Healthy Pet Powder

Open for info* (watch in 720p HD) This is a healthy pet recipe to add as a supplement to your pets food. In my case, our English bulldog, Rusty, has skin is…
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15 Responses to Healthy Pet Powder

  1. DonniesSweetie says:

    Thank you Rocky!!! xoxo

  2. DonniesSweetie says:

    LOL, thanks Brenda! I am sure your dogs could it it, as it is for any dog.
    Unless they are allergic to any of these ingredients? And it was cheap too,
    all of this cost less than $20 to make and lasts for about 2 months or so
    with one dog anyway! LOL! xoxo

  3. catWmagick says:

    Very interesting, how cute is Rusty? OMG!

  4. Rocky Barragan says:

    Rusty is so cute!! What a great idea! <3 Rocky

  5. DonniesSweetie says:

    Thanks for watching Diane! He is a cutie, right?! xoxo

  6. loveredcowboyboots says:

    I sure will , I am glad you shared . Rusty looks like pretty happy pup to

  7. CeeJay 40 and Fab says:

    Rusty is so cute! I am going to try this recipe for dogs. They too get skin

  8. DonniesSweetie says:

    Thanks Cyndy!! Maybe it will help your dogs too! xoxoxo

  9. cynthiachatham says:

    Great and informative video babe! I need to show Brandon this video. ;)

  10. loveredcowboyboots says:

    Aw, I Love Rusty ,lucky healthy guy w/a loving pet Mommy! Going to see if
    my pups will try this :) Great video,WOOF!

  11. DonniesSweetie says:

    I know, right?! At first he was like what is this nasty stuff you put on my
    food?! Now he licks his bowl clean, he loves it! Thanks for watching! xoxo

  12. DonniesSweetie says:

    Hi Kathy! Glad you enjoyed this, and Rusty in it was a great bonus! The
    powder really seems to be helping him so much! Let me know if you try it.

  13. DonniesSweetie says:

    Thanks Ceejay! I bet it will help… it took about a week for us to see it
    helping Rusty. He has been eating it everyday now for almost 4 weeks. xoxo

  14. cynthiachatham says:

    hahahahaha….I LOVE Rusty! He’s like WTH!!?? hahahaha Too cute!!

  15. Purr0066 says:

    He is as cute as a bug on a rug ! Look at that face ! I love it ! This is
    pretty cool ! Wonder if I can use it ? My dogs have so many different food
    allergies . Right now they are on a few supplements but this seems pretty

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