What I’m Wearing Now: October

Fall Wardrobe Staples
1. Loveland Wrap in Cargo Green, prAna  //  2. Tassel Hoop Earrings, Madewell   //  3. Silver Hoop Earrings Set, H&M  //  4.  Classic Date Black Watch, Lord Timepieces (take 10% off with code BEAN)  //  5. Bell Sleeve Shift Dress, Nordstrom  //   6. Skinny Low Jeans in Black, H&M  //  7. Lily Tore Diaper Bag, Newlie  //  8Splash Gabi Sneakers, Minnetonka  //  9. Chuck Taylor All Star Low Tops, Converse  //  10. Beaded Chain Bracelet, Madewell  //  11. Madison Boots, Trask  //  12. Linen V-neck Top, H&M 

Despite a wonderfully warm fall season so far, my summertime wardrobe has officially finally gone into hibernation. And I’m cool with this, because, to be fair, I’ve gotten to wear my beloved summer dresses and cut offs and kimonos far beyond the time I normally do. Besides, even summer girls can appreciate layers for a while. (Give me a month or two though and I’ll be crying my eyes out for a good sundress and some flip flops.)

I’ve been living in black jeans, sweaters, and Converse this month, but I’ve actually ventured outside of my casual boho-WAHM-hybrid comfort zone too. I got this dress (#5 above) from Nordstrom for a wedding but have already worn it three times this month. You’ll won’t believe how inexpensive it was because it looks quite pricey in person. It’s so flattering and actually comfortable too. (The stilettos I paired it with for the wedding, not so much.)

All good things must come to an end, and I’ll put a solid bet on the fact that next month’s post will include a winter coat. Sigh. The sunshine was good while it lasted, Chicago.

(P.S. You can see other my other monthly post from the past couple of years right here.) 


Bubby and Bean ::: Living Creatively

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Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy Saves Visiting Senior

Terry Mather was visiting his daughter, Jayne Mather, in Sunderland in northeast England. While the 82-year-old retired lecturer was snoring soundly, Jayne’s 15-month-old Bernese Mountain Dog, Bruno, was keeping watch. Suddenly, Bruno began barking!

According to the Sunderland Echo, Jayne rushed to Terry’s room with her partner, Andy McKenzie. They discovered that Terry had extremely low blood sugar levels. Such low levels can cause a person to fall into a coma. When they were unable to wake Terry, the two called the paramedics who took Terry to the Sunderland Royal Hospital.

The story has a happy ending, though. Because of how quickly they discovered Terry and were able to call the paramedics, Terry received treatment before any serious harm could occur and “is recovering really well” according to Jayne.

“It’s incredible what has happened…Bruno is only a puppy,” Jayne said afterward. “Bruno really has saved him [Terry], because he might have been lying in that bed for eight hours and could have had organ failure, a heart attack, or ended up in a coma. He could have died, so Bruno really has saved his life.” Andy, grateful that his father-in-law was saved by his puppy added, “We have read about dogs who can detect low blood sugars and they are trained to react to this, but Bruno is still a puppy and has had no training at all, but reacted to Terry having a hypoglycaemic attack from outside the room.” In fact, it’s not just Andy and Jayne who were amazed by Bruno’s actions. Andy shared that “The paramedics and the A&E staff at the Royal [hospital] were astonished at what had happened.”

The whole family is grateful for Bruno’s sharp nose and swift reaction. Without Bruno’s actions that night, as Andy said, “the consequences don’t bear thinking about.” Bruno will not only be getting gratitude though. Andy shared with reporters, “I’ve told Terry that he will have to buy him a couple of steaks to say thanks!” We’re sure Terry will be happy to reward the puppy who saved his life.

Halo Pets

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Houston Astros Pitcher Lance McCullers Jr. Helps Dogs in Need

The 2017 World Series is underway, and while only time will tell whether The Los Angeles Dodgers or the Houston Astros will win the championship, one player has already won the admiration of animal…

[[ This is a summary only. Click the title for the full post, photos, videos, giveaways, and more! ]]


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Moving Inspiration: Made An Offer!

Boho Chic Room
Boho Chic Room
Boho Chic Room
Boho Chic Room
Boho Chic Room
Boho Chic Room
Boho Chic Room
Boho Chic Room
Boho Chic Room
1. Amber Interiors  |   2. West Elm   |  3.  Planete Deco  |  4.  Janni Deler  |  5. List Spirit  |  6. UltraLinx   |  7. Urban Outfitters   |  8. + 9. Found on Pinterest (anyone know source?)  |  10. Gravity Home 

UPDATE: I wrote this post last week. At the end of last week, the sellers decided to terminate our contract with no real explanation aside from telling our attorney they “didn’t want to deal with it.” So we’re back to square one, but lesson learned. Needless to say, we’re not interesting in pursuing any “complicated” real estate situations from now on!


After a 7 month lapse in our Moving Inspiration series (yes, the one we started you know, like, two years ago and continuously put on hold, just like our plans to buy a house), I finally posted an update last month telling you guys that this moving thing is finally really happening. I explained that it’s a long story, but that we had about a month to find a place. Well, we did! We put an offer on a home that we absolutely love a few weeks ago. But it’s, um, complicated. The house is a short sale, and if you are familiar with those, there is a lot more involved than a typical home transaction, and they take a lot longer – usually 3 months to a year. We don’t have that much time, so we had to put a clause in the contract stating we needed it faster, which could either hurt our chances of getting it, or could be completely ignored and we’ll just have to wait it out or walk away, or could possibly speed things along a little if we’re really, really lucky. It’s quite a gamble, but this home is a rare find where we live, and we are giving this challenging process a chance. In the meantime (and I think I said this last time too, but hey, it worked!), we will take any good vibes you can send our way that it will work out. We have grown attached to this house in a big way.

