A Very Potter Senior Year Full Version

AVPSY A Very Potter Senior Year Full All videos belong to Starkid. I do not own anything. Make sure to have a box of tissues & enjoy! :)

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onepiclogo1aOne Picture Saves a Life Tour recently visited The Animal Foundation in Las Vegas Nevada to teach a pet photography workshop to 10 shelters and 100 volunteers. Millions of dirty, scared, and disorientated pets enter shelters each year – and the photos taken are what people see when looking to adopt.

One Picture Saves a Life Tour’s mission is to provide shelter staff and volunteers with the resources to successfully groom and photograph shelter pets, helping give them the second chance they deserve.

Halo, Purely for Pets and Freekibble.com are proud supporters of the One Picture Saves a Life Tour by donating 10,000 meals of Halo Spot’s Stew to every workshop stop on the tour!

Watch video – One Picture Tour Las Vegas Recap

The Photographer
Seth Casteel is an award-winning photographer and New York Times best-selling author.

The Matchmaker
The Petfinder Foundation helps support thousands of animal welfare organization that are members of Petfinder, the largest online database for adoptable pets.

The Stylist
John Paul DeJoria, pet care with a salon pedigree, 30 years ago he co-founder of Paul Mitchell Systems, revolutionized the professional salon industry by banning animal testing for his line of hair products.

The Do-Gooder
The Animal Rescue Site provides food and vital care for some of the eight million unwanted animals given to shelters every year in the U.S., as well as animals in desperate need around the world.

The Underwriter
GreaterGood.org is an independent charitable organization devoted to improving the health and well-being of people, animals, and the planet.


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Busted! A “Lion” in a China Zoo Is Really a Tibetan Mastiff

One day, a boy went to the zoo in the eastern Chinese city of Luohe, located in the People’s Park of Luohe in the province of Henan. He noticed the lion was barking. 

He pointed it out to his mother. (We so wish we could have overheard that conversation.)

The mother and the boy looked at the sign in front of the cage. It said, “African lion.” Then they looked in the cage. This is what they saw:

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Today, amazingly, our bonehead is a zoo. It put a Tibetan Mastiff in the lion pen, then went around like everything was fine, business as usual. A dog in the lion pen. 

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Behold the majestic Tibetial Mastiff, a breed known for ... oh, wait, hold up. African lion via Shutterstock.

Admittedly, it does seem like a foolproof plan. Who could possibly notice the difference between a lion and a dog? But the zoo didn't account for the barking. And the six-year-old boy. A zoo, of all boneheads, should have accounted for the barking. And a six-year-old boy. 

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The beautiful African Lion, the king of the -- what? Damn! Tibetan Mastiff via Shutterstock.

Once the zoo was caught, an administrator reassured guests: 

"The African lions will be back," he said, according to the South China Morning Post. "They went to another zoo to breed."

Ah, yes. Of course. But not everyone understands that it is the most natural thing in the world to replace lions who are breeding with Tibetan Mastiffs, when you are a zoo.

"To use a dog to impersonate a lion is definitely an insult to tourists," said the mother of the boy. 

"The zoo is absolutely cheating us," she said in another interview, according to AFP. 

Also discovered at this zoo: Foxes in the leopard's den, a dog in the wolf den, and rodents in the snake cage. We imagine Jack Hanna spit out his morning coffee when he opened his computer this morning.  

Obviously, this zoo does not have the dog's best interests in mind, and thankfully the ruse was discovered so the dog can go back to being a dog. We hope that's already happened. 

The Scoop | The Scoop

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How to Make a Viral Video: Smash Mouth Parody | Youtube Geek Week

This is for everyone out there who has ever been asked to make a viral video. These memes are one-of-a-kind, and you can’t replicate them. For Youtube’s GEEK…

The lips and cheeks of Francisco Domingo Joaquim (Angola), were measured, at full stretch, to be 17cm (6.69 in) wide on 18 March, 2010.

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Friday Funny: Typewriter Repair

Until next time, Good day, and good dog!

