Puppy Up Foundation Funds Bone Cancer Study

Happy Independence Day all!  
I wish, really really wish I could be announcing our independence from cancer today but the sad sorry leadership in this country at every level doesn’t deem it necessary to make the number one killer of pets and people a national priority.  
With cancer research funding levels at a record low at the NIH, that makes what we do at The Puppy Up Foundation increasingly important.  
I’ll be brief because I have to go out and be Chef Big Dog today but what I love about this story is three things.  First the folks in Madison WI that continue to raise the bar for our Puppy Up Walks. Second is that Dr. Christensen heard my presentation at the 2010 VCS conference in San Diego.  
Half the audience left since I was the last speaker at a long event so I want to give a shout out to him for that.  And to Dr. Sue cause she stayed, too.  Trail magic, my friends.  Always. 
Third and most importantly is that this $ 100k study can potentially benefit all kids diagnosed with bone cancer – canine and human.  Even though I was unable to attend the presentation of this rather large and seemingly uncashable check, there are a ton of people throughout the country who made our first grant of 2015 possible. 
So to all of those people, light up a sparkler or hell, man the roman candles – today is your day.  I can’t celebrate the leaders of this country but I truly, completely celebrate you.  

From left: Beth Viney, PuppyUp Madison co-chair; Dr. Neil Christensen; Dr. Kai Shiu, PuppyUp Madison co-chair; and Ginger Morgan, Executive Director of the PuppyUp Foundation.

We’re pleased to announce we have awarded our first grant of 2015 to the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine (SVM).
Our ability to continue funding such outstanding research is because of the passion and commitment of volunteersdonors, and sponsors all over the country, who organize and join in our PuppyUp Walks, participate in our yearly calendar contests, play in our golf tournaments (one is coming up in August), and contribute their time, energy, and resources to our common goal of eradicating cancer from the lives of those we love, whether two, three, or four-footed.
Thank you for your continued participation and support.
(from the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine web site)
July 2, 2015
Article and photo by Nik Hawkins
Osteosarcoma is a highly aggressive and painful bone cancer that affects both dogs and humans. With thousands of new cases diagnosed in dogs each year, it is the most common form of canine bone tumor, and most dogs succumb to the disease within a year of diagnosis.
Oncologists at the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine (SVM) have been investigating osteosarcoma for some time, looking to uncover its underlying causes and develop more effective therapies. And now, thanks to a $ 96,000 grant from the PuppyUp Foundation, the school will launch a new study aimed at improving mobility and quality of life for dogs afflicted by the disease.
Under the direction of Dr. Neil Christensen,  clinical instructor in the Department of Surgical Sciences and a member of the UW Veterinary Care (UWVC)  radiation oncology team, researchers will explore the potential benefits of stereotactic radiation therapy for osteosarcoma patients.
“Stereotactic radiation is a newer form of treatment made possible by recent technological advances,” says Christensen. “It allows for larger, more accurate doses of radiation while still sparing healthy tissue, in comparison to traditional palliative radiation, which involves smaller, prolonged doses.”
Specifically, the study will look at how stereotactic radiation performs in terms of pain relief for patients and in stimulating an immune response that helps patients’ bodies fight bone tumors on their own.
UWVC is equipped to deliver this advanced treatment with its TomoTherapy unit, which was originally developed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison using data from SVM clinical trials. TomoTherapy is now used widely in human medicine, but only one other veterinary medical hospital in the nation offers this technology.
“Our hope is to help a lot of dogs affected by this disease in the future,” says Christensen. “And the data we generate should be applicable to treating osteosarcoma in humans as well.”
The Puppy Up grant stems from proceeds from the PuppyUp Madison Walk,  which helped raise more than $ 213,000 in 2014 and 2015. The PuppyUp Foundation aims to discover the links between canine and human cancers, as well as the causes of these diseases, by supporting comparative oncology research and promoting awareness of the field.
Christensen’s collaborators on the study include Dr. Timothy Stein, assistant professor of medical oncology; Dr. Michelle Turek, assistant professor of radiation oncology; Dr. Lisa Forrest, professor of radiology and radiation oncology; Margaret Henzler, medical physicist; Dr. Jason Bleedorn,  clinical assistant professor of orthopedic surgery; Dr. Peter Muir, professor of orthopedic surgery; and John Kloke, assistant scientist in the UW-Madison Department of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics.


