Junior Senior – Move Your Feet (Official music video, HD)

iTunes: http://www.itunes.com/juniorsenior Spotify: http://spoti.fi/tdIbMQ Rdio: http://on.rdio.com/11wtsjm The official music video made by Shynola. “Move Y…

Here is the recap of Andrew Wiggins senior year at Huntington Prep. Hoopmixtape Volume 2! Beat By Cypria. Check out his fan page here: http://facebook.com/Cy…
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What Is Wrong With You People?

38383346What is wrong with you people?

Sometimes it seems to me like this is the motto of the dog trainer. Whether it’s using shock collars, not using shock collars, using food, not using food, using clickers, not using clickers — whatever it is — there’s a reason to be angry. And of course that means there’s a reason to be sharply critical, maybe even abusive, toward other people. After all people should know better shouldn’t they?

When it comes to dogs we advocate compassion. We advocate the use of positive reinforcement to get the behavior that we want. We advocate the use of the most gentle possible method we can find in order to help dogs to choose the behavior we want and to stop displaying the behaviors we don’t.

Humans, it seems, don’t deserve this benefit of the doubt. If you have a bunch of "dog people" as friends on Facebook go take a look at your news feed. What do you see? People are stupid. People are animal abusers. People shouldn’t be allowed to have dogs. People deserve to be left at the pound. And of course that perennial favorite: "The more I see of people the more I like dogs."

Don’t get me wrong I’ve been guilty of this kind of negativity myself. Many people are aware of this blog only because I’ve been very very critical of Cesar Milan. But I’ve made an honest effort to turn over a new leaf and have always believed that if you are going to criticize one thing, offer an alternative.

This post is about my alternative.

Helping dogs and people live happily together is my passion. I started out with my goal being to help dogs, but over time I realized that I can’t do a good job if I am not willing to help humans too. I also, oddly enough, started to like people the more I helped them with their dogs. (People who have known me for a long time still find this change in my attitude a bit surprising.) Rescuers, walkers, shelter workers, and dog trainers, enter this field because of their love of dogs. But it’s my belief that the people that are truly successful and truly help dogs either start out wanting to work with humans too or over time learn to appreciate them and the importance of working with and respecting them in order to be successful.

One of the most fundamental tools in a so-called “positive trainers “toolbox is DRI. As I’ve explained in the space before, DRI is replacing an undesired behavior with a desirable one. Why on earth would somebody who fancies themselves a skillful trainer forgo an opportunity to help somebody learn something new by, well, teaching them something new?

One answer of course is that nothing brings people together and nothing fires up a crowd better than a common enemy. That common enemy might be a famous TV trainer, the trainer across town, or even just an unfortunate dog owner doesn’t really know what she’s doing. And when one surrounds oneself only with people that share your beliefs, whether they be colleagues or fans, it’s really easy to find enemies to single out. (That would be everyone else.)

I’m not the first person to say that dogs are easy and people are hard. It’s easy to assume that people should know better. After all, it’s what many people assume about dogs, right? It’s easy to say we’re supposed to be the smart species while we make fun of "clueless trainers" and "stupid dog owners." It’s hard to get them to do the right thing. That’s when our work becomes real work.

I am a dog trainer, but I’m not just responsible for dogs – I am responsible for both ends of the leash. If I can’t reach a person in order to change their behavior or even just to help them get along better with their dog, I have failed. Snarky blog posts and Facebook pontificating doesn’t fix it.

What Is Wrong With You People? is a post written by . You can see the actual post at Dog Training in Bergen County New Jersey

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Therapy dogs take the stress out of airports

The Poodle (and Dog) Blog

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Smash Mouth – All Star

Music video by Smash Mouth performing All Star. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 1844389. (C) 2001 Interscope Records.
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Mouth & MacNeal – How do you do 1972 Once I said I wanted you I don’t remember why I often wonder if it’s true That you could make me cry I only know it’s lo…

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Say Cheese

Lacey had a pretty good morning yesterday.  We went for a walk before her bandage change and it was  the first time she showed any real interest in playing.  She’d been getting sassier at home but never really wants to play.

We stay pretty close to the car so she doesn’t walk very far, but I can throw the toy for Coulee down the cliff so she gets a decent workout with out much effort or time.  Lacey watches her run down but doesn’t follow.

It was great to see her smile again.  That went away last night when she had a puking marathon.  We took her to the vet this morning and they think it is probably just a reaction to her meds.  She got an anti nausea shot, we are taking her off her meds for a few days and just putting her on a mild diet with a side of Zantac for the next little bit.  Hopefully that will do the trick.

Oh and I don’t think I’ve mentioned here yet that we heard from the oncologist.  We got clean margins so Lacey is officially cancer free.  :)  We still don’t know if there were any cancer cells in the toe we removed but they are running more tests so we should know some time this week.

Crazy Coulee and Little Lacey

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Frolicking on the Beach

Amanda and I went out to the beach yesterday with Vito, Boone and Coulee.

Coulee was happy to be out running and swimming.  I’m not so sure she that happy to have the company though.  :)

Vito was his usual cute self.  When he wasn’t harrasing Coulee, he was off playing with toys by himself.

Boone had a tonne of fun frolicking in the water.  He is quite smitten with waves.

I wonder if Vito realizes that the toy is saving his life at the moment.  ha!

They all got pretty dirty.  But no one more so than V.

After we got back to the car we played around with Boone just a little more so that I could try and make a composite.  I’d been dying to try this but I wasn’t sure if I could make it work without a tripod.  I’m thrilled that I can.  I can’t wait to play more.

