Social Media Expert and Xocai Best Team Leader, Adam Green, Announces Limited Search for Top Networkers in Okayama Chugoku, Okayama Japan

Fukushima Tohoku, Fukushima (PRWEB) October 05, 2013

Social media investor and founding member of the Xocai Field Advisory Board (FAB), Adam Paul Green, is proactively leading the charge for MXI Corp with their international expansion. Adam just made the announcement to expand their operations further in to the Japanese market.

At the monthly International Directors Meeting, the chairman of the board extended the Japanese network marketing talent search through October 2013. The top Japanese network builders in Okayama Chugoku, Okayama Japan are at the top of that talent search. Mr. Green has also committed an additional $ 100,000 per month in reputation management.

About MXI Corp: Established in 2005, Marketing Xocolate International Corporation (MXI-Corp) is the world leader in great tasting, healthy, dark, chocolate products. MXI Corp was founded upon the same solid foundation that the Brooks? family used to build their enormous Pure Delite Low Carb Chocolate Company (circa 2000) which had retail sales in Wal-Mart, 7-Eleven, Rite-Aid and Walgreen?s of over $ 300,000,000. All MXI products are focused on potent doses of delicious, antioxidant-rich Belgian cacao. MXI-Corp believes that the high levels of natural antioxidants and Polyphenols that are found in its cacao can provide a viable solution to individual nutritional needs. The Xo

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Shelter Sunday: Home For Friendless Animals, Inc. / Waynetown, IN

Meet Cooper! This lab mix is living in Waynetown, Indiana, courtesy of Home for Friendless Animals, Inc. Here’s what their website has to say about this handsome fella. Cooper had a home & knows his name. He knows “sit” & “come”. He is very affectionate & misses having companionship. He is about 75 lbs & […] Dog Blog

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Niki1Diane in New Richmond, Ohio wrote to ask for my insight into her puppy’s house training problem, saying:

“We are at our wits’ end. My husband is about ready to put an ad in the paper! I need to stop this before it gets out of hand! We bought our German shepherd/Rottweiler mix puppy Niki in November from a family in Indianapolis – the mother was a Rottweiler and the father was a German shepherd. She was about 6 or 7 weeks old at the time and is 6 months old now. She seemed to be a really smart dog. Learned the standard “sit”, “down”, etc. pretty quickly. But we are having a heck of time with potty training..

We will take her outside to do her “business” and she gets “rewarded” with a treat. But she would continue to “go” in the house. We find “piles” behind furniture or down in the laundry. I took her to Vet and he said she had a bladder infection. Treated that. Everything was fine for a week. Then back to the same routine. But now she will go outside and sit – do nothing, come inside and relieve herself right in front of us!! The Vet says it is still a bladder infection and that she needs to be spayed. I don’t see how spaying will correct the pooping and peeing in the house (especially right in front of us!!). We have tried keeping her in a crate then putting her outside – same thing happens – she sits out there and comes inside to poop or pee. Any ideas?”

My advice to Diane- and anyone out there with a puppy – is that you absolutely need to have a strict clear routine and schedule. And you have to use the crate as a consistent and integral part of the puppy training. My book THE DOG BIBLE has a simple and short description of the tried-and-true formula for house training any pup. Your puppy lives in the crate – that is her home, period. Every single time anyone opens the door of that crate, the puppy must go outside immediately after the door opens – morning, daytime, evening, or night – every time. And each time you take her on a leash to an “elimination spot” where she has gone before.

You don’t let her play around – she has to eliminate and then immediately get a Halo treat. Then you release her with whoops! of joy and let her run around and play. After playing she needs to be taken on leash to the elimination spot and given praise and a Halo treat instantly after she goes. Then she is returned to her crate. She has to be under absolute supervision indoors when she is out of her crate. No run of the house. Not even loose in the kitchen with baby gates. If your puppy has left a “present” for you behind a sofa or in a closet, that means you failed her- you set her up for failure by letting her roam around without clear boundaries of where certain bodily functions were supposed to happen exclusively.

She needs to empty her bladder and bowels after any rest time in the crate – and then again after playing. Mealtimes are the best time to teach bowel habits because if you snap on her leash and walk her immediately after eating, you will quickly teach her body to eliminate after food intake.

Halo makes a great puppy food with their wonderful ingredients – make sure you feed both meals at precisely the same times every day. Then you must go right outdoors to the spot where she will soon learn she should do “her business.” Then play with her – and the moment you are done, let her eliminate again, then she goes right back in the crate (and you can toss a Halo Liv-a-Little into the crate to make re-entry even more appealing!)

