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True American Dog

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Vito at the Beach

I needed a little pick me up yesterday so what better way to do that then a trip to the beach with my camera and my favourite dog that isn’t mine.  :)

The problem with the beach is that the dogs have so much fun, I take way too many pictures.

I have pictures of Lacey too but thought I had “enough” for a blog post with just Vito.

He actually retrieved the Frisbee a few times but eventually he just did his own thing with it, in true Vito fashion.

I love the beach, but hate all the sand that gets all over them.  All the pictures require giant sand goonies to be edited out but if I tried to get it all, I’d be editing forever.  Besides, it just adds to the charm right?

Lacey was hogging the big stick that we found so I scooped up a different one for Vito.  He was in heaven.

But once that lost it’s appeal, I had to break out baby ball to keep the good times rolling.

Once they were nice and tired, I tortured them by getting them to sit on a picnic table.  :)  Vito can sure turn on the charm when he wants to and this one below is one of my favourites of him.

He was ready to go though by the time we got back to the car.  From what I heard, he was a tired boy when he got home.

Thanks for the good times V!
Crazy Coulee and Little Lacey

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DanJumbo goes Robert Downey Jr for Feline Greenies

After a long day of romping through drain pipes and catching birds, DanJumbo comes in the house singing his addiction song for some Feline Greenie treats. Lu…

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Dog Provides Finishing Touch To Half-Time Show

True American Dog

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Dear Mr. Knightley by Katherine Reay {Book Review}

Dear Mr. Knightley by Katherine Reay My rating: 5 of 5 stars Written as a series of letters, sprinkled with references to popular books and most importantly, the books of Jane Austen, “Dear Mr.Knightley”, is a contemporary tale, focusing on Samantha Moore, or Sam for short, who made it through the foster care system, living…

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Sunflower Faith

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Cool Bone images

Some cool bone images:


Image by Terje Asphaug
Bone from a moose


Image by mrdelayer
Picture of a human bone taken with a microscope at 100x. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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Free tool to submit your website to search engines

Here’s what I used this morning. This is a free tool, there’s another one I use that costs about $ 4.95 per month.

Submit Your Site To The Web's Top 50 Search Engines for Free!

While you’re here, go ahead and submit your website for free:

A day in the life of a HealthyPetNet Rep

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Thank you, even for that.

This week my Facebook newsfeed has been filled with friends listing, day by day, those things they are thankful for. Health. Family. Security. All good and wonderful things, and what a lovely sentiment to take a moment out to acknowledge how fortunate we are to have what we do. I like that.

I think it’s safe for people to assume I am thankful for my family and their health and the nice things I am lucky to have, absolutely. But I think a more interesting question is this: What are you thankful for that you might not have seen as a blessing at the time?

I am thankful for an unpleasant woman who did something horrible to me once, years ago. It took me a very long time to come to that place, because the immediate effect of her action was to make me question what I do and why I do it. It made my unhappy with my work. And ultimately, it gave me the push I needed to get away from a position I was unhappy with for reasons having nothing to do with her and take a big risk making a go at writing. I don’t know if she had never wandered into my life, if I would be emailing my agent to discuss meeting up for coffee in a couple of weeks. That is my ultimate dream, and to think it all might be tied to what I have long thought of as the worst experience of my career. It’s funny how life works, isn’t it?

I am thankful for Kekoa’s death. Don’t get me wrong, I am not thankful that she died, but I am thankful for the manner in which it happened. She had to die at some point, as do we all, and my feelings about that are neutral. But it was a quirk of time and circumstance that I was in need of a home visit veterinarian, and I happened to remember a friend of mine ran such a service. That reconnection gave me a chance to do work I didn’t know I wanted to do, and it has to date been the most emotionally gratifying service of my career. I am also thankful Betsy did not hire me based on my first stab (no pun intended) at placing a butterfly catheter. I got it now.


Grateful for dogs who steal other dogs’ beds, because they give me something to laugh about after they are gone.

I am thankful for everyone who trusts me to come into their home and, in essence, end their pet’s life. That is a massive trust and responsibility. I hope I make that experience just a bit easier for them. I hope that when I leave, they are glad they asked me to help.

