Dogs Help Seniors Stay Fit

Dogs are a favorite pet for senior citizens and there is plenty of research showing that dogs help seniors stay fit by urging them to exercise. The way the dog does this is by insisting that it be walked every day or be joined in a game of catch the ball or frisbee. Dogs also encourage seniors to participate in other activities with them.

Walking is by far the favorite way for seniors to exercise with their dog. According to a poll by AARP, sixty one percent of people aged 65 or older who own a dog, exercise by walking their dog. What may surprise a few people is another statistic from the same poll: fifty four percent of people between the ages of 50 and 64 who have a dog also exercise by walking with their pet.

Of this same group of 50-64 year olds, forty two percent also play catch or toss a Frisbee with their dog as a fitness routine, while twenty six percent of the seniors aged 65 or older who own a dog, exercise with their dog in the same way. Other favorite ways of exercising that both age groups regularly do is jogging and wrestling. Yes, wrestling with their dog. Respondents said that they love to wrestle at home with their dog and also when they go to a park for exercise.

The frequency that dog owners exercise with their dogs varies substantially between the age groups. Twenty two percent of people aged 50 to 64 regularly exercise with their dog, while thirty three percent of the seniors 65 and older exercise with their dogs more than once a day.

The difference between the regularity of exercising with their dog may possibly be attributed to work responsibilities or more active social lives. Of those who don’t exercise every day with their dog, about seventeen percent exercise with their best canine friend two to three times per week. As for the slackers, fifteen percent say they never exercise with their dog.

Research seems to indicate that people who exercise with their pets are more likely to stay on a regular fitness program. Walking, jogging, or playing catch with their dog provides the same exercise benefits for both the person and the dog, helping keep muscles and joints flexible and aiding in controlling weight gain for both.

Companionship is the primary reason that people aged 65 and older decided to get a pet. Companionship was also the major reason people aged 50-64 chose to adopt a pet.

Taking care of a dog is not something everyone can do or is willing to do every day of their lives. Dogs come with a lot of responsibility for the owner. A dog must be fed regularly and always have access to fresh water. Dogs need a fenced in yard to play in or they must be taken for a walk at least twice a day to take care of their biological needs.

The cost of buying pet food, regular checkups by a veterinarian, and necessary vaccinations can place a heavy burden on seniors dependent upon Social Security for their retirement income. Sixty percent of people 65 and older and thirty seven percent of those between the ages of 50 and 64, say they don’t own a pet for these very reasons.

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Kids Never Get this Excited: SEASON’S GREENIES® Commercial – 30 seconds

The holidays take an unusual turn when toothbrushes become the year’s most anticipated gift. See how much your dog can love dental care with GREENIES® Dental…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Learn how to make a Orange Pistachio Greenies Recipe! Go to for the ingredien…

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How to Stop Leash Aggression

brown dog on leash

Brown dog is ready to go

It may be the oldest story in dog training: a dog that is an otherwise perfectly-behaved, downright sweet, and beloved member of the family, will growl, bark, lunge, and may even bite another dogs he encounters on leash. Take the leash off and he is a model citizen at the dog park or day care.

What’s up with that?

Well first of all, leash aggression is a very common problem. If you have ever described it to a dog trainer you may have noticed her complete lack of surprise. Many trainers have classes dedicated to this problem. It’s common enough in my area that I already have an ongoing series of blog posts about it over here. (And my dedicated classes are coming soon.)

So relax, you’re not alone.

You can poke around my blog series after you finish this, but here’s a quick rundown on what causes it and how to diminish or maybe even eliminate the problem.

Where does leash aggression come from?

Leash aggression is often caused by fear, frustration, or both. The fear can come from a lack of socialization as a puppy, from a bad past experience, or from feeling restrained with a leash attached. Frustration can come from not being able to get to a dog because of being on leash, which generalizes to “seeing dogs while on leash is always frustrating.”

Of course these factors can combine to feed each other, and other issues may be involved. The good news is finding out the exact causes is not critical to addressing the problem.

What can we do to address leash aggression?

I already gave you the first step: relax. Your tensing up when you see another dog or worse, yelling and yanking the leash when your dog is acting out, doesn’t help. I know it’s not easy, but work on it. It’ll help a lot.