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Daily Herald Readers Choose Page's Healthy Paws

Daily Herald Readers Choose Page's Healthy Paws
Wauconda, IL, June 17, 2015 –(PR.com)– Page's Healthy Paws is thrilled to announce that they have been selected as the Number One “Best Pet Food/Supply Store” in the 2015 Daily Herald 2015 Readers' Choice “Best of the Best” Awards. Owner Jody …
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Examining the Recurring Waves of Success for the “Hip & Joint Revita Chews
The difference in the case of the Revita Chew is incredible: it is a soft chew tablet which tastes like duck or chicken, transforming the health supplement into a tasty treat for your dog, without causing any hazards to her/his teeth. Great for hip
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How often should you brush your dog's teeth?
Left untreated, gum disease can lead to issues with your dog's kidneys, liver, heart or brain. However, brushing your dog's teeth regularly can help prevent this. The ASPCA says that ideally, owners should brush their dog's teeth daily. However, as
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Lil Jon, Bucky Lasek Take Part in Dog Days of Summer #PadresPets #SDinHD

Stars from the worlds of sports and song stepped up to the plate to help pitch the option of pet adoption as they threw out the honorary first pitches at the 11th annual Dog Days of Summer game,…

[[ This is a summary only. Click the title for the full post, photos, videos, giveaways, and more! ]]


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The California Dental Hygienists’ Association Applauds ?Dear Abby? for Confirming the Importance of a Registered Dental Hygienist in Alternative Practice (RDHAP)


?Dear Abby? confirms importance of an RDHAP to care for those with special needs.

On May 30 (San Francisco Chronicle), Dear Abby answered a letter from a concerned daughter regarding her mothers? oral health care needs while battling Alzheimer?s. (http://www.sfgate.com/entertainment/article/Dear-Abby-Nursing-home-residents-often-lack-6295372.php) Abby?s response explained the role of the dental hygienist as the provider for such patients. Individual states determine the scope of practice for their providers. Here in California, it is the Registered Dental Hygienist in Alternative Practice, or RDHAP, as the primary provider for patients? with special needs, such as this writer’s mother. ?Too often, the oral healthcare needs of the homebound and special needs patients are not addressed,? states California Dental Hygienists? Association (CDHA) President Lygia Jolley, RDH, BA. ?Many caregivers are unaware of the RDHAP profession and the services that they can provide,? she adds. ?Abby? goes on to detail the work hygienists? can do in such settings, and discusses the change in workforce models currently taking place in many states to further expand this needed oral care.

Registered Dental Hygienists in Alternative Practice (RDHAPs) are licensed in the State of California as dental hygiene professionals who specialize in treating patients with special needs, including patients with mental or physical disabilities whose health conditions limit their abilities to access quality preventive and periodontal oral hygiene care. They purposely reach out to populations who have difficulty accessing care within a traditional dental office. ?The RDHAP provides patients the same type of professional preventive care they would receive in a dental office but allows patients to receive this care conveniently in their own homes,? states Jolley.

RDHAPs provide their services for residents of skilled nursing facilities, disabled individuals, homebound elderly, pregnant women, and children in school settings. For those loved ones and family members living in a long-term care facility or homebound due to age or illness, oral health care contributes to overall health and well-being. With their own mobile units, RDHAP?s bring care to those who may not otherwise receive any type of dental care.

