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Merrick Pet Care Recalls

Merrick Pet Care, Inc. of Amarillo, Texas is recalling all lots of its 10 oz “Beef Filet Squares” for Dogs and “Texas Hold’ems” pet treats because they have the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella. Salmonella  can affect animals and there is risk to humans from handling contaminated pet products. People handling the treats can become infected with Salmonella, especially if they have not thoroughly washed their hands after having contact with the chews or any surfaces exposed to these products. Consumers should dispose of these products in a safe manner by securing them in a covered trash receptacle.

The “Beef Filet Squares” & “Texas Hold’ems” were shipped to distributors and retailers throughout the US. These individuals have been notified and have activated their recall procedures.

Consumers who have purchased 10 ounce packages of “Beef Filet Squares for Dogs” & “Texas Hold’ems” are urged to return the unused portion to the place of purchase for a full refund. Consumers with questions may contact the company at 1-800-664-7387 M-F 8:00 – 5:00 CDT


Dog Food Comparisons


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Thanks for the tip Crowdfundamentals. We'll ch…

Thanks for the tip Crowdfundamentals. We'll check those links out. To the mighty pits!

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Zelaya Recognized by LinkedIn for being in the Top 1% of LinkedIn Profiles

Mountain View, California (PRWEB) February 23, 2013

On February 12, 2013, Deep Nishar (LinkedIn’s Senior Vice President of Products and User Experience) personally thanked Jeff Zelaya for being part of the LinkedIn community and in the top echelon of it’s LinkedIn members. Since joining LinkedIn in 2009, Jeff has seen the potential of LinkedIn and has achieved great professional success in strategically using the website.

After achieving personal success, Jeff made it his mission to evangelize and to teach people how they too could use the LinkedIn to achieve results and build a strong professional network. Over the past 3 years Jeff has been hired as a LinkedIn Keynote Speaker and Trainer by dozens of colleges, universities and organizations to teach them and their students how to strategically use LinkedIn.

Daniel Velastegui, one of the students at his workshop had this to say about Jeff “Great public speaker. Gave us a bigger inside into LinkedIn and the value of networking. I recommend him 100%.”

Jairo Ledesma the Assistant Director of Career Management Services at Florida International University shared his thoughts about Jeff’s Keynote Speech “At FIU he ?blew the house down? with an inspiring presentation to our graduating students in our Executive Prot

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Why Dogs are Better than Boyfriends. :)

Two of my favorite forces- The Honest Kitchen and Lili Chin from Doggie Drawings- teamed up for this awesome little V-Day nugget. Enjoy!

Pawcurious: With Pet Lifestyle Expert and Veterinarian Dr. V.

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Muscle Memory

Scientists have long been fascinated with the concept of “muscle memory”, that subconscious part of our brain that controls movement without us having to think about it. It’s what allows us to do complicated tasks such as riding a bike or typing “the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” without having to stop and say, OK, I need to contract my left hamstring while extending my right quadricep and all those tricky things that go into motion. It’s what allows me to tie a knot during surgery without the laborious thought process that takes place during learning “around the forceps from the front? or the back?” After a while, it just happens.

It’s funny how it pops up in the most unexpected places. For the past 3 years, Kekoa has been my footrest. I literally could not sit in the house without her wedging herself beneath my feet. Now, my feet head toward the floor, expecting a mass to bring them to a halt about 12 inches off the ground. I don’t think about it or calibrate their momentum, they just go with the intent that they will hit fur. Without her there, they crash repeatedly into the floor, each time a jarring reminder of what is no longer there.

It’s odd to me how strong those tangible physical reminders can be. For some reason, I can’t remember the exact timbre of my individual dogs’ barks- and I know they were all quite distinctive- but to a one I can tell you how their heads felt in my hands. Taffy, light as a feather, ready to nip at the slightest provocation. Nuke, needle-nosed and gently, resting into your palm. Emmett, like a solid football, sturdy and reassuring. Mulan, like a brick, wide and solid.

Kekoa’s head was disproportionately small compared to the rest of her body. She looked somewhat like an engorged tick, but in a nice way. She would lumber over and plop on your feet, her manticore tail smacking into the wall with such force you’d think someone was cracking a whip on the drywall. She never seemed to notice. Such was her excitement that she would hover over you, massive, looming, and then with the gentlest motion ease her tiny head into your hands and cover them with kisses. You’d try to push her head away when you had enough but then she’d kiss that hand too, so eventually you’d just give up. Her tail wouldn’t stop wagging the whole time.

She had a terrible wail. A piercing bark so heartbreaking and eardrum-wrenching that she lost two homes because of it. We used our baby monitor to listen in while we were away, and eventually I had to stop because it was too much to listen to.

That sound I can’t bring up. Already, I’ve forgotten it. But the sound of her tail hitting the cabinet, and the feel of her head in my hand- those will be with me forever.

Are there any strangely strong memories you carry with your pets who have moved on?

Pawcurious: With Pet Lifestyle Expert and Veterinarian Dr. V.