Check your hardware. Despite relatively recent efforts to "rebrand" them, slip (or choker) collars and prong collars are really intended for corrections. The slip collar is for manually delivering a leash correction by "popping" the leash. The prong can also be used for leash corrections and will administer a "pinch" when the dog pulls ahead on leash. (I don’t use either device or corrections, but that’s not the point right now.) What do you suppose happens to a dog that is lunging at the end of a leash when wearing one of these collars? If nothing else it will increase his stress level, worst case he will associate the corrections with what he is looking at: another dog.

I prefer harnesses for dogs with leash aggression. Taking the pressure off of the neck can relieve a great deal of stress, even when compared to a simple flat collar. With a large or strong dog a "front clasp" harness like an Easy Walk or SENSE-ible can also help the person holding the leash maintain control.

Work on attention. A few of the blog posts in my series talk about using attention to keep your dog focused on you and not on the other dogs. If you can get attention on cue with his name or a cue like "look!" it can also serve as way to redirect focus back to you if it slips.

You need to pay attention. Put the phone away. Finish your coffee before you walk. Try to map out your route in advance. If you live in a densely populate area like many of my clients it’s probably impossible to avoid other dogs, but you can at least be prepared!

Work on counter-conditioning and desensitization. This is worth seeing a trainer for, and honestly a session with a trainer is a good idea for this problem anyway. Fear and frustration are emotional responses, and working on changing the association is going to be a key part in any solution.

That’s the short version. There’s a lot more over here. and a few more posts on counter-conditioning and desensitization on the way. Subscribe to my newsletter for updates. The box is up on the right.

How to Stop Leash Aggression is a post written by . You can see the actual post at Dog Training in Bergen County New Jersey


Dog Spelled Forward Website and Blog

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Does anyone see anything funny about this picture?

The Poodle (and Dog) Blog

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how to: get rid of dog breath

1/4 banana 1/4 apple 1 small strawberry and 1/4 strip of string cheese all chopped gave this to my dog as a healthy ‘desert’ and he LOVED it. his breath smel…

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Friday is for Favorites // My 10 Favorite Things This Week

Hey fellow music nerds, can we all just agree that this shirt is basically amazing? 

I’d take any yard I could get (oh the downfalls of living in a townhouse), but if I got to pick my dream yard, it would look something like this.  I had a place years ago with a backyard made up of endless acres of forest and wildflowers, and I vowed to have something similar again one day.  A bad ass treehouse would be an added bonus.

It's Just Water To Go Cup

I love this, but mainly because my it reminds me of my little sister.  I’ll just say that we’ve had all sorts of fun with incidents involving summer cocktails and ‘to go’ cups.  Morgan, if you’re reading this, you’re getting a present.

While completely out of my price range for a top, this blouse is just so pretty and summery that I’ve been going back to the Anthropologie website on the daily just to look at it.  It reminds me of pictures of my mom from the 70s, all barefoot and flower child-like, traipsing though fields and stuff.  I want it.

No explanation necessary for this one.  It’s a baby giraffe.  It’s really cute.  Enough said.  (source)

This article, entitled “Do Yourself a Favor and Forget What Your ‘Size’ Is,” is spot on.  As someone who has worked in the fashion industry and has designed for a clothing line for many years, I can also tell you this – there is no standard size chart that the industry must follow.  Brands can make up whatever sizes they like to define garments.  So in the end, the numbers and letters on those jeans you’ve been coveting are likely all lies anyway.  My advice (to myself as much as anyone else) is to try things on and pick what looks the best on you.  Period. 

Imagine how much more collectively calm we’d be if we each took a couple of minutes to do this everyday… (source)

Even better than the deliciousness that the photo of these grilled peaches exudes is the description on how to make them: “There’s not much fuss about it.  It’s peaches.  On a grill.”  This will be happening at my house this weekend. 

Because everyone needs a ‘Random Crap’ bag.  (Or as this one is more demurely titled, a Random Kindness Bag.)  The best part about this cheery oversized tote?  It doesn’t put on any airs.  It just tells it like it is.  Nothing to hide. And the company that makes it, Wild & Wolf, supports the organization WaterAid, which helps to provide clean drinking water to people around the world.  Win-win

I’ve been listening to this album all week.  Which is nothing new.  It just happens to be one of those favorites on regular rotation.  ‘Old man take a look at my life, I’m a lot like yoooouuu..”