Those of you who have followed this series know that I focus on one room (living room, dining room, bedroom, etc.) per post, and fill it with images that are inspiring me for that particular future space in our future home. In the last few posts, however, instead of focusing on specific rooms, I’ve just shared general interior images that I love. And I’m doing that again today as well. If we do get the home on which we put an offer, it needs a lot of work visually (floors needs to be replaced, walls need paint, there’s a lot of wear and tear from top to bottom, etc.), and I find that looking at beautiful spaces like these really allows me to create a vision of how we can transform this new space. I hope they inspire you as well! And if any of you have purchased short sale homes, I’d love to hear about your experiences.


Bubby and Bean ::: Living Creatively

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I am always inspired by your work, and by the inte…

I am always inspired by your work, and by the intelligence and compassion you show for all creatures and species. It is heartbreaking to contemplate the dogs left behind, and sobering to be reminded that we, as a society, share the blame for this type of "cottage industry."

This is such difficult work, and no other group does it half as well as you do. I've made a small donation. I so wish it could it more.

Oxo in Harlem

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Thank you for this honest assessment. I am a wolf…

Thank you for this honest assessment. I am a wolfdog rescuer/sanctuary owner and sadly, we are in no position to help with 60 in our sanctuary now.

Education is what will save the true wolfdogs AND keep bad backyard breeders from making money.

I helped in Katrina with Pitties, and I share your pain. Prayers up for the innocents that will loose their lives.

www.fullmoonfarm.org – We rescued Karma – https://www.facebook.com/karmathemythunderstood/

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Final monarch of the year

Summer’s final grasp on the land is slowly but surely being released.

We had a bit of frost at the end of September. Then we had a few weeks of balmy weather.

But the weather is about to change again.

And this monarch butterfly will soon be on its way to Mexico. The leaves will be off the trees, and the deer will be in full rut.

Snow will  soon be on everyone’s mind.



Natural History

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Brave HSUS Rescuers Risk Lives to Save Stranded Pets

HSUS Rescue Team - Hurricane HarveyOn September 1, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) was coordinating with other agencies and animal welfare organizations to rescue as many animals as possible who had been affected by Hurricane Harvey. They received a request to help a Chihuahua and a cat who were stranded in a flooded home. Christopher Schindler and Tara Loller of HSUS’s Animal Rescue Team headed out with Matthew Fortenberry, the director of Beaumont Animal Services.

According to HSUS, the intrepid trio first used a rescue boat to get near the house. Then, once railroad tracks and debris from the flooding blocked the boat’s path, they continued on foot. Once they were able to view the house, it was obvious that the home had been hit hard. The windows were all broken and a fast current of deep water flooded the home.

At that time, a group came by on a narrow boat and helped Tara. As she rode toward the house in that slim boat, Tara later relayed that she was able to hear the “desperate cries” of the dog wanting someone to help. Once in the house, Tara began moving through the waist deep water, searching for the two animals. Chuck later commented on Facebook about Tara’s courage, writing “Tara braved [a] really strong current that was flowing right through the house where we rescued these two!”

Suddenly Tara saw the dog whose cries she had heard from the boat. The white and brown Chihuahua was carefully clinging to the top of a floating sofa. After sniffing Tara, the terrified dog leaped into Tara’s arms. Clinging to Tara’s shoulder it was obvious that the dog “knew she was safe and was not letting go.” During this time, Chris and Matthew had swam through the current and forced the front door open.

After safely placing the dog in a carrier, the trio still needed to find the cat reported to be in the home. They could hear the meows of a cat but couldn’t see where she might be. Eventually they found the kitten hiding in an air pocket in a small area above a closet. Unfortunately, the air pocket that had saved the kitten’s life was too high for Tara and Chris to reach.

The rescuers were undaunted. Tara stood on Chris’s shoulders. Then she stepped onto one of his hands so that he could literally toss her into the small area above the closet. Tara was covered in insects and flat on her belly in the small space. However, uncomfortable as it was, Tara was able to reach the frightened kitten and hand her down to be placed in a carrier! Now that the two pets were in carriers on a boat, it was time to bring them to a safe, dry place where they could rest until their family could be found.

It’s not known how long the animals were hiding in the flooded home, but after their rescue, the small dog and kitten were brought to safety at the Beaumont Animal Shelter, where Tara posed with the two pets she’d saved so dramatically. When that photo was shared on Facebook, Wayne Pacelle, President and CEO of HSUS, praised the team, calling Tara and Chris “Life savers,” and noting that he is “so proud of [them] for this extraordinary effort.” Other commenters echoed the praise, referring to the team as “fearless heroes” and thanking them “for caring and saving” the pets.

Hurricane Harvey was horrible and the rescues are still on going. However, it’s because of compassionate animal lovers that pets like that kitten and Chihuahua are able to be saved. We bet that there’s nowhere else Tara and Chris would rather be, and nothing else they’d rather be doing than saving sweet pets and helping families separated by the fast floodwater.

Halo Pets

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A big yawn in Naples.

That’s a big yawn!


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You are so awesome and wonderful for what you are …

You are so awesome and wonderful for what you are doing.. THANK YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH

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