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South Charlotte Dentistry Initiates New Emphasis on Comprehensive Dental Treatment

Charlotte, North Carolina (PRWEB) February 21, 2013

When a patient enters South Charlotte Dentistry they are greeted by a pleasant receptionist, a dental assistant and then Dr. James Wells. By the time they get to the chair, they are probably asked ?How Are You?? several times. The only difference in this familiar process is that Dr. Wells is starting to pay closer attention to his patient?s answers. In an effort to provide more comprehensive treatment for his patience, Dr. Wells is exploring any and all signs of tooth related dental issues.

In particular, he is looking for comments regarding headaches from smiling patients. Oddly enough some smiles can be responsible for headaches. The head, neck, and facial muscles are all interconnected. When one muscle is strained, it often puts pressure on the other facial muscles as well. This effect is usually minimal in those with straight, even smiles. But in those with an uneven bite or misshapen jaw line, this effect can be severe enough to cause headaches and muscle tension in the face. Everyone has the occasional headache but if they are frequent and/or getting worse, he tries to sort out the cause.

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Horse Masters Ice Dancing

True American Dog

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FINIS Swimsense Review And 20% OFF FINIS Swim Products

Swimsense® Performance Monitor
Since April 2012 I have decided to change my lifestyle when it comes to my eating habits and physical activities. One of the physical activities that I have been really faithful about working at is swimming. I have always liked to swim and with fibromyalgia swimming is one of the things that they say would be the best things for me. I have always tried to go at least three times per week and when I started I couldn’t do much that is for sure but now I have to say I have came a long way. That is where the FINIS Swimsense comes in handy.

The Swimsense® is a groundbreaking training tool, which captures critical performance data. The monitor straps onto the wrist like a watch and uses accelerometers, magnetometers and patent-pending proprietary algorithms to identify your swim. Analyze your performance on the device with pace times, distance (meters/yards/laps), stroke count, stroke rate, distance-per-stroke and calories burned across all four major strokes. Performance data can then be uploaded to the FINIS Swimsense® Training Log for additional analysis and historical review. The Swimsense® Performance Monitor provides a revolutionary degree of information, which is key to tracking and improving your swim performance.
Now, I am no professional swimmer by any means but I do like to keep track of calories during my my weight loss journey and when I need to use extra calories it is nice to know how many I have burned on days that I went to them pool swimming. It is also nice to know if I am progressing any in my cardio since back at the beginning of April 2012 I was in the hospital for blood clots in my lungs. Working on my Cardio is one of my goals and swimming for longer time frames is a goal of mine along with doing other exercises while we are at the pool to work on toning.

Here are two of my swim sessions the top one dated Jan 22nd and the bottom one dated Feb 5th. I know that it says 2012 but I had the wrong year programed in my Swimsense, silly me. In the top one, I swam for twelve minutes and the bottom one I swam for actually 29 minutes. It says 37 but I forgot to hit the rest break button when I first finished swimming laps. This thing is just too smart. It knows what stroke I am swimming, it knows when I change strokes, when I switch directions on a lap. It is amazing and it is all in a watch that you wear on your wrist. How cool is that? Technology just amazes me. The only thing that I wish the Swimsense did that it does not do is continue to measure your calories burned while you are still in the water doing other exercises but I am not sure how that could actually be measured. 

The nice thing about this Swimsense is that when you have all the dates programed right, it will upload the calories that you burn onto the MyFitnessPal app that I use daily to keep track of the food that I eat so that I can keep track of my caloric intake. I use the app on my smart phone but you can use it online also. It really helps me to stay on top of what I eat. It definitely keeps me accountable for what I am stuffing into my mouth and makes me think twice about eating things.
So if you are a water bug and want to set yourself some goals or keep track of how you are doing, I recommend the FINIS Swimsense. And yes, there is a spot where you can go in and set goals for yourself and one of mine is to be able to swim for an hour straight. Anyway, you can hop over to FINIS and purchase yourself a Swimsense. And there is no better time then February 20th while FINIS is having a 20% off everything sale.

With the MyFitnessPal app, you can scan the barcode of all the foods that you eat so that you can keep track of all your calories you eat every day. This app then keeps track of these for the week and helps you keep on track for where you need to be. You enter your weight into the program and how much weight you want to lose per week and it will give you the correct amount of calories you should be eating. If you don’t have the barcode, you can type in the name of the foods on your phone, which is what you would do online. You can friend people so that you have a support system and you can also set it up so that other people can see your food diary and that helps others to get ideas of things to eat. 

If you have a recipe that you need to know the calories for, that is easy peasy also. You just go to the create recipe section and add the ingredients and it will tell you how many calories per serving depending on how many servings you tell it that your recipe will serve. I love this app and use it everyday.
Disclaimer: I have received the product from FINIS in return for this review. I have stated my honest opinion and in no way was paid for a positive review and received nothing more after I received the product to review. Images and Logos are from FINIS.  



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Customize this video for a friend at This video is a free birthday gift from Orapup Buy an Orapup today at help cure bad dog breath without a toothbrush!

Our 8 year-old Great Dane is the best dog EVER. Our 9 month-old son wrestles and plays with him like this every day. They are best pals and I am SO thankful our dog is tolerant and patient with our son; its like I have a babysitter to help out at home without actually having to hire one! The dog is also very protective of the baby so anybody or any other dog that seemingly poses a threat is going to have to get through our Great Dane first! 7.20.2010

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