Two weeks of Friday is for Favorites posts in a row?  It’s a miracle!  For new readers, ‘Friday is for Favorites’ is my (once upon a time weekly; then monthly; now more accurately occasionally) series where I become a rebel, and break all of my own rules of design cohesiveness to which I normally adhere on the Bubby and Bean blog.  No themes, curated collections, or matching aesthetics here.  Just a gathering of a few random things that I happen to be loving most this particular week, now shared with you. 

I’m so glad that today is Friday, and even more grateful than usual that the weekend is here.  This has been a heavy week you guys.  Late Sunday night, my grandmother (and idol) ‘Maggo’ had a massive stroke.  I haven’t said anything here, but I did mention it via a photo on Instagram, and the thoughts/prayers/good vibes that came in as a result are appreciated beyond words.  She has been slowly improving – even moved out of ICU into a regular room.  We’re staying hopeful and spending lots of time with her as she recovers. 

Yesterday also marked three years since my ‘brother,’ long-time ex (I hate that word), and closest friend Jeff took his own life after years of struggling.  I’ve mentioned this only a handful of times here on the blog, but it was without a doubt the most horrific time in my life.  I am a firm believer in creating positivity out of even the worst situations though, and losing Jeff in such a tragic way motivated me to make some major life changes (including breaking years of a workaholic lifestyle), and ultimately to start this blog and my art shop as side businesses.  Jeff was loved by so many people, but he just wasn’t able to see this for himself toward the end.  If you or anyone you  know ever feels this kind of emptiness or desperation, please reach out.  The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is a wonderful organization with whom I’ve worked several times now by donating items to their local walks, in Jeff’s honor.  They are here to help.

As I said, I strongly believe that we have the power to make positive situations out of difficult ones, and to create happiness out of sadness.  So let’s leave this post on a happy note.  It’s the weekend!  It’s summer!  My husband will actually be off the road on a Saturday for the first time in forever!  My sister is coming to visit!  I hope your weekend – and the rest of your Friday – is full of all of your favorite things.

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I imagine that GUND will be astonished bv just how…

I imagine that GUND will be astonished bv just how quickly Jonny sells out.

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snake run

Check out these denta images:

snake run

Image by thewhitestdogalive
photo by Denta

snake run [exit]

Image by thewhitestdogalive
photo by Denta

first take

Image by thewhitestdogalive
me@dh cervo
photo by Denta

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12 Summer Pie Recipes // Bubby and Bean

I love sweets.  Give me a vanilla milkshake, a chocolate cupcake, a jelly doughnut, a warm peanut butter cookie, a slice of strawberry cheesecake, or a lemon tart, and I will be a very happy girl.  I don’t discriminate when it comes to desserts.  I love them all.  But when it comes down to it, it’s pie that, errr, takes the cake.

When I was a little girl, it only took a promise of custard pie or lemon meringue pie for me to be on my very best behavior.  These days, a piece of blueberry pie topped with vanilla bean ice cream can make my entire week.  So today, I decided to share some of my favorite summertime pie recipes (because let’s face it, summer pies are the best pies) with you.  And if you have one that I missed, be sure to let me know.  The more pie the better.

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THE ROCK: Chapter 9 The Fabulous Fuzzybutts

I am absolutely unafraid of anything.  That’s what got me and my boys cross country safely.  But don’t confuse that with courage.

Suffering is such a selfish thing and I couldn’t see my way through it after I lost Malcolm to cancer.

Murphy was all fucked up about losing Malcolm and maybe even worried about losing me and I remember waking myself up one morning, “Luke, Luke, Murphy needs a brother.”  I was yelling inside my head.

And the very next day Hudson came into our lives.

He was encaged in a hog wire containment system that stunted his growth I can only suppose.  I saved him but not his sister.


After losing Malcolm I was done with dogs and this story should’ve ended here.  With all the powers in the universe I wanted it to end here.

But Murphy needed a brother.

Hudson was a lil feller and I named him as an homage to the woman who brought Malcolm into my life.  Lindsey had moved to New York so the name choice was clear and simple.

Willful, undiscouraged, and absolutely unafraid, Hudson is his father’s son which if you take a look at the pic, I think you’ll see.

2 Dogs 2,000 Miles

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