How You Can Help Dan + Shay Promote #ThinkAdoptionFirst

A platinum-selling duo with hearts of gold, Dan + Shay have not only starred alongside rescue dogs in the music video for their chart-topping single “Nothin’ Like You,” now the…

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My neighbors are wonderful people they are also re…

My neighbors are wonderful people they are also refugees. They came to America legally to escape the radical Islamic opression fearing for their young daughters' futures. They voted for Trump. I have worked tirelessly for bully breeds. I have gone sar far as to file lawsuits against towns that attempt to enact BSL. I was raised in the foster care system and left home at age 14. There were no government grants, scholarships or aid for foster kids living on the street who graduate on the honor roll. Nobody understands oppression moreso than me. I voted for Trump. While I'm certainly happy for these families and thankful for the work they've done in behalf of tge breed…I'm a bit confused as to why the bully forum has decided that this is the platform from which they should disenfranchise half of their supporters.

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Westie Dog and Walker Find Missing Woman

hazel the westOften when people walk their dogs, they’re in a hurry and wish that their dogs were a little bit less interested in everything off the path. Sara Wilce isn’t one of those people. She’s grateful that her dog, Dougal, has a keen interest in his surroundings. Recently the Westie became a hero when, during his morning walk, he spotted an elderly woman and her dog who had been missing for four days!

According to the Stroud News and Journal, Hazel Denham had last been seen at 1:20 the previous Tuesday afternoon as she headed out to walk her Poodle-Yorkshire Terrier mix, Bertie. Her husband, Richard Denham, reported her missing at 5:17 that evening when she and Bertie still hadn’t returned home. Richard is 85 and his wife is 71 with mild dementia. The Denhams live in Minchinhampton, an ancient hilltop town in the Cotswolds of England. When people learned that Hazel was missing, the community sprang into action. Volunteers and professionals with a number of agencies and services coordinated searching for the woman. Police officers and other officials gave out maps of areas where people should search. The National Police Air Service used thermal-imaging cameras to look for signs of Hazel and Bertie. The Search & Rescue Dog Association (SARDA) South Wales also participated in the search.

Read the complete story.

Halo Pets

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WHOLE Lot of Difference: Gifford Cat Shelter

Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month

June is Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat month and what better way to celebrate then to team up with a cat shelter and a Snapchat influencer to raise awareness and help feed our feline friends in need.

The Gifford Cat Shelter in Brighton, MA was founded in 1884 and sponsored by Ellen Gifford. Its mission is to provide a safe haven for abandoned, stray, abused, neglected, unwanted and injured cats with the goal of re-homing and ending the needless killing of community and companion cats.

Halo is proud to partner with and to make a WHOLE lot of difference for shelter pets together.

Here’s what The Gifford Cat Shelter had to say about a recent Halo Pets donation:

“Many strays have been eating poorly while on the streets and may be malnourished on arrival. It is common for them to have dental disease and they often develop upper respiratory infections in response to the stress they have endured. Some are found to be infected with feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) which makes them more susceptible to infectious illness. Cats from hoarding or abusive situations may arrive in a quite malnourished state. In this type of cat population, good nutrition is especially important. High quality food is a foundation of returning these cats to optimum health and improving their resistance to illness.”

“High quality food is a foundation of returning these cats to optimum health and improving their resistance to illness.”

Gracie is a 5 year old cat, surrendered due to her owner’s illness and subsequent inability to care for her. She was diagnosed with diabetes just prior to being surrendered. Once at the shelter, we measured her blood sugar levels, started administration of insulin, and began to feed her measured quantities of Halo food, based on our veterinarian’s directions. Over the course of three months, Gracie’s blood sugar levels and need for insulin have decreased. We are hopeful that at some point, she will no longer require insulin and will maintain a normal blood sugar with proper diet alone. Gracie has remained happy and otherwise healthy during her shelter stay and we hope to find her a permanent home soon.

Gracie the cat

Martin is a 5-year-old cat who was found as a stray in a nearby community. On admission, he tested positive for FIV. His teeth were in very poor condition and he had significant ear mites. He also had a severe eye infection, felt to be due to a virus. During his three-month stay, his ear mites have been successfully treated and his teeth have been cleaned with some extractions done. He has undergone lengthy treatment for his eye infection, which is currently resolved as well. After spending many weeks in our quarantine area, Martin is now living in our FIV+ room and showing his true personality as a playful and loving lap cat. We anticipate that Martin will soon find a permanent home. Good nutrition has been a key component to his recovery. All FIV+ cats need high quality food and, in Martin’s case, it was even more helpful in promoting healing.” 

Martin the cat

Thank you Gifford Cat Shelter for making a WHOLE lot of difference for pets in your community.

As part of Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month, the shelter is having a fundraising event on June 24th from 2-4pm hosted by and Snapchat sensation, Audrey Spencer better known as Cake1toDough1. To help celebrate and raise awareness, Audrey will be giving away two (2) $ 50 Halo Cat package for those who donate via GoFundMe.

When you choose Halo pet food, made from natural, whole food ingredients, your pet won’t be the only one with a radiant coat, clear eyes and renewed energy. Halo feeds it forward, donating over 1.5 million bowls annually. As always, Halo will donate a bowl to a shelter every time YOU buy. Thank you for helping #HaloFeeditForward.

Halo Pets

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This is Shar-pei looking at the camera very intently at the recent Fete de la Branda in Gorbio village.

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Doggie Quid Quo Pro

The Poodle (and Dog) Blog

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Anon. To be fair, BR has never been the group that…

Anon. To be fair, BR has never been the group that stays neutral on controversial topics. Our very open discussions about prong collar use, spay/aborts for pregnant dogs, our yearly march in the SF gay pride parade, etc.- It's fairly common for people to withdraw support when their buttons are pushed.

Personally? When I read that a five year old boy was handcuffed at the Dulles Airport on Jan 31, it was all I needed to push this topic out to our circles. Some might explain that child’s treatment away, but it was a line in the sand moment for me. How can we ever take ourselves seriously again as humane workers or ‘rescuers’ if we accept news of a five year old handcuffed by US authorities?

I regret that you feel this topic has marginalized us, because it's certain that we have much more in common with each other than most. And I especially regret that you feel you have to stay Anonymous during such an important discussions.

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Rookie Cop Rescues Pit Bull from Drowning

The Poodle (and Dog) Blog

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Happiest Father’s Day!

Happy Father's Day!

I don’t gush about Robbie nearly often enough around here, but that’s only because (unlike his wife), the dude isn’t an over sharer and would rather do just about anything than take selfies for Instagram. But I couldn’t ask for a better partner or father to my kids. He is an incredible role model and best buddy to them, and I’m so excited to celebrate him on Sunday after he gets home from the road.

To all the dads of human and fur babies, father figures, and those of you with dads and/or father figures in your lives, I wish you the happiest Father’s Day. Enjoy your weekend everyone!


Bubby and Bean ::: Living Creatively

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Dogs in Hot Cars

For those of you who are still suffering under a heat wave or are expecting a hot summer. It has happened again. Police in New Jersey had to rescue a dog (and a two-legger!) who had been accidentally locked in a hot car. WPVI, 6-Action News, the ABC affiliate in Philadelphia reports on the scary […] Dog Blog

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