Doggies.com Dog Blog

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Practical Nutritional Advice for Dogs

There are lots of myths out there about feeding our dogs. I’ve had many conversations with clients, breeders, trainers, and veterinarians about the best way to feed our domesticated predators. You probably are reading this, hoping that I can shed light on the many confusing perspectives in canine nutrition. Besides, I’m a veterinarian that has been in practice for over thirty years and considers nutrition to be one of the best tools we have to treat or prevent medical problems. The truth is that there are more questions than answers, but I’ll go over the most important things that I have learned.

What I have learned over the past ten years is that some individual dogs need different ingredients for better health and food allergies are far more common than I used to think.  Itchy skin, ear infections, nausea (eating grass and vomiting), diarrhea, and even seizures can be a sign that something in the food does not agree with your pet. Every dog can have the occasional itch, nausea, vomiting, or the runs from eating something they are not used to or allergic to. However, when the symptoms occur too frequently, or just don’t go away after treatment, then I always question if the ingredients may play a part. Many dogs are allergic to wheat, barley, or corn. Others may not tolerate beef or chicken in commercial dog food. Some dogs may be sensitive to additives or preservatives.

If your dog is suspected of having a food allergy, then you can try a limited ingredient diet. Taste of the Wild or its Kirkland alternative, salmon and potato diet has helped many dogs in my practice. Natural Balance limited ingredients also has duck/potato or fish potato that help others. Remember if you feed a healthier dog food; don’t forget to avoid treats containing the most common allergen wheat gluten. I have used baby carrots, sliced chicken or turkey hotdogs , or cooked and diced chicken as treats for training.

Don’t worry too much about adding healthy “human food” to a dog’s diet. If you want your dog to have a better coat, then you can add ingredients that contain healthy oils. For example, you may add olive oil(1 tbsp), fish oil capsules(1-2), an egg, raw or cooked chicken(4-8oz), canned herring(6-12 oz), or sardines(1 tin)to the diet. (Always try a small amount for a day or two to make sure that your pet can tolerate the ingredient!)The healthiest ingredients for dogs are meat, organ meat, fish, and eggs. Surprised grain or rice isn’t on the list? The ancestor of the dog rarely ate a helping of wheat, rice, barley, or corn. That is why those ingredients may be the most troublesome! (Beware: Many biscuits, dental chews, and pill pockets are wheat gluten based)

If you want your dog to lose a few pounds then you have to limit the amount of dry food. You can feed half as much dry food as usual and soak the remainder with warm water or combine with the same amount of green beans. You’ve just cut the calories in half! Canned food also has less calories then dry food and is just as nutritious. By the way, dry food probably does little for tartar. Dogs usually eat it way too fast! I recommend raw meaty bones or frozen chicken wings or thighs for dental health and joint nutrition. Baked and barbecued bones can be dangerous and dogs need to chew, not swallow larger bones. For dogs that like to gnaw on things, it’s a perfect way to keep teeth clean. I feed my dogs  raw chicken wings or thighs every week. Yes…a vet said that!

If you want more information about feeding your dog, home cooking for your dog, or figuring out what your dog is allergic to, check out my website and books. http://dogdishdiet.com/order-now

While you’re on  the website, be sure to download my free PDF, “ Dr Greg’s 11 Practical Home Remedies” .In the download, I talk about common problems and over-the-counter medications that you can use!

Remember, health starts in the bowl!

Greg Martinez DVM

Dr. Greg’s Dog Dish Diet

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The Daily Treat Takes A Road Trip

The Daily Treat has hit the road for a little vacay, but will be back in action with the latest and greatest in creature culture in short order!

Happy Tails & Happy Trails

-Janet McCulley, Kiki, Zazou & The Schmoo

Dogs in Vintage 1956 T-bird

The Daily Treat Summer Road Trip


The Daily Treat: Animal Planet

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How to scale teeth at home for your dog.MOD

Scaling teeth of a 1 1/2 year old mini schnauzer at the Pooch Parlor Pet Groomer Academy in Ponderay Idaho. See how to safely scale teeth of a dog with healt…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

http:www.karenrothnutrition.com A pet is certainly a great friend. After a difficult day, pet owners quite literally feel the love. In fact, for nearly 25 ye…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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I never understand why people feel like dogs shoul…

