5 Composting pointers for a n00b

Composting, everyone was telling me, ‘It’s so easy, it does it all by itself.’  Yes, every day some astronomical amount of composting happens without any human intervention.

So with that in mind, I setup a plastic compost bin and put all the compostable yard waste and left overs (non-meat) from the kitchen.

I checked it in a year and it seems almost nothing had happened.  After some quick research through some old gardening books,  (Thanks Carol and Greg!) I made these changes.

  • Put in the sunlight.  It likes to be warm.  Moving a compost pile is not fun at all.
  • Watered it like a plant.  Compost happens when moist
  • Made sure it got air, by putting the whole bin atop a pallet
  • Turn the pile over once every other month.
  • Adding lawn clippings.  This seems to also help speed up the process.

Now, I can feel the heat from the compost pile as it continues to cook. When I turn it over, the materials are becoming unrecognizable and more black dirt like.

Having the pile in the shady location without doing any of those things would have worked eventually (say, 10,0000 years) but now, I feel we will have quality compost for the next season.

The Compost Bin. Turk surveys our work

Table scraps, lawn clippings and some paper products get added.

You can see the nice dark soil underneath

Cooking in the sun!

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Dental Soft Doggy Bites

A few nice dental treat images I found:

Dental Soft Doggy Bites
dental treat

Image by jazzijava
Those of you in the healthcare industry will know what I mean by "dental soft"! These are a remodelled version of my Better Bikkies recipe, these ones I made smaller and softer for our old mutt who hardly has any teeth left, is chronically constipated and has bad joints!

Dental Soft Doggy Bites

taro the shiba chews on a greenie
dental treat

Image by _tar0_
taro the shiba enjoys his dental treat.

more of taro the shiba on his blog: tar0shiba.tumblr.com/

or follow taro on twitter: twitter.com/_tar0_

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Evangelical Life Ministries, Houston, Texas – Evangelical Life Ministries Engaging Truth Radio Program

Evangelical Life Ministries, Houston, Texas – Evangelical Life Ministries Engaging Truth Radio Program from Evangelical Life Ministries Engaging Truth Radio Program Price: USD 0 View Details…

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Dog Training Blog | Tips and Dog Training Resources

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Choosing A New Puppy: What Tasks Can Your Child Handle With The New Puppy?

Choosing A New Puppy: What Tasks Can Your Child Handle With The New Puppy?


children and puppiesOnce your new puppy is safe and sound at home for his first arrival, give your child certain tasks that can get her involved in taking care of the little doggie. These tasks should be assignments that she can easily manage, either on her own or with your help.


However, you should not give her too much responsibility over the puppy just yet. She should only do certain tasks that are appropriate for her age. Too much or too little responsibility can be discouraging to the child and can tarnish the relationship that she should have with your new pet.


What Can Toddlers Do?


Toddlers (up to three years old) can pick up the puppy’s toys and put them back in the basket. Toys that are left out can be a hazard both to the family and your puppy. Toddlers can also hand treats as a reward during training and for good behavior. And when it’s time for your puppy to go to the vet to get his shots, your child can be there to see that the little pup gets shots just like he does!


Pre-Schoolers & Young Kids


Pre-schoolers and young kids (up to eight years old) can help, under supervision, with feeding the puppy and making sure that his water bowl is never empty. Children around this age can also take the puppy out (with a leash) for bathroom breaks and can assist in bathing and brushing the puppy.


However, other grooming procedures like ear cleaning, nail clipping, and teeth brushing should be done by the adults and older kids. Youngsters can also hold the leash of a small puppy during walks, but have older children walk larger dogs.


Kids Ages 9 and Up


Kids from the age of nine and up should be able to do all of the above tasks. In addition, they can help clean up after the pet and help with housetraining and basic training commands, such as “Sit” and “Come”.


Even if some of the tasks mentioned are less than enjoyable to do, children should realize that doing these chores is part of owning a dog. Realizing all characteristics of a responsible dog owner early on in their lives can help them become informed and responsible adult dog owners.


