Redneck Dentist: East Texas tooth pulling

A friend of mine had a bad toothache, and wanted to drive 2 hrs into Dallas to get his tooth pulled. I told him I had pliers and some Jack Daniels and could …
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50 Responses to Redneck Dentist: East Texas tooth pulling

  1. Droup Bot says:

    who finds the relevant videos more annoying….

  2. Allan Ewart says:

    Who needs a dentist when you’ve got a pair of pliers and a bottle of Jack

  3. Alan Strong says:

    I’m from East Texas… I almost refuse to believe this is truly in the
    area. Ha

  4. Nickalus Clayton says:

    Thank you lord for giving us jack Daniels 

  5. Mag Med says:

    had to b rednecks..

  6. jfdomega says:

    wow i teared up as i was laughing, i felt so happy for the guy, i reminded
    me of myself i have been through a lot of pain with my teeth. i came out of
    the dentist after having two teeth pulled punching the air just like
    happy, it’s crazy!

  7. Brandon Murray says:

    Everyone cracks on this video, but back in Europe and america in the
    medieval days there weren’t dentist so you had to do what was right or the
    tooth would kill you. Hillbillies tho for sure but beats waiting to get it

  8. Melody Lin says:

    I love their accent!!!

  9. kds242 says:


  10. Caia says:

    Ouch! That’s gotta hurt!

  11. The Logout Dialog says:
  12. morena laboy says:

    This guy sounds like Ernest p

  13. pineal gland says:

    nice :) this guy is actually good lmao dentist takes longer to pull it out

  14. journey beezwax says:

    I am proud I’m from east Texas

  15. Erasmus SixFiftyFour says:

    Doesn’t really look like they are his friends to me.
    Also, FUCK THAT.

  16. Ricky Stewart says:

    Saved himself $100.00 and some dollars. Still got the job done. 

  17. Thierry Vaco says:

    The dentist scares me but the disinfectant is super !!!

  18. Dylan Meny says:

    that is truly awesome…..

  19. Kendall Henderson says:

    Feel sorry 4 him. God Bless this man he seem to be in a lot pain. 

  20. chris kadon says:

    Leather man and jack perfect

  21. Moe Joe says:

    The Chi-town in me is all, “What the fuck am I watching?”
    But the redneck in me, “Fuck yea, grab me a beer!”

  22. Soh Yi Qun says:

    That tooth look sound.

  23. Yowen Pascal says:

    When I saw him I was like “Oh crap! It’s Trevor!”

  24. Dental Job World says:

    Does your practice need a new dentist? We think we have found a winner!

  25. Dentist Base says:

    Red Neck Dentist – has your practice considered using Jack Daniels vs.

  26. Katie Celena says:


  27. randommantime says:

    Over 2 thousand people want pewds as a dentist?!?! Well they will surely
    get killed

  28. Lauren Wilk says:

    Is this app free?

  29. val basting says:

    LOL!!! XD

  30. pompomworld says:

    how do u record ipad screen? just curious :P
    btw after warching this my teeth hurt, lol
    omg did u see how many emails pewdiepie got? lol wow

  31. Yannick Fd says:

    Anyone noticed Cartman from South Park in the background?

  32. RhysDoesGaming says:


  33. ShyGuy Gaming says:

    Boy, Bob has a lot of health problems… and terrible health insurance…

  34. MiniJ3lly says:

    He sounds hilarious XDD

  35. Daniel Preciado says:

    5:05, this is what the doctors are doing to you when you’re under

  36. chrisa hadjis says:


  37. Wessel Broekie says:

    1:05 Waidididie

  38. DJsvennie32 says:

    What song at 6:50?

  39. JanieOwens says:

    2400 dislikes? why you so mean?

  40. richard goddard says:

    You Were Bought By Disney…..

  41. Mine Kitty says:

    I’m sick!!!!

  42. AwesomeAceBros says:

    234.654 people want pewds to be there dentist… make that 234,655

  43. Lynlee Yolo says:

    Play more Walking Dead when it comes out!

  44. tris218 says:

    7:12 cartman round the top left

  45. David Showalter says:

    Oh Pewds why did he die? xD

  46. Inflatable Tacos says:

    And you guys though YOU’RE dentist trips were painful

  47. jonathan hussain says:

    would you rather let pewdiepie be you’re dentist let a monkey be you
    dentist or let a pro dentist who just got a twitchy hand be you’re dentist
    if you have kids this will be for them to

  48. WapFal0 says:

    Just where do you hide the bodys ?

  49. Arox The II says:

    Someone or pewdiepie How do you record your ipad like that i need to know

  50. Danelle Septhon says:

    But the surgery was going so well?

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