TREAT Ready For The Taking

Underrated swedish band the rest of the world should know more about… ; )

Treat – Get You On The Run, Mid 80´s Wannabe band, Swedish…in 80 they were a big wannabe band…but like us all we grow up…i liked them in the 80´s, but they were just a wannabe band!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. mindfreakgirl18 says:

    3 invesiles no les gusta la buena musica TREAT

  2. hiphop12ism says:

    the guitarist is just awesome…

  3. marinhoguilherme says:

    2:38 Still of the night?

  4. natachalm says:


  5. matsellah says:

    Awesome. These guys are finally getting recognition.

  6. DimoQuetRiotFun says:

    Great song…Greetings from Serbia ! m/

  7. slu852 says:

    heja robban


  8. kinisha20 says:

    Your friend’s father is a damn cool guy

  9. darksith36 says:

    Yes that’s it, I’m sorry this song just isn’t good enough this band doesn’t have it.

  10. Endurodrums68 says:

    GREAT SONG from a great Band!

  11. RitchieAldrich says:

    I thought the same,

  12. thetruesleepwalker says:

    tell him I said thanks!

  13. fidde84 says:

    Va på Helge å festivalen i förrgår och de uppträdde där live, det e en upplevelsa jag sent kommer glöme, det kan jag lova er alla som har funderat på att gå på en konsert med Treat. klart ett av de bättre banden jag sett på länge också e dom svenska också. Skönt att inte pop och rap och annat skit tagit över helt i vart fall.

  14. smack251982 says:

    Wow my generation but never heard of them .they rock

  15. leonistik says:

    oh my fucking god I can’t belive how is this band so uderrated!!!

  16. fbendz says:

    Where are you from? Try cdon (dot) se (Swedish site) or amazon (dot) com (US). I found several titles at the Swedish site for 59 Swedish kronor (approximately 7-8 US dollars).

  17. HeavyMetalNoize says:

    would there be a way to load that onto itunes? If you could email it I’d be very grateful!

  18. rodelboy1 says:

    Hi mate, you can’t buy the album anymore it’s called Organized Crime, however i’ve got the album so if you like i can zip it e’mail it to you as mp3′s

  19. Evilsyde says:

    Saw this one live last night :) Freaking awsome

  20. HotRot89 says:

    I’ll be there ;)

  21. HeartsScream says:

    This song kicks ass!

  22. TheHeadFuck says:

    Haha-Roberts dotter och min dotter gick i samma klass i grundskolan i skolan-vi har hans autograf och vi är alla rockare i familjen och vi ÄLSKAR TREAT!!! Vilka låtat och vilka musiker-Robban och Anders W är världsbäst!!! Saxerholt Rockers

  23. DeepLizard says:

    Fukin’ AWESOME song!!! Kick Ass band! Treat lml

  24. EARTHSHAKER81 says:

    gillar denna låt mkt!

  25. zadigsan says:

    I saw them in the 1988 Monsters of Rock in Schweinfurt. Prior to that I had bought the tape, yes, TAPE, and played it until is warped. Great band.

  26. DimoQuietRiot says:

    Unbelievable…Only 85.000 fucking views ? Fuck Justin Bieber and other faggots…Great song,greetings from Serbia m/

  27. bigdctherock says:

    Wannabe band? Better than half their fucking contemporaries. Also, “Coup de Grace,” their latest album, was better than anything done by Def Leppard or Bon Jovi lately, or if your into real metal, anything the “greats” have released in recent years. Treat are awesome. Go listen to Nickelback…wannabe

  28. lllhOoLiGaNlll says:

    “Wannabe band”?? This is great! Dude, thanks for the upload – but seriously. Fuck you.

  29. Viic88 says:

    The intro kinda sounds like foolin by Def Leppard.

  30. pidarurod says:

    dude!Heavy metal never turned into hair metal!Heavy metal was is and will be forever hair metal is not genre but just a image!that termin cames in early 90s!so sleaze and glam arent so much musical genre glam and sleaze are hard rock!But with some other influences but it still kickass!

  31. snodaskopia says:

    wannabe band spelar inte på monsters of rock grabben

  32. fbendz says:

    I agree that Foreigner and Journey weren’t Heavy Metal, but Uriah Heep, UFO and Nazareth were metal before the new wave. The term was originally coined to classify those bands. I think they are all mentioned in the Wikipedia article about Heavy Metal.

  33. TheGreatDuck says:

    I agree they weren’t as good as before,but that stuff still wasn’t really bad.
    But most of those bands you named are not metal bands.Rainbow and Deep Purple are,but they’re only borderline metal.