No puppy should have the run of the house- as you can see with Niki it just confused her about what her people wanted. Niki is smart and learned commands easily – that’s great! It means that if she gets clear and concise indications from her people about where to relieve herself – reinforced with a tasty Halo treat – the very consistent schedule and confinement to the crate the rest of the time, means they will be setting their dog up for success.

As soon as you are sure the puppy understands the rules of the house, you can leave that crate door open and let her come and go at will. Just remember, you still want her to go right outdoors after meals to teach her body good habits.

Tracie Hotchner is the author of THE DOG BIBLE: Everything Your Dog Wants You to Know and THE CAT BIBLE: Everything Your Cat Expects You to Know. She is also a renowned pet radio host and producer, having spent 7 years on the Martha Stewart Channel of Sirius/XM with CAT CHAT® and even longer with her award-winning NPR radio show DOG TALK® (and Kitties, Too!) that continues to broadcast in the Hamptons and the Berkshires. Her most recent accomplishment is the pet talk radio network she has created on the Internet called The Radio Pet Lady Network.


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Crocodile mouth IMG_9731

Some cool mouth images:

Crocodile mouth IMG_9731

Image by OZinOH
Mouth and teeth of freshwater crocodile (Crocodylus johnsoni or Crocodylus johnstoni) at Taronga Zoo, Sydney, NSW

mouth target, 365 days, day 60

Image by Moose Hart
Camera lens stuck into the end of a stemless wine glass and my mouth on the the on the outside of the base of the glass. The glass is one we etched at a New Year’s party using those binder reenforcement stickers as a stencil.
Lit it by standing next to the warm light of the table lamp in the living room.

Big Mouth

Image by UpChuck_Norris
The big mouth at Impression 5 Science Center.

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This poodle is tiny -  one of the smallest I’ve seen. He was out walking with the young children of his family and the family nanny who told me he came from America and cost $ 6,000. Simba lives in Monaco and is 5 years old.


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A Heroic Dog Goes Home to Her Family, Thanks to Crowdfunding

It’s no secret that getting health care is a problem in this country. As controversial statements go, that one should rank up there with “the sky is blue.” For most of my own adult life, I’ve had to hustle to get together the funds to keep me in anti-convulsants so I can sit upright typing stuff like this, rather than thrashing on the floor in the throes of tonic-clonic seizures (a.k.a. gran mal in more old-fashioned terminology). Even simply going to an emergency room can involve an eight-hour wait for people who are in severe distress.

It’s not just tough for us two-legged types, though; sometimes life-saving medical care is hard to get for our furry friends. Charlie, a dog who was shot by intruders who broke into her Los Angeles home, faced that very situation. When Charlie and two other dogs faced down the intruders, four bullets were fired, striking Charlie in two legs.

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Charlie being comforted by a friend during recovery.

Charlie's family didn't have the resources to pay for the medical care she needed and so were forced to surrender her to the police, who took her to North Central Shelter, a high-intake facility run by the Los Angeles Animal Services.

It's hard to imagine a more heartbreaking or unjust situation. Charlie had literally saved the lives of her family.

"If Charlie had not taken the bullet, it would have hit one of my children," one of her owners said. And yet, for all their love and gratitude, there was no way that the family could afford to care for her. The surgery would cost more than $ 3,000, and like a lot of us, they were on a limited income. It's an infuriating and unfortunately quite common story, for human as well as animal patients.

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Charlie resting on a pillow.

Because this is the 21st century, there was one very obvious solution: Take it to the Internet. The North Central Shelter Intervention Program, which helps owners find resources for their pets, helped the family by organizing a crowdfunding campaign. And it worked. Big time. The campaign took off partly because of publicity by the Bill Foundation dog rescue organization. On its own site, the Bill Foundation wrote a post about Charlie's dilemma, telling its supporters, "With surgery costing over $ 3000, it's more than the Intervention Program has available. But imagine if each of us just donated $ 1. Heck, we only need 5 percent of our village to donate $ 1. Then, Charlie could receive surgery and this little hero could be reunited and live happily ever after."

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Charlie with her owners.

And apparently, people listened and followed up. As of right now, there are still two days left on the campaign, and it's already raised almost double its original $ 4,000 goal.

Charlie has had her surgery, which unfortunately included amputating a leg. Yesterday, the NCSIP reported on Facebook that: "Charlie did great during her surgery. She is spending two nights at [Animal Specialty and Emergency Center] after her surgery and will be going home with her owners tomorrow. We are so sorry she is losing the leg but countless dogs live regular lives on only three."

