RDH=Road (to) Dental (professional) Happiness

RDH=Road (to) Dental (professional) Happiness
How did I get here from my career start as a dental assistant/plaque control therapist in 1972 to a licensed dental hygienist in 1995 and a Mayo Clinic Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist in 2014? RDH seal. It was my career goal to become a dental …
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Dental school students treat patients
As part of the curriculum, a class of 100 second-year dental students treats patients at greatly reduced costs. Some of the patients had waited a year and drove several hundred miles to seek treatment at a Lakewood Ranch dental practice. Others were
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Shrewsbury dentists' treatment failed their patients
Patients were given inappropriate treatment for years at a Shropshire dental practice, the profession's ruling body has revealed. SHREWS 9DENTIST Monkmoor Dental Practice from where two dentists have admitted charges relating to the treatment of …
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