Poke, pay, push off

I used to work in a clinic that offered twice a week vaccine clinics. During those times, we would waive our customary exam fee (at the time it was $ 45), as long as the client was coming in solely for vaccines and had no health questions.

We did this to provide a service to those clients who would go to the weekend vaccine clinic at the pet store instead of coming to us. I know how those weekend clinics work. They are much like the flu clinic I took my kids to last week. You go, you get your shots, you leave. If you ask about your kid’s ear infections you’d be given a blank stare as they ushered you out the door. Poke, pay, push off.

And you know, it works as long as that is truly all you need. But you would be shocked, or maybe you wouldn’t, I don’t know, at how many times that was not at all the only thing clients need. Especially in the vet clinic. I love questions! That is what I am here for, to educate nervous new pet owners and also say, hey, look at this tooth or this mass or this ear. To say, hey, I see Rover is 14 and has never had bloodwork and you said his appetite is low; perhaps we should postpone these vaccines and make sure he’s OK. But all of that stuff? That’s an office exam. And we have 15 people in the lobby waiting for a bordetella vaccine.

I hated those vaccine clinics with a passion, because at least once a clinic I would get a client who said, “no concerns! Just rabies!” to the technician, waited until I came into the room, and asked me for an allergy consult. And I would either do it because I felt a professional obligation, even though it meant everyone else outside had to wait, or risk being called a (insert choice insult here.)

With the exception of rabies vaccine, our local feed store carries all the other regular canine vaccines. Yes, it’s less than coming to me. Anyone can learn how to give a shot to a dog in about 5 minutes, that’s not the hard part. When you come to me for an exam and vaccines, you are paying for all the other intangibles, captured here so nicely by a colleague with better graphic design skills than me:


I understand why people go to those clinics- it’s inexpensive and it’s convenient. It is not, however, a replacement for an office call. Give us a chance. You might be pleasantly surprised at what our staff can do for you, and most importantly, your pet.

Pawcurious: With Pet Lifestyle Expert and Veterinarian Dr. V.

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Greenies have left the grid

A few nice greenies images I found:

Greenies have left the grid

Image by RightAsRain
the Greenies declare independence from the Second Life grid and take their toys and blast out into the metaverse. 04 July the SL region will be deleted. Take on last ride on the rocket secondlife://Greenies%20Home%20Rezzable/155/129/34

Greenies have left the grid

Image by RightAsRain
the Greenies declare independence from the Second Life grid and take their toys and blast out into the metaverse. 04 July the SL region will be deleted. Take on last ride on the rocket secondlife://Greenies%20Home%20Rezzable/155/129/34

Greenies have left the grid

Image by RightAsRain
the Greenies declare independence from the Second Life grid and take their toys and blast out into the metaverse. 04 July the SL region will be deleted. Take on last ride on the rocket secondlife://Greenies%20Home%20Rezzable/155/129/34

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The Epidemic of Overweight Pets: Treats and Excess Carbs Can Shorten Lives!

So many pets are overweight in the U.S.and those extra pounds are taking years off their life!

Excess pounds can prevent blood from moving where it should, keep the lungs and heart from working efficiently, and will grind down cartilage covered joints to bone on bone contact and result in painful arthritis!

The directions on pet food cans and bags often advise feeding 25-50% more than needed. Many dogs and cats need less because of LOW METABOLISM.

A 30 min walk 3-5 times a week can help dogs stay in shape, raise their calorie burning capacity, and help their muscles burn extra calories! It’s hard to get cats to exercise, so changing the type of food is the best bet.

It’s the amount of food we feed and the high amount of carbs in the diet that make our dogs and cats fat!.For dogs, dry commercial food can be made lower calorie by feeding half the amount soaked in water or mixed with canned green beans. Feeding the same commercial canned food as the dry may help because canned food has less calories per ounce than it’s dry food cousin.  Canned food may help decrease calories and encourage weight loss. For cats, changing the diet to canned from dry food may help with weight loss and avoid chronic medical problems like diabetes and arthritis.

High carb treats pack a bunch of needless calories. Feeding 2 -3 biscuits a day may make weight loss impossible. Feed a higher protein treat like a piece of chicken, cheese, fish, or piece of chicken hotdog! You can also feed baby carrots, green beans, or apples to those fruit and veggie types!

Lower calorie, nutritious treats like Lickety Stik are grain free, organic, have nutrients, and less calories for those weight challenged pets


Pet Obesity in America infographic by PetSafe
Special thanks to PetSafefor sharing this visualization with us.

