Little Golden Books – For Today’s World

Little Golden Books - For Today's World

Remember ‘Little Golden Books’ from when you were a kid?  Those classic books with the golden spined covers full of wonderful stories and illustrations? They’re actually still around, and I’ve picked up a few for Essley to add to the collection of them that I still have from my own childhood.  Recently, I came across some information about an exhibit at a Los Angeles area gallery called Gallery Nucleus that featured ‘Little Golden Books’ inspired works based on popular movies, television shows, people, and characters.  Seriously though, how cool are these?!  My favorites are ‘Breaking Bad Cover’ by Maxime Mary and ‘Little Moonrise Kingdom’ by Jerrod Maruyama.   The ‘Young John Muir’ by Israel Sanchez is pretty cool too.

The exhibit ended last month, but some of the pieces of art are still available for sale on Gallery Nucleus’ website.  Which one is your favorite?

I have to give a quick shout-out to little sister Morgan, who is celebrating a birthday today.  Happy Birthday Sissy!  Essley also officially turns 3 months old today.  Today is a good day!

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