Be sure to include an RDHAP within your provider team, when you are considering services and care. To find an RDHAP in your area, visit the CDHA website at http://www.CDHA.org/RDHAP directory, or email: info(at)cdha(dot)org.

The California Dental Hygienists? Association (CDHA) is the authoritative voice of the state?s dental hygiene profession. The organization was established 30 years ago when two regional associations merged to form a unified professional group. CDHA represents thousands of dental hygienists.

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The Perch

A Jack Russell’s perch – the best place, in his owner’s arms!

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Grungy Dogs rejoice: Neat Treat Groom Genie and Paw Sponge are here!


When you live with a Golden, you get very accustomed to fur tumbleweeds skittering across the floor, wet footprints marking the tile, and a standing order for lint rollers. It just comes with the territory.

I’ve also become somewhat of a connoisseur of brushes; brushes for removing undercoats, for dematting, for general purpose grooming. So when I was sent an unassuming Groom Genie to test out, I figured, “here we go, another one for the grooming bin.” Then I tried it.


I don’t know what wizardry went into its construction, but this little brush is the bomb. Its handleless shape is meant to mimic you stroking your dog or cat, adding to its calming properties, but the real genius is in its bristles. Its bristles are different heights and have enough give so that it works by detangling without pulling. Brody leans into it and does that happy “hrrrmmm mmmmm hmmmm” groan when we pull it through his fur, even the long feathers that tend to get tangled.

My initial response was to run it through my daughter’s tangly hair, but before I could do that they also sent me a Knot Genie (the human version) to try out. My sister and I took turns grooming each other like ecstatic chimpanzees before declaring both of them the bees knees. It was the only brush that could detangle my mom’s hair without hurting her after 10 days of being unable to touch it due to her surgery, and for that alone I say, THIS ROCKS.

The Groom Genie is part one of the Neat Treat Package.

The Neat Treat is a Duo

The Paw Sponge is part two. Do you ever do that thing during rainy season where you have to cordon off the back door and tackle the dog, trying your best to wipe all the mud from between his toes with a dishtowel before he goes prancing over the carpet? Or those little wipes that only slick the mud around?

spongeThe Paw Sponge is an elegant solution: a mitten-like sponge that slips over the paw. Squeeze, twist, clean. I’ve also started recommending them for dogs with pododermatitis who need regular cleanings with diluted chlorhexidine or other medicated shampoos. This is one of those “Why didn’t anyone think of this sooner?” dog devices.


Between the Groom Genie and the Paw Sponge, the Neat Treat package will keep your pup looking his finest for all those summer parties. Yours FREE for all those generous All Dogs Go to Kevin preorders. 😀

The Neat Treats are limited quantity, and only available until July 14th- so if you want one, grab one fast!

How to Claim a Neat Treat

1. Preorder 2 copies of All Dogs Go to Kevin (if you want them signed, get them from Warwicks)

2. Head over to the Treats Page and select “Neat Treat”

3. Follow the instructions, including proof of purchase for 2 books

4. We’ll follow up in the coming weeks to confirm the order!


Pawcurious: With Veterinarian and Author Dr. V

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Latest Healthy Pet News

Costa Rica: President adds a piglet to the palace
Daniela can rest easy now that she's a presidential piglet – Mr Solis says she won't end up on the dinner table, but instead will be "the first pet of the republic". He likened the piglet to US President Barack Obama's pets, and the turkey that is
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Ex-squeeze's book puts Hef in wringer
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Pet insurance is gamble in changing market
The North American Pet Health Insurance Association estimates Americans will spend more than $ 15 billion on veterinary bills this a year, yet have been most reluctant to jump into the pet insurance market. The reason: conflicting opinions about when
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A pat on the head

A pat on the head by a stranger for this little Cavalier who has been tied up, in the shade.  He is more interested though in watching his owner, who came back for him almost immediately.

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Nothing Much

Not much is new or different….

