Catching Our Breath: Life After Beirut and Paris

Catching Our Breath: Life After Beirut and Paris
She and her husband had taken that dog to agility classes, where it had bounced and lurched in sheer pleasure. When she found out the dog had died, my friend stopped. Finally. Not just chores and parenting and work. She stopped breathing. She couldn't …
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Thanksgiving football: Guide to the games
Woodland (7-2) at Seymour (8-1) 6 p.m.: The Wildcats can seal their first postseason berth since 2008 with a win, while a loss will leave them holding their breath on Thanksgiving. Eight teams, including the Hawks, are left to fight over the final four
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The All-Star Dog Rescue Celebration Airs Nov. 26

There’s no place like home for the holidays. More than merely the title of a seasonal standard, the words will also express the joy in the hearts of adorable adoptables when they find forever…

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Latest Greenies Joint Care News

As Saudis Keep Pumping, Thirst for Domestic Oil Swells
RIYADH—Saudi Arabia is poised to break records for oil production this summer, analysts said, as domestic-energy needs soar during its scorching summer and the holy month of Ramadan and threaten its ability to ramp up exports. Saudi Arabia has said it …
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Oil export ban support pits Obama against organized labor, allies in Congress
Joe Barton, Texas Republican, and Rep. Henry Cuellar, Texas Democrat, wrote in a joint op-ed for Roll Call on Thursday. “We will continue to push our colleagues and the president to take action to end the decades-old ban on oil exports and make the U.S
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It's Pope Week
POPE FRANCIS IS NO GREENIE COME LATELY: Perhaps no one should have been quite so surprised at Pope Francis' passion for environmentalism. Via the NYT: "That vision was expressed most clearly in 2007, when Latin American … Stronger limits mean less
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Shelter Sunday: Almost Home Rescue of New England/ South Portland, ME

Meet Riley! This beautiful baby is living in South Portland, Maine with Almost Home Rescue of New England. Here’s what her bio has to say about this young Labrador Retriever mix: Riley is a 1.5 year old female black lab mix! She is spayed, vaccinated, and heartworm negative. She weighs about 45-50 pounds and is […] Dog Blog

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Vegetarian Holiday Entertaining Grocery List

Vegetarian Holiday Entertaining Grocery List (via Bubby and Bean)
1. Natures Promise Organic Yellow Potatoes  //  2. Winterberry Ilex Bouquet  //  3. La Crema Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir  //  4. Tuscan Organic Kale  //  5. Peapod Apple Pie  //  6. Tofurky Vegetarian Roast  //  7. Chef Express Grilled Fresh Asparagus  //  8. Organic Cranberries  //  9. Silk Nog Soy ‘Eggnog’  //  10. Door Swag with Red Berries  //  11. Revolution Brewing Fistmas Holiday Ale  //  12. Peapod Pumpkin Pie
(All available at Peapod)

I absolutely love Thanksgiving (just six more days!), for a number of reasons. First and foremost, I think a day set aside specifically devoted to feeling and expressing gratitude is pretty awesome. I also love the fact it’s a nice break for a day or two in the middle of one of my busiest times of year with work, and I don’t have to feel any sort of guilt about just being lazy. It also marks the official start of the holiday season, which (despite my undying love for summertime) is truly my favorite time of the year. And of course, there is nothing better than gathering with friends and family to enjoy food and the comforts of the season.

We aren’t hosting any Thanksgiving celebrations this year (we’re headed to a Friendsgiving this evening, and we’ll be eating Thanksgiving dinner at my dad’s), but we do plan on having a holiday dinner here in a few weeks. So I thought I’d share my grocery list for the types of things we’ll be getting for our little get-together. Since I’m a vegetarian and so are several of our guests, we’ll be getting vegetarian goodies and creating a holiday theme with the decor. The best part is that we’ll be able to focus on cooking and on the design aspects of things without the added stress of having to run around to various grocery stores for ingredients – because we’ll be able to get everything we need delivered directly to our home, thanks (once again!) to Peapod.

I’ve talked about Peapod here before, last month when I used them to supply an autumn picnic I was putting together. They’re a seriously great service (and the country’s leading internet grocer) that delivers right to your doorstep, often up to seven days a week – for delivery as soon as next day, or up to two weeks in advance. They’ve delivered more that 23 million orders (impressive!) across 24 U.S. markets, and they are stocked with more than 12,000 products in a range of categories. I love how many natural and organic foods they offer, and the fact that they go beyond just typical groceries for also supply seasonal items (like the holiday bouquet and door swag you see above!), office and school supplies, health and beauty aids, pet goods, and wine, beer and spirits (in specific markets). I think Peapod is especially wonderful during this time of year when we’re all so busy – they instantly take an errand off of your to do list, which is pretty fantastic.

