South Charlotte Dentistry Initiates New Emphasis on Comprehensive Dental Treatment

Charlotte, North Carolina (PRWEB) February 21, 2013

When a patient enters South Charlotte Dentistry they are greeted by a pleasant receptionist, a dental assistant and then Dr. James Wells. By the time they get to the chair, they are probably asked ?How Are You?? several times. The only difference in this familiar process is that Dr. Wells is starting to pay closer attention to his patient?s answers. In an effort to provide more comprehensive treatment for his patience, Dr. Wells is exploring any and all signs of tooth related dental issues.

In particular, he is looking for comments regarding headaches from smiling patients. Oddly enough some smiles can be responsible for headaches. The head, neck, and facial muscles are all interconnected. When one muscle is strained, it often puts pressure on the other facial muscles as well. This effect is usually minimal in those with straight, even smiles. But in those with an uneven bite or misshapen jaw line, this effect can be severe enough to cause headaches and muscle tension in the face. Everyone has the occasional headache but if they are frequent and/or getting worse, he tries to sort out the cause.

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Horse Masters Ice Dancing

True American Dog

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FINIS Swimsense Review And 20% OFF FINIS Swim Products

Swimsense® Performance Monitor
Since April 2012 I have decided to change my lifestyle when it comes to my eating habits and physical activities. One of the physical activities that I have been really faithful about working at is swimming. I have always liked to swim and with fibromyalgia swimming is one of the things that they say would be the best things for me. I have always tried to go at least three times per week and when I started I couldn’t do much that is for sure but now I have to say I have came a long way. That is where the FINIS Swimsense comes in handy.

The Swimsense® is a groundbreaking training tool, which captures critical performance data. The monitor straps onto the wrist like a watch and uses accelerometers, magnetometers and patent-pending proprietary algorithms to identify your swim. Analyze your performance on the device with pace times, distance (meters/yards/laps), stroke count, stroke rate, distance-per-stroke and calories burned across all four major strokes. Performance data can then be uploaded to the FINIS Swimsense® Training Log for additional analysis and historical review. The Swimsense® Performance Monitor provides a revolutionary degree of information, which is key to tracking and improving your swim performance.
Now, I am no professional swimmer by any means but I do like to keep track of calories during my my weight loss journey and when I need to use extra calories it is nice to know how many I have burned on days that I went to them pool swimming. It is also nice to know if I am progressing any in my cardio since back at the beginning of April 2012 I was in the hospital for blood clots in my lungs. Working on my Cardio is one of my goals and swimming for longer time frames is a goal of mine along with doing other exercises while we are at the pool to work on toning.

Here are two of my swim sessions the top one dated Jan 22nd and the bottom one dated Feb 5th. I know that it says 2012 but I had the wrong year programed in my Swimsense, silly me. In the top one, I swam for twelve minutes and the bottom one I swam for actually 29 minutes. It says 37 but I forgot to hit the rest break button when I first finished swimming laps. This thing is just too smart. It knows what stroke I am swimming, it knows when I change strokes, when I switch directions on a lap. It is amazing and it is all in a watch that you wear on your wrist. How cool is that? Technology just amazes me. The only thing that I wish the Swimsense did that it does not do is continue to measure your calories burned while you are still in the water doing other exercises but I am not sure how that could actually be measured. 

The nice thing about this Swimsense is that when you have all the dates programed right, it will upload the calories that you burn onto the MyFitnessPal app that I use daily to keep track of the food that I eat so that I can keep track of my caloric intake. I use the app on my smart phone but you can use it online also. It really helps me to stay on top of what I eat. It definitely keeps me accountable for what I am stuffing into my mouth and makes me think twice about eating things.
So if you are a water bug and want to set yourself some goals or keep track of how you are doing, I recommend the FINIS Swimsense. And yes, there is a spot where you can go in and set goals for yourself and one of mine is to be able to swim for an hour straight. Anyway, you can hop over to FINIS and purchase yourself a Swimsense. And there is no better time then February 20th while FINIS is having a 20% off everything sale.

With the MyFitnessPal app, you can scan the barcode of all the foods that you eat so that you can keep track of all your calories you eat every day. This app then keeps track of these for the week and helps you keep on track for where you need to be. You enter your weight into the program and how much weight you want to lose per week and it will give you the correct amount of calories you should be eating. If you don’t have the barcode, you can type in the name of the foods on your phone, which is what you would do online. You can friend people so that you have a support system and you can also set it up so that other people can see your food diary and that helps others to get ideas of things to eat. 

