Take a Bite: CPK launches its 'Next Chapter'

Take a Bite: CPK launches its 'Next Chapter'
… worlds: baby kale, thin-sliced Bosc pears, roasted butternut squash, spiced pecans, goat cheese and cranberries for the greenies, and add-ons of, pictured, your choice of salmon, shrimp or chicken (below), for those with one foot still in the
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Vermont GlobalFoundries employees have weeks to decide to leave
High electricity and heating for homes. Low wages and no benefits. Taxes and Schools. Blackmail health premiums. The Dirtocrats and Regressives have done no favors to this state, and then there is the Politically correct, Trust funders, Greenies and
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Clinton Wants A 700 Percent Increase In Solar Power. Anyone Have 0 Billion?
There's also the effect that solar farms will have on wildlife; something that greenies also fuss about regarding the fight to save humanity from the non-threat of global warming. These farms have been documented to literally fry birds out of the sky.
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Top 5 Ways Being a Vet Prepared Me for Parenthood

It took me a good decade, but I can finally say I think I’m getting this motherhood thing figured out. It was not intuitive for me, not easy or instantly amazing the way it was when I brought home my first pet. With my animals, I knew no matter how challenging things were, we would figure it out and it would be ok. I don’t know why I lacked that confidence with the kiddos. Maybe I’m just part dog.

But no matter! We all have our strengths in life, but the one thing I wish I knew a lot earlier was the idea of resilience, that just because one thing comes naturally to us, it doesn’t mean we can’t take on other things and work our way up to competence. It’s too late for me now: I will never know if I could have been a decent volleyball player. All I know is I was horrrrrrrible at it in school, I dreaded volleyball days in PE, and as soon as I could give it up I did.

But parenthood isn’t like volleyball, a hobby you can dabble in and put away when your back hurts. It’s there, sink or swim, and even if all you do is hobble along, well, that’s all you need to do.

I found myself leaning on my veterinary experience quite a bit those first few years, actually. You draw on your own experiences, so it makes sense. I was actually pleasantly surprised at how many things I learned from the clinic that I could apply to parenthood:


1. Your brain can adapt to an obscene level of noise.

Barking dogs, screaming babies, howling cats, ringing phones, all can be intercepted before they hit your cerebrum by some amazing subconscious mom-filter that allows you to get your records completed or bills done. While others may think you oblivious, the truth is you are an amazing compartmentalizer.


2. Multitasking is an art.

Mrs. Jones is on line 3 and will only speak to you, and she insists she will hold. The cat in room 4 is having a seizure. The man in the lobby is yelling at the receptionist about his dog’s worms, something is bleeding in the treatment area but we don’t know who, and you’re still scrubbed into surgery. Getting used to this level of chaos is the only reason I was able to survive the first years of classroom volunteering, PTA politics, work, groceries, and remembering my husband’s name.


3. Blood and poop are things you can get used to.

I don’t think I even need to elaborate on this, do I?


4. The ones who scream the loudest are not the ones you worry about.

If you’re screaming, you’re breathing. It’s the quiet ones you need to check in on, because it usually means one of three things: they stopped breathing, they are getting in a large amount of trouble, or they are about to have a nuclear meltdown. This rule applies to both pets and their owners. And, I learned, to kids.


5. You don’t need to be the best at something. You just need to want it the most.

In a clinic full of creatures without opposable thumbs, it was astonishing to find out how good some of them could get at accomplishments they weren’t supposed to be capable of. Like, how some dogs could patiently sit in a cage for hours and work at a jiggly lever in order to release themselves and merrily run around the treatment area. Or how some cats could push a jar of treats, centimeter by centimeter, all the way across a table until it dumped its chicken-y contents on the floor. They do it because no one told them they couldn’t.


To me this last one is the most important lesson of all. I remind myself of this often, for myself and for my kids. I don’t want them to be the kid who stops trying to open the cage. I want them to be the one who takes the whole thing apart.


I learned, more than anything, to be this dog. :)

Pawcurious: With Veterinarian and Author Dr. V

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Saturday Survey: Puppy Bowl XII

Are you ready for tomorrow’s big game? Until next time, Good day, and good dog!

