A Perfect Treat

A few nice treat images I found:

A Perfect Treat

Image by tonyboytran
The two love birds in this shot are my friends Thomby Sison and Kriss Velasco OR I should say, Thomby and Kriss SISON. They asked me to do their engagement shoot at Disneyland and this is one of the shots I got from that day.

Photography Techniques:
Taking this shot wasn’t hard, but editing it was a bit difficult. Cause they were sitting inside and the only lens I had that day was my wide, there was no possible way for me to avoid getting my reflection in the shot. Good thing Photoshop is a friend to me. After hours of cloning and painting over myself and trying to line up the bricks, this was the final result. Sure, maybe it’s NOT perfect, but I still got the concept that I wanted.

OCR blog:

A Twistee treat is born

Image by the past tends to disappear

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