Check out other feeding tips in the “Dog Dish Diet” and Home Cooking Pet Food in “Feed Your Pet to Avoid the Vet”



My Corgi was so overweight she didn’t want to do anything but lay around and eat. Since putting her on your diet in “Feed your Pet to avoid the Vet.” She has slimmed down nicely. She is now more energetic and chases squirrels. She’s happier, more loving, her fur is so soft. As I’m sure you know, Corgis shed a lot! With her that has even slowed down a great deal and no fleas. Her teeth are clean and she doesn’t have dog breath! Thank you Dr. Greg for writing the books and educating us on a better much healthier way to feed our fur-babies!


Dr. Greg’s Dog Dish Diet

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An Epic Battle: Fluffy Pup vs Fluffy Dandelion [VIDEO]

Who will win?! This intense battle is a close one, as the wary weed seems to hold a strange power over this fluffball of a Keeshond pup! 


Fluffy Pup Battles Dandelion


The Daily Treat: Animal Planet

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Jane Lynch K9s for warriorsThis past Saturday, October 5th, animal advocate Wendy Diamond, founder of Animal Fair Media, hosted a patriotic breakfast and fundraiser as part of AnimalFair.com’s Bark Business Tour at the Omni Los Angeles Hotel at California Plaza to benefit K9’s For Warriors. To date just over $ 145,000 has been raised – 28 lives Saved! 14 dogs 14 Veterans!

Halo Purely for Pets, co-owned by Ellen DeGeneres, is proud to be a major sponsor of the nationwide tour. In addition, Freekibble.com is feeding Halo Spot’s Stew to every service dog sponsored in the tour.

Along with Wendy, actress/comedian Jane Lynch, Fox’s Raising Hope star Garret Dillahunt, and Hallmark’s Mark Steines honored K9s For Warriors Graduates – United States Marine Leroy and Apache.

Actress and animal advocate Jane Lynch is also hosting “SHELTER ME: Let’s Go Home”, the 2nd episode of the emotionally charged PBS television special.

The Bark Business Tour will stop in 10 cities, and won’t “roll over” until at least $ 150,000 is raised. Join us and help us save the life of a vet and a dog.

For more information about the event visit AnimalFair.com.



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Days 8, 9 and 10

Well these last few days have not gone according to plan.  Day 8 was SUPER windy so we decided to get some errands done.  We did some laundry and shopping and basically just hung around.

On Day 9 we made a trip to Yellowstone – and good thing too as the park is now closed!  The weather was horrible – cold, rain, hail, snow, wind.  We ventured out no more than a mile from the car at each stop and I never wanted to risk my camera as even if it wasn’t raining when we left, it usually was by the time we got back.  We visited the canyon area and it was gorgeous but I’ve got no pictures.  For wildlife we saw 4 river otters coming down the bank towards the river. It was super cool – they walked nose to tail and kind of looked like a giant, shiny centipede.  :)  We also saw two very young bears. It looked like a baby with an older sibling.  There was no mama in sight which made us pretty sad to see as we are pretty sure the bigger one was nowhere close to big enough to be an adult.  We also saw some more bison and elk but you know, “Been there, done that”. LOL

Day 10 (today) had beautiful weather.  We got ready quickly and were ready to head out on a long hike that would take us past 11 waterfalls and end at a lake.  We got out to the truck and realized it had a flat. No big deal, we could handle that.  I distracted the dogs and Marlin got to work. He got all the bolts off but could not remove the tire.  He was very frustrated. I suggested we call AMA and he thought that was silly – it was just a flat.  Over an hour later he finally caved – mainly because he thought he’d busted one of the bolts that hold the tire on.  Then the tow truck then took about 1.5 hours to get here.  :(  At this point, we realized we were never going to get out in time.  The driver had a sledge hammer so together they got the tire off and the spare on.  Turns out the bolt wasn’t busted – it just got loose and ended up in the wrong place.  It ended up being a much more minor problem than we were anticipating, but it still managed to kill half the day.

We decided to cure our blues with some retail therapy in Bozeman.  They have a very cute downtown. I managed to keep the purchases for myself to a minimum but got some Christmas presents purchased.  Yay. I think that is my earliest start yet.

Fingers crossed that tomorrow we get that hike in!  We plan on meeting up with my dad and Shelley and they are closer than they thought they’d be, so we’ll be able to do the long one we want to do.