Doggies.com Dog Blog

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Dental implant giants Dentsply, Straumann mull potential deal for Israeli

Dental implant giants Dentsply, Straumann mull potential deal for Israeli
Hot on the trail of dental device acquisitions, dental implant giants Straumann and Dentsply International ($ XRAY) are reportedly weighing a deal for Israel's MIS Implants Technologies. Nothing is set in stone but MIS' owner, buyout firm TA Associate
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New Year, New You: Accessible Dental
Miner is the only dentist on the island who has use of a cone-beam scanner, a 3-D scanning unit that provides a clearer picture of problems that could be brewing beneath the surface, including bone loss. To read the complete New Year, New You profile
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Water Fluoridation: Good or Bad?
For the purpose of increasing oral health in communities where people don't have equal access to dental work, the fluoridation of water (or adding fluoride to the public water supply) is a common practice. However … Page 2 of 2 – Aside from
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Attila the gentle Drahthaar

Deutsch Drahthaars are most common gundog breed in the German-speaking world, and they are used on a wide variety of game.

But this one is a gentle soul, who dotes on all sorts of animals that his kind normally hunt.





Natural History

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Hitler’s deer friends

Hitler feeding some roe deer, 1936.

Obersalzberg/Hitler füttert Rehe,um 1936 - Obersalzberg/Hitler feeding deer,abt. 36 -

Good thing these deer met the animal-loving Hitler and not Goering, who probably would have shot them!

I am aware that Western roe deer are found throughout Europe, but I most strongly associate them with Germany for some reason.


Natural History

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Led by Marlena Cutura, Pope John Paul II girls edge Newman; Newman boys roll

Led by Marlena Cutura, Pope John Paul II girls edge Newman; Newman boys roll
Pope John Paul II, which both tied and defeated the Greenies last season, notched a 2-1, nondistrict win on a sunny Saturday morning at Newman's Lupin Field. The game almost certainly will have playoff seeding implications. PJP is fourth in the most
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Ira Winderman: To Riley, durability is key to unlocking Heat
"Greenies" actually were amphetamines, replaced now from Birdman's coffee to various energy drinks. But pharmacology wasn't Riley's point. His point was: get out there. "I am so proud of Dwyane and the way he has led and the fact that he's playing
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Unofficial Photography Project

So I’ve tried a few 52 week projects. I’ve even tried a 365.  And I’ve failed to complete them all.  But what I have enjoyed is the photos I get out of them when I put the effort into it.  So I’m going to be doing an unofficial 52 week project this year.  I’ll be roughly using prompts from the “Creative 52″ book by Lindsay Adler as well as some “shot ideas” from Charlotte Reeves’ book “Dog Shots”.  I hope to essentially plan a shot then go out and do it.  I find if I don’t, I just do the same old, same old. Over and over and over and frankly it gets dull.  It was OK when Summit was growing so quickly as I was basically just documenting the changes.  But now that his growth has slowed down to a dull roar, I want to start capturing something a little different.

My last attempt at a 52 week project was two years ago.  The prompt was Colour and I loved the shot of Coulee that I got and I wanted to try and get the same photo of Summit.  It worked out perfectly.

Then seeing as we were out and about, we took some other colourful photos as well.

 I’ve got a few more I still need to edit too.  I’m already glad I’ve made the effort for the project.  It’s nice to do something different every now and then.

Crazy Coulee and Little Lacey

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I saw ppl who used treats n clicker but end up dra…

I saw ppl who used treats n clicker but end up dragged in street or released leash coz can't physically hold the pulling dog.after I showed them how prong works,they feel very happy and goes for long walks.for most dog,the reward us to pull to squirell,so treats never make sence for them.and I want my clients walk dogs,so after they tried for years these head collars,nopullharnesses and still prefer to skip walk coz bleeding palms re not fun.they re happy with prong,n I explain to switch back n forth from prong to flat collar,so in few weeks most stop use prong

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Record-Breaking El Nino a Sign of the Times?

Record-Breaking El Nino a Sign of the Times?
Again we have yet another Chicken Licken scare mongering tale. Why? We don't need it and our … This just more scary Chicken Licken, "the sky is falling on my head." rubbish. I thought they had … Worse, the so-called God-fearing Christians are
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Petsmart 2015 Black Friday Top Deals & Ad Printout
If you have a pet then you probably know that Petsmart is the best place to go for all your pet care needs, whether you are needing some new pet food or furniture, or even various toys and accessories for your pet. While Petsmart has a lot of great
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Shilling: Oil Can Go as Low as a Barrel
In this war, the chicken-out price isn't what's needed to meet budget requirements, which ranges between $ 40 a barrel in Kuwait and $ 125 a barrel in Venezuela. It isn't the cost of …. As much as the greenies hate oil, we desperately need it in the
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Renewable energy standards reconsidered as states question mandates, fret over
A half-dozen states have moved to scale back, freeze or eliminate their renewable energy standards in the past year, fueled by concerns over higher energy prices, the impact of the EPA's Clean Power Plan and the growing perception that it's … more >.
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