Pet Talk: Vancouver veterinarian opens new clinic offering affordable dental care

Pet Talk: Vancouver veterinarian opens new clinic offering affordable dental care
Pet-Talk-Dr. Jacqueline-Myers-Forever-Pet-Dental- Dr. Jacqueline Myers recently opened Forever Pet Dental, which offers an affordable approach to pet dental care.Courtesy of Forever Pet Dental. In her three years as a general practitioner, Vancouver 

Pet first aid and CPR classes now available
Highlighted topics include CPR, rescue breathing, shock management, bleeding protocols, injury and wellness assessments, heat injuries, cold injuries, and dental and senior “pet-izen” care. “Doggie” and “kitty” breath is not normal and is usually a
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Barfy Scorpion Launches TV Network

True American Dog

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‘Traveling Light’ Contest for a Free Copy

The publisher of ‘Traveling Light’ is offering a contest for a free copy of Andrea Thalasinos’s new book!  The book was published recently and Andrea Thalasinos is currently on her book tour.  If you want to enter the contest for a free copy, just leave a comment to this post!  The contest will be open until Thursday, August 8.  The winner will be chosen Friday.

You can find more information about the book here!

PetsitUSA Blog

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Cool Dog Smile images

Check out these dog smile images:

Happy dog smiling
dog smile

Image by anexxx

German Shepherd Dog Smile
dog smile

Image by mosilager

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Some People Need to Steal Content, Because They Can’t Create Their Own

Are you reading this post on a site like,, or

That’s because there’s someone that can’t create content of his own and has to steal it from blogs like in order to fill his site with content, in a lame attempt to sell pet medications via affiliate links.

If you are reading it on a site like this, you can read the actual posts here, instead of on the site of a thief.

If you are reading this on my actual site or in RSS, I apologize. I just wanted to get a post calling these leeches out onto their sites, since their theft is completely automated.

Some People Need to Steal Content, Because They Can’t Create Their Own is a post written by . You can see the actual post at Dog Training in Bergen County New Jersey

Dog Spelled Forward Website and Blog

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May 20, Green chlorophyll soup to increase red blood cells

I wanted to share my traumatic experience with you and other members. My female portugeuse 10 year old water Spaniel, Sooty, had a suspected serious immune
Dog Food Blog | Best Dog Food Guide

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I SO wish that I lived closer that I could thank a…

I SO wish that I lived closer that I could thank all these volunteers, meet some wonderful dogs and get involved!

I hope it's a terrific event and well attended – good luck.

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Nutro greenies hip and joint my dogs love em

The brindle dog is lucky and he is an 18 years old mastiff cross. Mindi is my husky mix.

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Holistic Supplements For Dog With Mast-Cell Tumor

I read the following segment of an article about holistic supplements for a dog with mast-cell t
tumors.  I felt the information was valuable enough to pass it along.  The full article information is below.  I especially like the last couple of sentences.

“I have a 6-year-old Lab/beagle mix who has had many problems — the latest being two mast-cell tumors. The tumors were removed on separate occasions, and the surgeries were successful; however, we were told that we needed to be diligent about checking for lumps.

“Our veterinary oncologist has recommended that the dog be put on 4,000 milligrams of fish oil and 10 milligrams of Pepcid. She suggested Pepcid because dogs with mast-cell tumors tend to get ulcers, and the fish oil helps discourage the return of the mast cells.

“Also, a friend of mine in Florida said that her holistic vet uses food-grade liquid aloe in diets for dogs that have had cancer. Neither my vet nor vet oncologist have heard of this before, but from what I’ve read on the Internet, it makes sense. What do you think of using food-grade aloe as a supplement? And how much should a 45-pound dog drink?

Answer from Dr Michael Fox: “There are many treatments that can be integrated into a holistic therapeutic regimen for your dog’s cancer.

“I concur with what the two veterinarians recommend: You can give 1 tablespoon of aloe vera in your dog’s food twice daily. I would also recommend New Chapter’s anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor Zyflamend and anti-cancer Immortal Mushrooms combination of beneficial fungi. Daily treatment with a mild antihistamine may also be beneficial, along with a super-antioxidant supplement such as N-acetyl-L-cysteine and alpha-lipoic acid. Above all, avoid any treatments that may compromise your dog’s immune system, such as “booster” vaccinations and spot-on anti-flea drugs. Feed your dog a whole-food diet rather than manufactured dog food, good nutrition being the first medicine.”

You can read the full article here:

Important Information About Feeding Your Dog

Dog Food Comparisons


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The Dog Food Comparison Blog

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Thoughts On Designing a Nursery

Simple, Modern Nurseries // Bubby and Bean

Today I thought I’d share some of the rad nurseries I’ve discovered online over the last few weeks while seeking out inspiration.  Although we still have five months to go before baby arrives, we’ve already started gathering ideas (and paint chips galore) for her/his room.  My husband is off the road for a few weeks right now, so we’re doing our best to get organized while we can on the weekends and during the evenings when I’m done with work.  I remember just a couple of years ago, feeling like the ten month period we had to plan our wedding was so much time.  But with Robbie gone for over half of it and me scrambling to get everything done on my own as the date approached, I ended up feeling pretty overwhelmed.  This time (albeit a much different situation) I’ve learned my lesson, and we’re taking advantage of our time together to get plans into place and projects started.

We currently live in a two bedroom townhouse.  I’d really like to move into something larger (with a yard!) before baby becomes a toddler, but for now, we’re doing the best we can with what we have.  The room that will become the nursery is now a guest room (that admittedly also doubles as a storage unit; don’t open the closet in there or you’ll be bombarded).  We’re trying to figure out a way to possibly set up a space in our unfinished basement for guests to stay (that will be an entirely different post; sigh), so the plan is to take the bed apart and reassemble down there.  Completely cleaning out the closet is another task on the list.  And the paint color in the room is gorgeous – a rich, warm, dark grey.  But it’s much too dark for a baby.  So we’ll be repainting as well. 

As much as I love design and redecorating, this nursery is a bit of a design challenge for me, because I know that I have to break away from my usual tenancies.  My decorating style leans toward the minimalistic end of the spectrum.  I’m a fan of neutral colors (white, black, and grey) and clean, modern lines.  I just have to remember that this room is for a baby – which means incorporating fun, colorful elements.  The crib will be white, and we’ll be painting an old dresser and bookshelves white as well.  For the walls, we’re thinking a pale grey.  This will lighten up the room, but won’t make it look quite as ‘sterile’ as plain white walls might.  The plan is to stick with whites and greys throughout the room, then add a few pops of vibrant colors and a few rustic, organic details throughout the space.  Regardless of whether baby is a boy or a girl (and yes, we’re finding out), we’d like to keep the nursery pretty gender neutral.  My vision is simple, modern, and fun.  I’ll be sure to share before and after pics once the project is (eventually!) completed.

Nurseries, from top:  1. Design*Sponge  // 2. Apartment Therapy  // 3. Rosenberry Rooms //
Apartment Therapy  // 5. Lecons de Choses  // 6. Rosenberry Rooms  // 7. Houzz

Have any of you designed nurseries recently?  Or transformed a space in your home from one type of room to another?

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