Charlie is going home with her family, but there are still two days left on the fundraiser. If you want to donate and make sure that services are there for the next dog like her, this is a good opportunity to support good work.

Via and Facebook

The Scoop | The Scoop

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Cool Plaque images

A few nice plaque images I found:

Earsham House grey plaques

Image by sleepymyf
Site of 2 grey plaques:

"Earsham House
(Grade II)

Frederick Smith (1833-1903), lived here.
He enlarged St. Edmund’s Church and School and, as Town Reeve, built the St. Edmund’s almshouses."

"Earsham House
(Grade II)

Ethel Mann (1861 – 1947)
- Local Historian -
Lived here 1933-34 when her classic History of the Town, "Old Bungay", was published"


Image by zigazou76
Plaque indicatrice de la Lieutenance du port de Honfleur

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Dog Fighting Ring Busted in Alabama News Weather and Sports for Montgomery, AL. Two years of investigation drew to a close last week when 161 indictments were handed down to six people who had been running a dog fighting operation in New Site, Alabama. A total of 55 dogs, mostly Pit Bulls, were rescued from three different sites, but three […] Dog Blog

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Welcome Home Mama And Boris: Book Review

Cover of Welcome Home Mama and Boris

The Internet is full off heartwarming reunions between dogs and veterans returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan. They make us feel good about an unfortunate situation and also demonstrate how much our dogs add to our lives.

Welcome Home Mama and Boris: How a Sister’s Love Saved a Fallen Soldier’s Beloved Dogs provides us with a view of a different, but no less uplifting, meeting. A meeting between a fall soldier’s sister (co-author Carey Neesley) and the dogs he rescued before he lost his life in Iraq.

I received a preview copy of this book a few weeks ago and enjoyed it immensely. This isn’t a book I would normally buy on my own — I tend to gravitate toward either fiction (mostly Sci-Fi and Fantasy) or science (math, physics, and surprise! behavior and training,) but I had heard of this story back when Carey was trying to rescue the dogs from Iraq and my curiosity was piqued. The book did not disappoint. As a matter of fact it was difficult to put it down after I started reading it.

Carey writes in both the first person and in the present tense which took me a few pages to get used to, but eventually her direct style and internal dialog grabbed me and brought me right into the story. She starts out showing you how close she was with Peter (her brother) as well as how close he was to her young son Patrick. How and why Peter served not just one tour in Iraq but two provides insight into his character and helps make it obvious why Carey worked so hard to save his dogs.

While most of us are familiar with Carey’s success bringing Mama and Boris home, there is a lot more to the story, both before and after she worked the miracle of getting them back to the U.S. How did Peter find the dogs? Why did his unit in Iraq work so hard to help her save them? Who helped her stateside? What bureaucratic hoops must one jump through to get 2 dogs from Baghdad to the midwest? It’s a great read.

THis is a really a book for anyone, but dog people will find it especially interesting and rewarding. Preorder it now!

Here is a book trailer:

Welcome Home Mama And Boris: Book Review is a post written by . You can see the actual post at Dog Training in Bergen County New Jersey

Dog Spelled Forward Website and Blog

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Latest Mouth News

South Korea offers help to contain outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in North
South Korea has offered to send vaccine and medical equipment to North Korea to help contain an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease, in a further sign of warming cross-border ties. The offer on Monday came days after North Korea confirmed cases of the 
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Woman gives baby mouth-to-mouth on Miami highway: Sebastian de la Cruz in
Woman gives baby mouth-to-mouth on Miami highway: Sebastian de la Cruz in stable condition. Feb 21, 2014. 3 days ago. Previous Next. When a baby stops breathing, Florida motorists pitch in to help. CNN, Getty Images. When a baby stops breathing, 
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Tomahawk to the Mouth: Tasting Piedmontese Beef at Star King BBQ
Tomahawk to the Mouth: Tasting Piedmontese Beef at Star King BBQ. Grilling Italian beef in K-town. Posted on 2/24/2014 11:27:00 AM by Eddie Lin. For even the most enthusiastic of eaters, the tomahawk at Star King BBQ in Koreatown is a formidable feast.
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Tooth/Mouth Problems in Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Do you have tooth or mouth problems that you think are part of your fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome? A lot of people wonder about this, gauging from the amount of conversations it spawns online. Sadly, though not surprisingly, we have very
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