What types of groceries and other goodies do you tend to get for holiday entertaining? Who else is a Peapod fan?

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xena1If you’re honest, you’ll probably admit that your beloved Labrador Retriever is overweight, right? If you had to guess you’d say she’s maybe 5 or 10 lbs. overweight? But you probably don’t think it’s such a big deal – she’s happy and what else matters, right? Wrong!

Maybe you think I’m being over-dramatic when I say on my Radio Pet Lady Network shows and blogs that American pets are in danger because we are allowing them to become overweight? Do you think I am exaggerating when I say that there is a mounting health crisis for our dogs and cats as they get fatter and fatter? Believe me!

Let me share a shocking research finding: dogs who are overweight or obese will generally be expected to live about two years less than if they were at their ideal body weight. Almost two whole years of her life!

You could be cutting her life short by two years by giving too many high calorie treats, not measuring the quantity and calories in her meals, and not giving her the 30 minutes of good daily exercise she needs. What this means is that your beloved Labrador might live to 11 years instead of 13 – and is more likely to suffer from medical problems from carrying excess weight throughout her life.

I hope that frightening information will inspire you to take us seriously when you hear Dr. Donna Spector and me talk about the “pet obesity epidemic” on our pet talk show THE EXPERT VET on the Radio Pet Lady Network. We’ve talked about the fact that most owners and even their veterinarians cannot remember what a normal, healthy cat or dog should look and feel like.

DFF-logo-ProudSponsor175x166Raising awareness of the health dangers of obesity is why we launched the Healthy Weight Challenge, with the support of Halo pet food who supplies the Healthy Weight dry food and the Spot’s Stew in a can. Dr. Donna uses them as her “magic tools” in helping our contestants shed excess pounds and keep them off forever.

This week we welcome our newest contestant, Xena – a darling Pomeranian from Maryland who was once 10 lbs and is now nearly 15 lbs., a 50% weight increase which is dramatic for such a little lady. Hats off to her humans, John and Pam, who realized they had a problem and came to us to solve it.

We’re honored to be part of Xena’s return to her bathing suit figure, and to serve as a great example to owners of every size dog that being fat isn’t cute—it is harmful and is a health crisis that each of us needs to address with our beloved dogs, who are already with us for too short a time. Think of it this way: staying lean means a longer, healthier life!

Tracie Hotchner is the author of THE DOG BIBLE: Everything Your Dog Wants You to Know and THE CAT BIBLE: Everything Your Cat Expects You to Know.

She is also a renowned pet radio host and producer, having spent 7 years on the Martha Stewart Channel of Sirius/XM with CAT CHAT® and even longer with her award-winning NPR radio show DOG TALK® (and Kitties, Too!) that continues to broadcast in the Hamptons and the Berkshires. Her most recent accomplishment is the pet talk radio network she has created on the Internet called The Radio Pet Lady Network.


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10 Reasons to Adopt a Senior Dog #NutrishSeniorPets

We adopted both Irie and Tiki at the age of six months. I’ll be honest: for all the puppy fun and incredible joy, there was a lot of work as well. From digging in the yard to chewing off each…

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Fire dept. rallies to find bone marrow donor for cancer-stricken medic/firefighter

Fire dept. rallies to find bone marrow donor for cancer-stricken medic/firefighter
HAMPTON, N.H. — A paramedic/firefighter diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma is searching for a bone marrow transplant match to save his life. Union Leader reported that Kyle Jameson, 33, was diagnosed in April after a routine physical exam.

Krayzie Bone Like Fire
Chasing The Devil, which is being released by Krayzie Bone Media / RBC Records, is currently available for preorder. The November 20 street date is set. "Life Fire," is the official second single and brought to you by HipHopDX. Share your thoughts in
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Bone Therapeutics Provides Business Update for the Third Quarter of 2015
BONE THERAPEUTICS (Brussels:BOTHE) (Paris:BOTHE) (Euronext Brussels and Paris: BOTHE), the bone cell therapy company addressing high unmet medical needs in the field of bone fracture repair and bone fracture prevention, today announces the …
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This is Kiwi, a 6 month old apricot poodle.  Kiwi was born in Canada and flown over to France when he was three months old.  As life goes on, he’ll be regularly flying back and forth between his owner’s two homes: Montreal and Monaco. 

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Turkeys in the misty November gloom


If you didn’t know any better, you’d think some velociraptors were out stalking the mist.

Natural History

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