS…

    I would be upset too and I think she handled it well, if she got up and
    claped and was happy I would be kinda concerned. Shes fine, leave her
    alone. #TeamErica

  35. Hope Crawford says:

    Love how JT includes clips of girls being snotty and immediately cuts them
    when people point them out. How about you leave them in so people can see
    the true colors of Senior Elite?

  36. iloveyou20268 says:

    they need a tv show!

  37. Orrin Smith says:

    They had to cut some of they music during tumbling passes?

  38. Vera Branson says:

    *destiny is such and amazing performer. I’m always drawn to her in anything

  39. Juan Sanchez says:


  40. Jordan Sherman says:

    Everyone is hating on Erica. I mean dang, chill out. Should she show
    emotion like that on the mat.? No she shouldn’t but she did. I’m sure we
    all have at some point. And the bloopers of their interview; it sounds like
    they have been bickering all day (hint: they said that) and that’s what
    happens when you are with your friends, you bicker. Big deal. No one is

  41. Ashlee Ashliuk says:

    I have been nothing but a die-hard SE and CEA fan since 2009, I think I’m
    entitled to my opinion. 

  42. Tareese Scott says:

    This wasn’t their best but still my fav team

  43. Drew Cheer says:

    Ashlee gtfo -_- if u have nothing good to say then nobody that matters
    wants to hear it

  44. Gian Medina says:

    Did anyone notice Erica at the end?

  45. Andraya Olander says:

    LOL at Erica and her stunt group at the very end. Erica’s face: “Did you
    guys seriously just let me fall. Bitches.” The whole group gave up. =P

  46. Leila Bouchard says:

    I would’ve love to have an intire view of there routine

  47. Julie Øverås says:

    well, I’m not a fan of the changes in the routine or the song.. it was so
    much more fierce in the other routine and I liked the first stunt series a
    lot more before. 

  48. Dillon Mackay says:

    Please change the first stunt back

  49. Wölfinger Dávid says:

    I’m a big fan of senior elite, and especially Erica and Gabie are very
    wonderful. I love it!

  50. Geraldine Gutierrez says:

    how tall is molly? She looks tiny 

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