Lacey’s fur has almost all grown back in on her back leg.  She has a small hard lump at the top of her skin graft that I’ve been telling myself is scar tissue.  It hasn’t changed in size at all so we are just keeping an eye on it for now.

Coulee is still on a restricted exercise diet.  Everything other than a 15 minute walk makes her stiff so we just go every few days for about 30 minutes or so.  We don’t play any fetch at all anymore but will occasionally engage in a game of catch.  It isn’t quite the same, but she still enjoys it.

I’m enjoying my summer off from photographing events.  Every time I see an agility photo I just smile and am thankful that I’m not spending weeks at the computer this summer.  I am however increasing my photography rates and sent my clients a notice about that, so I’m suddenly booking lots of sessions before the rates go up.  LOL

We have not been out camping nearly as much as I’d hoped yet, but we still have lots of time. We are still trying to figure out our summer vacation…  We can’t decide what to do or where to go but we are brainstorming ideas.

Crazy Coulee and Little Lacey

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Dr. Leo A. Tokarczyk Welcomes Area Residents with Dental Anxiety to Experience Sedation Dentistry in Springfield, MO

Dr. Leo Tokarczyk Welcomes Area Patients Suffering from Dental Anxiety for Sedation Dentistry

Patients who suffer from dental anxiety can now turn to Dr. Tokarczyk for treatment. Dr. Tokarczyk offers sedation dentistry in Springfield, MO at his practice, for all patients from Nixa, Branson, and Ozark Missouri and Harrison, Mt. Home, Arkansas. The doctor?s hope is that patients who would otherwise opt to forgo treatment will take the opportunity to receive the dental care they require using sedation dentistry. As a State Examiner for the IV Conscious Sedation Committee for the Missouri Dental Board, Dr. Tokarczyk understands the value of sedation dentistry and how it can help patients; he encourages qualifying patients with anxiety to consider the procedure.

Fear of the dentist has been around just as long as the profession itself. This may be connected to the earliest forms of dentistry, which did little to relieve pain associated with treatment. Although many techniques today are performed to reduce and eliminate pain and discomfort whenever possible during treatment, some patients fear of pain is so overwhelming they would rather subject themselves to dental disease instead of seeking a resolution. The fear of dental induced pain is often so overwhelming for some patients that they fail to realize the detrimental effects of delaying their dental treatment.

When patients receive sedation dentistry in Springfield, MO with Dr. Tokarczyk, they are given their medication intravenously, or directly into the bloodstream. The medicine relaxes and calms patients with dental anxiety, so they no longer feel anxious. Regular pain relievers are also utilized, just as if the patient were having the procedure without sedation, which eliminates the majority of unnecessary pain. Although patients remain awake and able to answer questions, they may not recall undergoing the procedure once the sedation has worn off. Patients who undergo sedation dentistry are not able to drive for some time following a procedure, so a friend or relative must accompany them to their appointment to bring them home safely.

Dental Anxiety is a real concern, and can be crippling to those who want to properly address their oral health. Those who would like to learn more about sedation dentistry in Springfield, MO, should visit Dr. Tokarczyk?s website for more information, or set up a consultation with him to determine if they are a good candidate for conscious sedation.

About the Doctor

Dr. Leo A. Tokarczyk is a periodontist dedicated to providing excellent care to patients in Springfield, MO. Dr. Tokarczyk offers the most current treatment options to his patients. He focuses on periodontics, implants and periodontal plastic surgery that help patients achieve a healthier mouth. His undergraduate dental degree at the University of Missouri at Kansas City, and post graduate residency at the University of Missouri at Kansas City and the Veterans Administration Hospital at Leavenworth, Kansas allowed him to develop great expertise in periodontal treatment. He is an active member of The American Dental Association, Missouri Dental Association, Greater Springfield Dental Society, and American Academy of Periodontics. To learn more about the services offered by Dr. Tokarczyk please visit his website at http://www.springfieldperioimplants.com or call (417) 882.2880.

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