If you have a recipe that you need to know the calories for, that is easy peasy also. You just go to the create recipe section and add the ingredients and it will tell you how many calories per serving depending on how many servings you tell it that your recipe will serve. I love this app and use it everyday.
Disclaimer: I have received the product from FINIS in return for this review. I have stated my honest opinion and in no way was paid for a positive review and received nothing more after I received the product to review. Images and Logos are from FINIS.  



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Customize this video for a friend at This video is a free birthday gift from Orapup Buy an Orapup today at help cure bad dog breath without a toothbrush!

Our 8 year-old Great Dane is the best dog EVER. Our 9 month-old son wrestles and plays with him like this every day. They are best pals and I am SO thankful our dog is tolerant and patient with our son; its like I have a babysitter to help out at home without actually having to hire one! The dog is also very protective of the baby so anybody or any other dog that seemingly poses a threat is going to have to get through our Great Dane first! 7.20.2010

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James Cameron Offers Sneak Peek Of Next 3D Film

True American Dog

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Hi Cyndra – You're doing such good work with y…

Hi Cyndra – You're doing such good work with your dog already. We don't think dogs have to enjoy close contact with all other dogs at all — Being well behaved (calmly ignoring) is a more realistic goal. That said, the more well behaved dogs your dog is exposed to, the more tolerant she'll become. You can accomplish much of this by fostering for a savvy rescue group and giving her lots of opportunities to practice her dog skills (supervised by you of course) in a way that is good for her and maybe even fun. My own pit bull female used to be qute the snarky bitch as a youngster, but has shown us that lots of positive exposure to dogs will soften even the roughest edges. Fifteen years later, I've actually forgotten how rotten she used to be with dogs and how much work we had to do to navigate and direct her interactions. Make each interaction count and work hard to keep each one as positive as possible and remember to tell her how proud you are of her when she does well.

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Wet n Wild “I dream of Greenie” Look

Face: -Aloe Vera Skin Cream -Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer in Medium -Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation in Soft Beige -Eve Pearl High Definition Dual Pressed Powder in Medium Cheeks: -Wet n Wild Blush in Mellow Wine Lips: -Wet n Wild Speed Gloss in Crazed -Wet n Wild Lip Gloss in Clear -MAC Lip Gloss in Sugar Trance Eyebrows: -NYX Eyeshadow in Hawaiian Coffee Eyes: -Urban Decay Potion Primer Original -Wet n Wild “I Dream of Greenie” palette (Bright Green color only) -Inglot e/s in 455 Shine -MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack -Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume Mascara in Very Black -Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Zero *Every product I used in this video was purchased by myself and I am not getting any endorsement money to make this video. It is purely a hobby of mine =). ~Lindsay

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He’s so Alpha!

datalore108-300x229In Star Trek: The Next Generation popular character Data, an ostensibly emotionless automaton, had an "evil twin" named Lore. While Data was (again, ostensibly) logical and methodical, Lore was jealous, emotional, and self-serving.

I always found the selection of Lore’s name rather clever — especially for The Next Generation — a show that spent a lot of time dancing on the edge of greatness without ever managing to really fall in. (Many of the novels are better.) The difference between the brothers is very much like the difference between data and lore in real life.

data: a body of facts; information

lore: the body of knowledge, especially of a traditional, anecdotal, or popular nature, on a particular subject: the lore of herbs.

Data is raw knowledge. Lore gives us some color and context but may not always be entirely factual.

The field of dog training is, of course, full of both. Data is, as far as we know, the things that are provably true. (Because of the nature of science data can change or be completely disproven, but for the most part when we refer to data we refer to the current state of our knowledge as we know it.) Meanwhile lore is what we refer to as “common sense” or “common knowledge”. It may be true and it may not.

Lore can be useful, because it can give facts context. But unfortunately a lot of dog training lore is not true. For example let’s examine the colloquial definition of "alpha."

“Alpha” is often used to describe a dog that displays aggressive or "pushy" behaviors. The dog that steals toys from others. The dog that guards toys, food, or furniture. The dog that puts on an aggressive display when encountering other dogs. And so forth.

