Nice Dental Bone photos

A few nice dental bone images I found:

teeth update!
dental bone

Image by one two one three
Things change, dog.

Because there isn’t enough bone (width-wise) in my bottom jaw to
attempt to place another implant, I am going to forgo that step and
get my bottom teeth replaced in the next couple of months! ASAP, I am
going to have my oral surgeon expose the implant I do have. Once that
skin heals after a couple weeks, my dentist will make impressions of
that area and create the porcelain teeth we’ll be putting in. A month
or so later, she’ll install them, and I will have ALL MY TEETH for the
first time in 1.5 years! Dr. Reynolds says I will be able to eat

bone head gravel nose
dental bone

Image by Anika Nui, Waikoloa
This lady has a lot of dental work but no matter how hard I tried, the gravel inside her nose would not show up in the scans or photos. Nose fine, except scar. 3 stitches in nose and three inside mouth below lower lip. They have since begun to replace the 1" blue rock gravel with asphalt and stuff at the Waimea Transfer Station. So when she falls face first next time, she’ll bust her nose but it won’t have gravel in it.

Should I tell you how they get the gravel out? It involves a toothbrush. I don’t know why this grosses people out. she was fine with it.

Stitches – TMBO (245/365)
dental bone

Image by essgee51
My dental bone graft – let me show you it. Only pic of the day, or I would have chosen another.

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