I never understand why people feel like dogs should have to put up with more than they would put up with themselves. When my kids start to play inappropriately with my animals (whether it's my "pit bull" type dog that I got from a shelter when she was 8 years old or the cats) I stop my child and ask him if he'd like to be treated that way. I say "would you like someone to get in your face/pick you up/play with your ears/whatever while you're sleeping/eating/whatevering? No? Well, then they probably don't appreciate it either". My dog is about as tolerant as a dog can be (definitely more tolerant than me) but there's no reason why she needs to put up with whatever they feel like doing (they're not malicious, just typical boys). On another note, the thing I ask my kids to do when they have disagreements is to "use their words"…well, dogs can't do that so they have their ways of letting us know when they've had enough. It's not their fault that much of the human population is too ignorant or unwilling to learn their language. I don't know the details of the accident leading to this little boy's tragic death, but it really sounds like it could have been avoided with a little bit more human knowledge, attention and intervention…which is probably true with most dog bite situations…especially the ones involving children.

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SUP with the Pups

I think it was a picture on Ruffwear’s catalogue that first caught my attention. Then back in May they did an article on their blog about “How to SUP with your Pup“.  I was smitten with the idea but had never seen a SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) before and  I even looked at a few local websites to see if anyone rented them and couldn’t find any.  A facebook friend in the states mentioned it a month or so ago and I was again reminded about how I wanted to try it but I didn’t do anything about it.  Then on Friday night, somehow it came up in conversation and Marlin said he’d love to try.  Really? OK!!

We found a local place that rents them and decided initially that our first trip would be without the dogs.  The last thing we needed to deal with were the dogs setting off our balance.  We went off to the store first thing in the morning and it was a bit confusing.  They sort of had one to rent, but not two, but maybe they could do two but they weren’t really sure….  Errrr???  Do you rent them or not?  It wasn’t that they had a bunch out already, it was more like they sort of rent them but not really.  It was weird.

Anyway, they had what is called a “Versa board” – (think of a hybrid between a SUP and a kayak) that was definitely available for rent and they got approval from the manager (who was off site) to rent us a SUP that was brand new and not actually supposed to be rented.  I heard the employee quietly describe us as “older” on the phone to the manager.  I think what she meant by older was “responsible”.  ;)

Once I saw the Versa board, I knew for sure the dogs and us could manage that.  So we changed plans… got loaded up, picked up the dogs and headed out to Keho.  Oh what fun.

The SUP was definitely more of a challenge but was more manoeuvrable in the water.  I think an experienced SUP pup could ride on it, but it was too much for our girls.  So we ended up with both the dogs on the Versa and the other person alone on the SUP.

Lacey was awesome.  She’d find a spot and generally just stand there. Whenever we headed to shore for a break, she’d hop back on no problem to go again.  Her tail was down for the most part, but I think Coulee was affecting her quite a bit.

Coulee was not so awesome.  She whined and paced and whined and paced.  I’m actually wondering if it makes her feel nauseous.  Every time we headed to shore she’d eat a mountain of grass (which is unusual for her).  In the end we just let her run along the shore and swim around and she was much happier as was I.  My thighs were quaking like leaves trying to maintain balance on a constantly shifting board.

We also brought our Waboba ball with us and it was the first time we had a chance to use the “person one”. (I’ve taken the fetch out with Coulee before.)  It bounces on top of the water… it is super fun.  The dogs of course also thought it was fun and Coulee got a tremendous work out playing monkey in the middle.  It was nice having someone retrieve it when we had a bad throw though.  :)

The horseflies were brutal!  We were constantly beating them off our legs while paddleboarding.  They showed up in quite a few pictures looking like helicopters while we were playing with the Waboba.

 Lacey swam for the promise of a cookie.

Whenever she got the ball, she’d run around on shore shaking it and not giving it to anyone.  :)

Coulee just wanted us to throw it again and again. so she’d deliver it when Lacey was tired of it.

It’s funny how sometimes the GoPro catches what looks like “product placement ads”.  :)

This is Coulee playing monkey in the middle and me trying to catch the ball.  Sorry for the crooked angle – I must have been leaning to the side to get the ball.  :)

Delivery service at its best.

PS – All the images are taken with the GoPro on a timer interval.
Crazy Coulee and Little Lacey

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