This seems like a good place to dig up an actual definition for the term alpha. Right off the bat, the definition in Wikipedia is already tagged for not having enough citations. A Google search for “define alpha male” yields hits for obviously unscientific Yahoo answers and an article in about dating.

So part of me wants to stop right here and simply assert that the term has too broad a definition to be useful at all — it’s all lore and no data. The list of behaviors attributed to so-called alpha dogs is best addressed with the ABCs anyway.

But there is a scientific definition for “alpha”. The term wasn’t created in pop culture, just diluted and overloaded. Let’s use the definition at free, which is very close to the definition used in most of the scientific literature (and easier to link to than papers that requires money to buy.)

alpha: being the highest ranked or most dominant individual of one’s sex. Used of social animals (sic): the alpha female of the wolf pack.

(In order to completely understand that definition, we need a definition for dominance: "priority access to desired resources." Start here with a recent blog post by Marc Bekoff for more on dominance.)

This very concise definition for "alpha" establishes a couple of important concepts. Alpha is a position in a relationship. Alpha is a position relative to other members of the same sex in a group.

The proper definition of "alpha" has nothing to do with personality traits. You’re either the alpha in a group or you’re not. You might not be the alpha and want to be, and this might make you display aggressive or pushy behaviors, but if you think about it that’s the opposite of alpha!

When I hear someone describing a dog as alpha here’s what I expect to really see (in no particular order):

  • A dog with very poor impulse control and/or excess energy.
  • A dog in the throes of adolescence (often the same as the previous.)
  • A dog that is prone to resource guarding.
  • A dog that is fearful or at least ambivalent around other dogs.

In other words, a dog that resembles most of the dogs I see for training. Nothing special. Just a dog and a human that need helps.

Are you enjoying my posts? Hating them? Leave a comment below. And while you’re at it, why not sign up for my newsletter using the form on the right? You’ll get weekly updates from this blog right away and some extra special content I am cooking up for the Spring!

He’s so Alpha! is a post from: Dog Spelled Forward If you are reading it on another site, it’s run by a lazy leech who is too pathetic to create his own content.

Dog Spelled Forward Website and Blog

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A bag of food to a man with many cats

As I was getting my emissions inspection, the man finishing up the test and giving me my certificate asked for my business card. He pointed to my “” vinyl in the back window and said that he did feral cat rescue.

I immediately knew that meant he had many cats, and of course, he told me the number. He had a LOT of cats.

It costs a lot to feed those cats and since the employment sign said that these workers started at $ 9 an hour, I knew he wouldn’t ever become a customer. This food is too expensive for someone feeding a couple of dozen cats. My own food and litter bill is around $ 600. I can afford it. I earn it from this business and I also have a very handsome day job income.

I offered to stop by the next day with a large bag of Life’s Abundance so all of his kitties could sample it. It was my last bag and my shipment wasn’t due in until the next week, so as I drove away, I kicked myself.

But I had read a scriptural thought that morning where “the gift without the giver is bare” and how you’re not supposed to give “grudgingly”, because if you do, it’s like not giving at all.

So I softened my heart and went to his house with that precious last bag of cat food. And I pictured how delighted his kitties would be to eat it, and how happy he would be for the company.

Let me just say that, on visiting with him in his trailer home, which by the way contained a beautiful grand piano and an organ, it seemed that he was lonely and fragile and overwhelmed with the care of so many kitties, and yet they brought him joy and companionship. He picked up each one and told me how he’d found it and tamed it down. As ferals ran across his porch, he would call my attention to them.

He was about 64, I think he said, and just working for two more years until he could get his Social Security and move to where he has land in another state and just live with his kitties and never be bothered by animal control ever again. (Because they’d many times inspected his place and threatened to take his kitties).

Since then, I’ve watched for $ 10 large bags of 9-Lives and Friskies and I’ve picked up broken donated bags of food at my veterinary clinic and dropped them by his house. I haven’t been able to stay and visit, which is probably what he needs the most.

But if in this business it’s all me-me-me and we don’t make room for the charitable moments, there really is no point being in business in the first place, is there?
A day in the life of a HealthyPetNet Rep

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Doggie Breath No Laughing Matter

Do you think doggie breath is normal? Contrary to popular opinion, bad pet breath can be a sign of serious health issues. “While smelly breath in pets is common, pet owners who believe this is normal…

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