I was played on my Nintendo Wiicube when suddenly I’m was seen a glow coming from the video video game console and then my game become realty but the magic sed “you have to use Game & Watch, because I don’t want it to lag my pet Emu, later!” and then he left and then the game came to life that’s why you can hear me on my controller in the background. More info:

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8 Responses to SSBM Stage Hack – REAL LIFE SMASH BROTHERS!

  1. MrSteelyRevolution4 says:

    Random chair is random.

  2. Mr418691 says:

    0:07 hey that is my car for reals!

  3. milun2 says:

    It’s a just a Blue Screen. Although, I’ll try to get you a link in the description soon.

  4. funny9guy says:

    is there a download for this

  5. TriviaTim101 says:

    You did make something better! Congrats you win a choco taco!

  6. milun2 says:

    Original title was going to be “We get it already Milun, you have a green screen!”

  7. nifanatic says:

    Abusing that green screen are we?

  8. FattDaddyInc says:

    That’s not real, you can tell it’s just a Onett re-texture.

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