Crazy Coulee and Little Lacey

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Samoyed Harley

Samoyed  Harley’s new look


Cute Samoyed Harley has a new look! Do these glasses make me look smarter by any chance?


aplacetolovedogs on instagram

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Angie's List Report: Pet Dental Care

pet oral care

Image by me and the sysop
this is one of my kittypoops, razmatazz, a.k.a. raz, razzypoo, and razmatizzle. she’s pretty old and used to be a stray, so she doesn’t get around well these days. i’m not familiar with taking care of older pets, so i’m trying to do my best and learn. beans and tima are so damn self-sufficient i don’t know why i’m even around.

i took her to the vet today because her claws were way out of control and growing into some of her paw pads. because she’s not flexible, she can’t sufficiently bathe herself, either. my vet, a crazy old dude, trimmed her nails and used a furminator on her to remove the badly matted areas on her shoulder blades and hips. i thought i was going to have to get her shaved, and i was dreading it. after a few minutes with that thing, though, they’re all gone. granted there are balding areas where the mattes came from, but they’ll grow back in.

i bought some oral drops with omega 3 for her super seborrheic dermatitis (otherwise known as the worst dry, flaking skin you’ve ever seen). baths are out of the question because she gets violent, but i do have some spray-on shampoo/conditioner i can use.

i also bought the mighty furminator and was able to get the two little matted areas on tima’s hips! i still can’t imagine why they would be there, but at least now they’re gone. huzzah for groomed kitties! i can’t wait to go to town and get rid of beans and tima’s ridiculous excess fur.

5/29/08 23:32

Angie's List Report: Pet Dental Care
(WDEF) Too many pet lovers forget that animals require great oral care, too. Every pet builds up plague and gingivitis at different rates. Left untreated, it can cause problems. Vet Dr. Matthew Lemmons said, "If pets develop painful dental conditions
Read more on WDEF News 12

Dental care for pets
If your pets breath could knock you out of your shoes, it's probably time for the veterinarian to take a look inside his mouth. Too many pet lovers forget that animals require great oral care, too. Every pet builds up plague and gingivitis at different
Read more on WALA-TV FOX10

Saskatoon Pet Dental Care Important for Pet Wellness
SASKATOON, Saskatchewan, May 19, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Westward Animal Hospital in Saskatoon is educating pet owners about the importance of pet dental care for pet wellness. According to Dr. Cairo Parker, dental care helps to reduce the risk
Read more on Yahoo! New Zealand News

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Kooly The Bear And Friends Give Back To America

True American Dog

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I grew up in a small New England town, surrounded by what by today’s standards would be considered ‘nosey’ neighbors. To this day I remember their names, the Kerrys and Kellys and Jeffreys and their parents who had no problems doling out discipline, dinner, and hugs in equal measure.

I’ve lived in many places since then. I can’t tell you what my neighbors’ names were; I’m not sure I knew it even then. When I was in vet school, a five year old boy down the street drowned in his pool. When a similar event happened in my childhood, the community swallowed the family up and kept them close during their grief. Contrast that to my later experience; this boy, who lived maybe 6 doors away, I read about in the paper. Community has, in a lot of places, simply eroded in the face of our transient lifestyle.

Or, perhaps, it’s just transformed. The address I call home may have changed many times over the years, but the community that has embraced me online has been a constant since I first started an online journal 11 years ago. I don’t think people have given up on community at all, so much as they have simply transcended geographical lines, giving us the freedom to define our own borders. Our world is simultaneously expanded tremendously and compacted intensely.

We all have a role to play in our community.


I almost didn’t make it to BlogPaws this year, for various reasons that aren’t all that interesting, but I was very fortunate that my friends at Purina were generous enough to sponsor my attendance and make it possible. I put names to faces and met new friends from AAHA as well as the leadership at pet360, both committed to the pet community. I caught up with old friends from BlogPaws past (and this time no one crashed the pool after hours.) I went home, happy and tired in equal measure.

Then a tornado hit Oklahoma.

Team Up For Oklahoma
“How can we help?” asked the BlogPaws leadership. And you know, we had some ideas.

Ideas are like wildfire. They can sputter and die on the ground, or, with enough kindling and wind, they can take the countryside by storm. As they have done in the past, BlogPaws mobilized the Blogger Disaster Response Network and supported the World Vets effort to send aid where it is needed most in the community. They planted the spark, and waited. And others joined in, AAHA and pet360 and all the individual community members so instrumental in spreading the idea through this, our amazing online community.

Disaster Response Recipients

Today is the last day of the World Vets fundraiser, and we are all so grateful for the support of this entire community in making it a success. Truly, we are a community that helps when it is needed.


One of many pets in the midst of being reunited with their owners, thanks to tireless efforts from animal relief organizations. Photo: Boomer’s Animal Networking

World Vets has spoken with our members, our network, and the people at NARSC coordinating the national disaster response. We will be passing on 100% of the donations received in support of three tornado disaster response funds covering a wide variety of animal relief needs:

  1. Central Oklahoma Humane Society, one of the leading FEMA recommended local groups providing comprehensive support to displaced animals and getting them back to their owners;
  2. OSU Animal Relief Fund, providing veterinary care free of charge to the many injured animals both large and small;
  3. and Pampered Pets Veterinary Clinic Tornado Disaster Relief Fund, an AAHA member in Oklahoma who is donating needed supplies directly to affected individuals and smaller organizations in need.

We are tied not by our neighborhood borders but by something bigger. We are a global community. And I am so very proud to be a member of this wonderful group of people. Thank you everyone for your generous donations and your efforts to get the word out. It matters.


Tinker was reunited with his owners at the Central Oklahoma Humane Society. Photo: Central Oklahoma Humane Society

Pawcurious: With Pet Lifestyle Expert and Veterinarian Dr. V.

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