  34. fbendz says:

    Those bands are not my cup of tea. Perhaps Helloween Keeper of the seven keys part I and II – and Number of the Beast is a masterpiece (released 1982), unarguably Maiden at their best. Sure, there were glimpses of light, but let’s look at other bands. What happened to the giants of the 70′s like Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Nazareth, UFO, Rainbow, Foreigner, Journey, etc in the 80′s? Their music “developed” backwards!

  35. TheGreatDuck says:

    Heavy metal never turned into hair metal,hair metal is a different thing and isn’t even a real genre,and most glam metal bands didn’t even play metal.
    Bands like Maiden,Queensryche,Helloween,WASP,Pantera and Savatage released some of their best albums in the late 80s.The era also saw the advent of death metal with bands like Death,Morbid Angel,Obituary and Autopsy.
    There were also some great heavy and power metal bands,like Crimson Glory,Blind Guardian or Skid Row.

  36. fbendz says:

    OK, there was lots of good metal in the early 80′s. I give you that, but I still think metal turned to shit during the second half of the 80′s, so I refine my original statement and say that the second half of the 80′s were the dark ages. (And just like in the real dark ages, there were some glimpses of light). If you think about it, you will find that almost any of the 80′s metal bands made their best records early in their career, before Heavy Metal turned into Hair Metal

  37. TheGreatDuck says:

    I didn’t say that,I love both decades equally.
    It’s just that there were only a few metal bands that released something in the 70s,that was the time when metal was still developing…
    In the 80s,though,there were tons of great metal bands…Not really a dark age of metal…

  38. fbendz says:

    I disagree that the music of the 80′s was better than of the 70′s, but as I said, it’s a matter of taste. No point in arguing who is right.

  39. kangurun says:

    You Guys are forgetting about ACCEPT Fast as a Shark was prob one of the first SpeedMetal Songs I heard, Early to mid 80′s

  40. TheGreatDuck says:

    Maiden,Dio and Ozzy all released their debut albums in the 80s (not counting Ozzy’s and Dio’s past bands),Priest and Scorpions were better in the 70s,but released some really good albums in the 80s,and Saxon and Accept released only one album in the 70s each,and both of them were pretty mediocre when compared to their 80s stuff.
    Also,LZ definitely isn’t a metal band,and DP is only borderline metal.
    As for production,BA may have had better production,but the 80s material was still better.

  41. fbendz says:

    One more thing. Of course there wasn’t any thrash or speed metal in the 70′s (unless you count Venom) so if you prefer that kind of music, you could be right, but don’t you agree that the 80′s production was much worse than the 90′s? I mean, compare the Black Album (from 1991) to what Metallica did in the 80′s, or compare the production of e.g. Stratovarius later albums with Helloween. Or compare Venom with Dimmu Borgir. In the 80′s, thrash sounded like they played in the wardrobe.

  42. fbendz says:

    At least Maiden, Saxon, Accept, Judas Priest, Dio, Ozzy and Scorpions started their careers in the 70′s. They were 70′s band carrying over to the 80′s. IMHO, most of the stuff these bands did in the 70′s and *very early* 80′s beats anything they did later. It’s a matter of taste, of course, but I prefer most of their early stuff. You can’t compare the other bands you mention with what Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, etc did in the 70′s.

  43. TheGreatDuck says:

    Eh?The decade that had Maiden,Saxon,Accept,Judas Priest,Metallica,Anthrax,Slayer,Helloween,Running Wild,Megadeth,Testament,Death,Dio,Ozzy Osbourne,Scorpions,WASP and the “posers” that actually had talent is the dark age of metal?

  44. jerjanz says:


  45. MartianGO says:

    Another great song from Treat :D . Can anybody tell me which version is this? I have already heard the two studio versions but none of them sound like that! Well, the one in the album “Scratch And Bite” is more similar to this one but it has differences. Any clues?

  46. madcicken says:

    But why on eart isn’t this the whole song? The second verse is missing! Damn shame on such a good song.
    Wouldn’t call them a wannbe band, they made records from 1983 – 1993. If they are a wannabe band then the whole glammetal period in the world is wannabe.

  47. dboholm says:

    Yes, this band still lay it out…Saw them on a swedish rock festival, and thought they sounded pretty damned good. Haven’t bought any of their stuff since the eighties but I bought their new album, and if that’s not one of the best albums you’ve heard in a while in this genre please tell me what the hell I’m missing out on, because this stuff is A grade stuff man!

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