I am thankful for weird things, holes and shadows and grudges that provide us the counterpoint we need to see the shine and light and vistas that make life beautiful. Thankful for those occasional moments of clarity that pull me out of my daily haze and strike: needlelike and sharp realizations of a truth, soft and melting warmth of an interconnectedness.

Most of all, I am thankful for my irresponsible neighbor who didn’t spay her dog, because without that there would be no childhood dog Taffy and no Dr. V and I might very well be a moderately satisfied podiatrist who, as far as she knows, isn’t a pet person. And if that isn’t a big stretch, I don’t know what is.


Pawcurious: With Pet Lifestyle Expert and Veterinarian Dr. V.

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Bone Loss from Gum Disease Can Now be Reversed with Laser Gum Surgery in

Bone Loss from Gum Disease Can Now be Reversed with Laser Gum Surgery in
Dr. Susan Goldfarb can now reverse the risk of tooth and bone loss with the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP), a type of gum disease treatment. This laser gum surgery is reliable and offers patients beneficial side effects like bone
Read more on Newsday

Could your dental treatments be causing gum disease?
Improper orthodontic appliances may irritate your gums and cause gum enlargement. Orthodontic bands placed below the gum line during the treatment may also impinge on the gums and bone beneath and cause damage. (Read: Straightening your teeth 
Read more on India.Com Health

Northwood Dental Now Replace Missing Teeth with Dentures Supported by
Implant supported dentures are rooted into the jaw bone so you know your "teeth" are firmly stable, allowing you to eat and live as normal. This form of restoration using dental implants also provides jaw bone stimulation to keep the bone stable and
Read more on PR Web (press release)

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Selecting Your Golden Retriever Puppy

Once you have decided on a breeder that you can trust, you’ll need to start thinking about what type of puppy you want. This decision could take you some time, as it can be quite a few weeks or even months before the right litter is whelped – although it will be worth the wait. If your breeder has a few litters available when you look for your Golden puppy, you may be able to compare.

Some breeders may require that you put a deposit down on the puppy of your choice, if the puppies aren’t a certain number of weeks old. The good litters rarely go unsold, as most are already spoken for before the puppies are seven weeks old. If you want to get in on a good litter, your best bet is to get to your breeder early – before all of the puppies are sold.

When you arrive to get your puppy, you shouldn’t be alarmed if the breeder does the selecting for you. Most quality breeders will spend quite a bit of time with the puppies and they will know just what their individual temperaments are. The better breeders however, will do temperament tests to determine the temperament of the puppies they have with each and every litter.

By performing these tests, the breeder will get assistance in selecting which puppy goes to which type of home. If you’ve chosen one of the better breeders, you should let him do his work and help you select the puppy that he or she thinks will be your best match. Breeders can obviously select you a better puppy, as they have been around the litter for several weeks – and you have only been around the litter looking at them for a few minutes.

Although all Golden puppies are appealing to the eyes, you need to base your reasons on more than looks. Before you pick your puppy up, you should always make sure that he has a strong build, with straight legs. The puppy should be strong and muscular, yet be squirmy and active when you first try to pick him up. You should also make sure that he has healthy teeth and gums, and look over the rest of his body to make sure that he is healthy.

If your breeder does allow you to select your puppy from the litter, then you should take the puppies that you are considering to get away from the remainder of the litter and observe each one carefully, and how they react to you. Puppies that are around 7 weeks of age should be apt to explore their surroundings. Even though they may be a little cautious at first, the puppies should still be more than anxious to look around and sniff their surroundings.

When you single out the puppies, make sure you speak to the ones you are interested in and see how they react to your voice. Try moving around and playing with them, and see how they respond to you. Some puppies will be faster than others, although you shouldn’t pursue any interest in a puppy that doesn’t show any interest in moving objects or their surroundings.

If you take your time and evaluate each puppy that you are interested in, you can find the best puppy for you and your family. Golden Retriever puppies are great to have, providing you get one that’s healthy. Getting a healthy puppy should be your desire – as a healthy puppy will grow into a strong and healthy adult – and be around for years to come.
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