Foundation Study Bible, NKJV by Thomas Nelson (Book Review)

When I first received the Foundation Study Bible, I was impressed first by the compact size of the bible. The lettering looks to be about 6 to 7 point so if you are needing a larger size lettering, this isn’t the book for you. The pages are broken into two columns, with divisions on the…

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Sunflower Faith

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While supplies last, we’re having a BOGO sale on four special PawZaar products–a great way to gift yourself and a pet-loving friend! Order Smiling Dog Key Ring and Run to Rescue Bracelet…

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Healthy Paws offers a raw food diet for dogs and…

Healthy Paws offers a raw food diet for dogs and…
Dog-Gone Raw is a pet supermarket in Mount Hope offering a wide variety of raw pet food, a natural, healthier alternative to commercial dry dog food. … Eating a raw diet provides a natural flossing action that keeps their teeth and gums healthy. A
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Nearly 100 dogs rescued from suspected puppy mill in Clewiston
"We're seeing a number of medical issues, eye issues, teeth issues, skin problems," Rickey said. "These animals are living in this environment every day and not receiving adequate care." Each dog was assigned a number, now part of evidence for a
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climber-cat2-lgPet lovers will do pretty much anything to help animals in need. One man in Washington state has made a career out of rescuing cats stuck in trees!

According to ABC News, professional tree climber Shaun Sears operates Canopy Cat Rescue, based in North Bend, Wash.

The non-profit organization comes to the rescue when other organizations aren’t able to assist.

In Washington trees can grow extremely tall, which means cats getting stuck in very high places where they’re unable to get down is common. In fact, Sears says they’ve made 325 rescues in 2015 alone.

The work is challenging and dangerous. Scared cats have a tendency to climb even higher, even when Sears is trying to help.

A recent cat named Baby got stuck in a fir tree, prompting her owners to call Sears. Baby started her ordeal at 40 feet up and ended up 110 feet high in the tree before Sears was able to get a hold of her and bring her down safely!

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Love it. Wish I lived there so I could volunteer. …

Love it. Wish I lived there so I could volunteer.

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Akita in a bag

We met this tiny Pomeranian a couple of weeks ago, when his owner posed him alone in Place Massena, Nice. Here he is being walked (carried!) home. He’s called Akita.  His owner has a sense of humour!

This is one of the photos I exhibited at PhotoMenton recently,  but in black and white.

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I’ve spent a lot of time the past few weeks thinking about gratitude, and what it means to me. I was worried that this, the first holiday season without the person who defines it for me, would be horrible and that I would have no interest in celebrating anything. Which is a valid response for sure, but I was hoping I could dredge up enough energy to participate for my kids’ sake.

And then a funny thing happened. I totally was into the whole gratitude thing.

Although my life has had its ups and downs, I would say I’ve been pretty darn lucky, and I’m the first to admit that. This is the first year I’ve had what I consider a truly devastating event, and even that- well, this is part of the human condition. Love and loss, one of the great lessons we learn as humans, one of the great moments for which pets prepare us.

I am grateful for that. I am grateful that my work prepared me for life to the point which I could address loss head on. Sorrow? Yes. Regret? Nope.

I never could have imagined when I started this little blog so many years ago that the people who would show up have turned out to be the most amazing group I have ever met. You have supported me through low points and high (many of which you never even heard about, but trust me, they were there), given me love and encouraged me to fulfill a lifelong dream, allowed me to walk into that bookstore and see my name on a shelf.

I am grateful for readers who, despite a world full of cynics and narcissists, recognize that we are all on the same side. Even when we don’t always agree on the finer points, we all know that hey, we all love animals and do our best in the best way we know how.

Do you realize how amazing that is? How many people spend their lives in anger, drumming up fury over things just because they need something to fill their lives?

We don’t need to do that, because we have all we need. And that frees us up to experience life in all its beauty, pain, and love. Your support and encouragement has in turn given me even more compassion for the people I meet every day, and that is such a gift.

This is the lesson our pets give us every day, and we carry it with us out of our homes and into our interactions with everyone around us.

It is a beautiful thing.

And I am thankful.

Pawcurious: With Veterinarian and Author Dr. V

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Some gray and not-so-gray squirrels

Milling about on the lawn were both common phases of the Eastern gray squirrel.







Natural History

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World Record for Dog Skateboarding

With the recent death of famous K9 skateboarder, Tillman, we have to look elsewhere for our doggie skateboarding excitement. Filling the hole is Otto, who recently went into the Guinness World Record Book for the longest human tunnel traveled through by a dog skateboarder. He went between the legs of 30 people in Lima, Peru, […] Dog Blog

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Golden Poodle awards for November

The Poodle (and Dog) Blog

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