WE NEED YOUR HELP – In Honor of Emmett!

We Need Your Help! Emmett The Brave's Child Neurology Foundation Parent Coach Program Fundraising Campaign

Emmett The Brave’s Child Neurology Foundation Parent Coach Program Fundraising Campaign

When Emmett was given the diagnosis of Infantile Spasms on August 9th, 2016, our lives were instantly thrown upside down. In addition to learning that our 7 month old baby boy had, out of nowhere, one of the most dangerous forms of childhood epilepsy (one that in the vast majority of cases has an incredibly poor prognosis), and despite a wonderful team of caring doctors and nurses, we were left feeling overwhelmed. Navigating the medical, social, economic, and psychological challenges of having a child newly diagnosed with a serious neurological condition is both isolating and horrifying. You are suddenly buried in an abundance of unfamiliar medical terms and expected to make tough decisions that will affect your child, with no experience – all while attempting to emotionally digest what is undoubtedly some of the worst news you’ll ever receive.

This is where having another parent – one who has walked the same path – as an advocate for you is so important. We were lucky in that we had a few other parents who had been through this reach out to us to share their stories, but we would have done anything to have an actual person with experience by our side to help us navigate this terrifying new journey. Thankfully, Child Neurology Foundation is in the process of building an incredible program that will offer Parent Coaches to help guide other parents and caregivers going through the same experience. And I am humbly asking you – Emmett’s friends, family, and fans – to consider helping us and CNF expand this program so more parents can give back, and so those new to the path never have to walk alone.

We will never forget, and never stop being grateful for, the positive thoughts, prayers, and general love from all of YOU, that have helped him, and us, through the most devastating experience of our lives. While Emmett’s journey is not over, we feel incredibly fortunate for how well he is doing. He has been an “exception” when it comes to Infantile Spasms, with a very good chance of continuing to develop normally and lead a typical life. And that is why we feel it is our karmic responsibility (truly) to help other parents who are faced with this journey. It is also something we feel we can do in Emmett’s honor, as a way to continue to cheer him on through therapy, doctor and specialist appointments, and childhood/life, now that (hopefully!) the most difficult part of this is over for us.

During this season of giving and in the new year, please consider making a donation, no matter how small (even $ 1!), to Emmett’s the Brave’s CNF Parent Coach Program campaign. So many of you have already done so much to help Emmett, and we know that it may not be possible to help with this as well. Even just sharing this post and or the campaign link (there are even links to share directly on your social media channels via the fundraising page) is so greatly appreciated and would mean so much to my family. And if you can donate, please know that your dollars will be going directly toward building something truly incredible that will ultimately make a profound difference in the lives of other families going through heart wrenchingly difficult and uncertain times.

We promise we will keep you updated about this absolutely wonderful program, including our own roles as possible future Parent Coaches – so that, in honor of our Emmett, we can devote ourselves to making this journey easier for others.

From Emmett the Brave, his sister Essley, and his parents Melissa and Robbie, happy holidays and happy 2017! We love you guys.

P.S. Check out this beautiful flip book put together by Child Neurology Foundations outlining all of their accomplishments in 2016! We are so honored that Emmett’s neurologist is featured on page 10, and our family on page 11. Thank you CNF!


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Belle of Dog Only Knows, is a mixed-breed dog who was rescued from the streets of south Los Angeles. At the tender age of six weeks, she met her mom (translator Terry Kaye), and began to figure out her place in the world.

Recently, Belle told her fans about Halo mix ‘n mores. As a picky eater, she says “I get bored with kibble. I want flavor!”

Made of only whole meats and absolutely no meat meals, mix ‘n mores are a minimally processed, premium protein supplement. They offer nutrition for finicky or aging pets, and is a great option when you want to lower the carbohydrate content of your pet’s diet.

What does your picky eater think about mix ‘n mores? Tell us your story and get a chance to win 5,000 bowls of food for your favorite shelter or rescue. Learn more about our mix ‘n mores video contest now.

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I just challenged Pacelle, once again, to explain,…

I just challenged Pacelle, once again, to explain, in the face of what Vick himself admitted to doing, with vivid description to remind him, his promotion of the POS. I also reminded Mr. Pacelle that he disgusts me and makes me ponder how he sleeps at night. He won't answer, because he cannot. I can't seem to locate an e-mail to HSUS staff, but his blog contact address is: http://blog.humanesociety.org/contact?credit=blog_post_091415_idhome-page

Why not blast him today? Flood his in-box with Hate Vick mail. ;) Make him feel the wrath. HSUS needs to be put out of business, and Mr. Pacelle needs to hit the unemployment line.

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