How long do Shih Tzus live?

How long do Shih Tzus live?
Packing on the pounds: While packing on pounds can affect the health of any pet, it's especially dangerous for little dogs like Shih Tzus, where even a few extra ounces can weigh heavily on a dog's back, joints and other organs. One way to tell if a
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Dog owners invited to bring pets for free health 'MOT'
Dog owners in Eastbourne are invited to bring their pooches along for a free health 'MOT' on when the PDSA visits in the first week of May as part its annual pet health tour. PDSA Vet Nurse Amy Henson will examine canine visitors' weight, body-shape
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Healthy Aging Tips for Active Older Adults
As we get older, it's important to be active socially to stay healthy. Take a walk with a friend or a neighbor, join a book club or volunteer at your local pet shelter or local Y. Being connected to the community keeps you healthy! ยป 5. Take a snooze
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