18 Weeks of Essley

Back in March, I told you guys about a little project I’ve been doing, where I take a picture of Essley once a week, every week for the first year.  Babies change so drastically so quickly, and it’s an easy way to document the subtle transformations that we’d otherwise miss. 

Essley turned 18 weeks old this past weekend.  Below, I’ve added the above photos to an image of the entire first 18 weeks together (I posted the initial 12 in March).  When I look back at the first few weeks – which in the grand scheme of things, was not that long ago – I can’t believe she’s even the same person.  Seeing these pictures triggers so many memories.  Each one makes me think of a special period of this brief timeline – the day when she first began to keep her eyes open for several hours at time, the week she grew out of newborn diapers, the time when she began to hold objects on her own, the moment she first rolled over. 

She’s my kid, so of course this is amazing to me. But even if you’re not a baby person at all, you have to admit it’s kind of cool to see how much tiny humans transform in such a brief period of time, right?!  I also think it will be fun for her to get to see these images together like this when she gets older.  Thanks for letting me share with you guys as well.  I love her so much.

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