Two other puppy tasks that your child can participate in, regardless of the child’s age, are keeping the dog physically fit and mentally healthy. This can be achieved by regular exercise and socialization from the moment your puppy arrives in the home.

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Get Ready For Mobile Dental Marketing With New IDA Websites

(PRWEB) December 23, 2012

Now dentists don’t have to worry about setting up an extra website just so they can reach patients who use mobile devices. The new dental marketing websites (New Patient Portals) from Internet Dental Alliance, Inc. (IDA) now automatically include mobile versions ? there’s no extra set up needed.

The use of mobile devices in North America has already reached the tipping point. More than half of consumers are now using either a smart phone or tablet to find local services. However, mobile telecom technology requires different software than the ‘wifi’ used by laptops at coffee shops or at home. As a result, businesses need two versions of their websites in order to reach the maximum number of consumers. That’s why IDA integrated mobile sites into its dental Portals that automatically launch whenever prospective patients use mobile devices to access the practice’s website URL.

“Many dentists don’t realize that a standard website doesn’t automatically display well on the smaller smart phone and tablet screens.” explains Jim Du Molin, dental practice marketing expert and founder of Internet Dental Alliance, Inc. “Every IDA New Patient Marketing Machine? package already includes an integrated mobile dental website. We make a point of staying ahead of online trends so that dentists can spend their time treating patients instead of learning new internet skills.”

IDA includes a basic mobile landing page with its one-Portal Starter package that provides patients with the practice’s basic contact and location information so they can make an appointment. The mobile dental websites that are included with the Pro 3 and Pro 5 packages provide expanded features, such as online scheduling, promotions for special offers, and detailed information about doctors’ skills and credentials.

“We want to make it as easy as possible for prospective patients using iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices to find your dental practice website and set appointments,” adds Du Molin.

About Internet Dental Alliance, Inc.

In 2012, IDA completed its advanced Lead Fire lead generation system, which automates content marketing, can be set up within minutes, is based on organic geo-targeted local search, and is customized for each dental office. Internet Dental Alliance is North America’s largest provider of websites for dentists and dental directories. It provides dentists and dental practices with internet dental marketing services such as websites, dental marketing tools and other dental management advice and resources.

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Billy and Bach

Billy and Bach are litter brothers who live in Menton. They are a Jack Russell X poodle mix – and they look it, don’t they?  I met them in Place aux Herbes this morning.  That’s Bach in the first photo with the blue harness, Billy with the red one.  They are five years old and you see, bright as buttons.  


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Useful Tips for Winter Puppy Care

The holidays are fast approaching and, amid the hustle and bustle, many people choose to adopt a new puppy into their homes during the holiday season. If you are the proud pet parent of a brand new puppy, here are some great tips on how to best take care of your new bundle of joy during the cold-weather months.

Most puppies do fine in cold weather – many of the long haired large breeds love to chase snowflakes and romp through winter landscapes. If you are considering adopting a short haired breed or small puppy, never leave them outside unattended. Although it is important to watch them vigilantly to make sure they stay warm, most dogs can still enjoy short stints outside. Remember, puppies need a lot of attention and care, and for potty training purposes, they need to be able to relieve themselves every few hours. You can start potty training your puppy as young as eight weeks of age, and it can take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks.

If you have opened your home to a puppy this winter and are wondering about how best to care for your new family member, then watch this video. In it, Dr. Sarah talks about special considerations for puppies during the cold months and tips and tricks on how to beat old man winter.

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Looking Forward to 2013

As I write this, I just finished my last run to the grocery store behind the holidays begin. We’ll still be working but on an abbreviated schedule this week. We’re looking forward to a…

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DogTipper: Saving $ and Saving Dogs with America’s Pet Economist

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Gentle Dental Bone – Soft Chew Bone for Puppies and Old Dogs

healthypets.mercola.com – Proactive veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker how you can protect your the teeth of your puppies and older dogs with Gentle Dental Bone.

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Wi-Fi Dog Teaches Class On Alternative Energy

True American Dog

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