Oh and I’ve decided to start up the Project 365 again starting October 1.  I’m hoping to finish the last three months and maybe keep the momentum going into the new year.  We’ll see how it goes.  Today was the dreaded self portrait….  I kind of like it. The blade of grass blurring the front of my face helps. :)

Crazy Coulee and Little Lacey

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French Bulldogs Love Their Toys | Video

French Bulldogs play

French Bulldogs Eric Charming and Patsy darling love playing with their toys! Eric gets super excited when the toy box comes out and little puppy sister Patsy likes to play with whichever toy Eric chooses.

Visit them on their facebook page for more cuteness

The post French Bulldogs Love Their Toys | Video appeared first on A Place to Love Dogs.

A Place to Love Dogs

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Latest Tooth News

Blind Man Regains Sight After Science Implants A Tooth Into His Eye
Because science is totally insane and doesn't care what you think, they've decided to go ahead and start restoring sight in blind patients. And because science is really ridiculously, they're doing it by implanting teeth into eyesockets. Because that's
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Watch: Pulling a bad tooth from the mouth of a tiger
Ozzy was rescued from a neglectful owner who fed him a diet lacking in the proper amount of calcium which has caused Ozzy to suffer from bone problems and may offer an explanation for having a bad tooth. This video of Michael pulling Ozzy's bad tooth
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Five-year-old Addison Puma memorialized on Sweet Tooth bench
Before the diagnosis that would send the Puma family into a desperate search for a cure, the preschooler and her mom, Melissa Puma, would visit The Sweet Tooth of Marine City every time they came out to the family cottage at Cherry Beach in
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FYI prongs used properly do not cause pain. I spe…

FYI prongs used properly do not cause pain. I spent half a dozen training sessions with a professional treat and rewarding before ever putting the prong on my dogs. I tested the prong collar on my arm and my neck (we have less layers of skin than our dogs) and neither correction hurt at all. My vet chastised me for using prong collars so I changed vets.

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Chronic Medical Conditions in Pets Often Improve With a Better Diet!

The incidence of chronic medical conditions, obesity, and diabetes is soaring in dogs, cats, and people. The reasons are very similar in all three species. Many of us and our pets share high carbohydrate diets and low activity levels.

Some dogs and cats may look and feel better with fewer carbohydrates or moister food (reduced calories). Their coats may look better with healthier oils and protein in the diet(fish, olive, canola, coconut, eggs, sardines). Less carbohydrates, healthier oils, better proteins, and less allergens may help prevent many chronic medical problems. (obesity, diabetes,  ear and skin problems, diarrhea,bladder crystals and stones, , and seizures)

Here are some reasons people should consider a different or more varied diet for their pets.  

1.Variation in the diet helps supply needed combinations of proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals.Would you trust the mix of ingredients from one source in your “human kibble”?

2. Some dogs and cats do not tolerate the high level of carbohydrates that may lead to obesity and early arthritis, diabetes, or the lack of moisture that can lead to the formation of crystals in the urine, bladder infections, and then bladder stones. Moister, lower carbohydrate food may be better for some dogs and cats.

3. Commercial dry food diets (even some prescription diets!) often contain known allergens and are low in healthy fats and oils that nourish the skin. 30% of my day is spent treating dogs and cats with dry skin, itch skin,  or chronic skin and ear problems that may often be due to their diet.

4.Cats suffer from urinary tract issues because they just don’t drink enough to dilute out the minerals in the dry food. Many vets are recommending canned food for cats.I feed my cats (obligate carnivores) canned food and cooked or raw meat two-three times weekly

5. Some commercial dry food may not contain the optimum mix of nutrients present in the original diet of dogs and cats. There is more moisture, meat, and healthy fats and oils in prey. Some dogs and cats may look and feel better when fed a different dry food, canned food, healthy human food, raw food, healthy oils, or vitamin/mineral/omega/glucosamine-chondroitin  supplements. If your dog or cat is suffering chronic medical problems…consider changing the type of food instead of trying another medical procedure, pill, ointment, or shampoo

6. Dogs and cats are individuals. Their genetics and physiology are different. They each may need slightly different types of food or ingredients to thrive. Could we all eat the basic formula in a “human kibble”  Some humans would gain weight. lose weight, or react to an ingredient. 

Dogs and cats are individuals too and may need a different formula(wet, dry, raw, more oils, home cooked, adding healthy human food)

That’s why I wrote Dog Dish Diet and Feed Your Pet to Avoid the Vet!  To help pet owners become part of the health care team and treat chronic medical conditions with a different commercial food, home cooked food , and the right human food and treats!


Dr. Greg’s Dog Dish Diet

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