Notes from a Blue Bike: The Art of Living Intentionally in a Chaotic World {Book Review}

Notes from a Blue Bike: The Art of Living Intentionally in a Chaotic World by Tsh Oxenreider My rating: 2 of 5 stars Sharing her personal experiences from living in Turkey to moving back to the states, “Notes from a Blue Bike” is a personal journey of Tsh Oxenreider, in living an intentional life while…

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Stupid people tricks

There’s nothing worse than sticking your foot in your mouth. I hate that feeling when the words escape your mouth and hang there, floating in the air, as it slowly dawns on you what horrible thing you’ve just said.

I try to be cognizant of these things in my work as a vet. I’m pretty sure I’ve said some awful things unintentionally, and the most I can do is hope the person didn’t actually really register it. Like when I’m coughing in the middle of a euthanasia, and I apologize by saying, “My allergies are killing me today.” AW DANGIT I DIDN’T…UGH…. that sort of thing.

Unintentional gaffes, awkward as they are, are still better than remarks that are just plain oblivious. People who have adopted children can usually rattle off at least 20 awful things people have said. The always uncomfortable “When are you due?” question to a woman who is not actually pregnant. “Well, you can always get another one” to someone who has just lost a beloved pet. Or, “Who died?” to someone who has just actually lost someone.

I went to Disneyland this week, my first trip since the time they lost my wheelchair bound aunt on the Haunted Mansion. As fate would have it, she was with me again this time. There are few places better for people watching than Disneyland, a location of highly concentrated humanity teeming with all its best and worst attributes desperately, painfully intent on having a VERY MAGICAL DAY.

As we were waiting in line for our magical $ 15 burgers, I watched a member of the self-appointed mood police harass the cashier in front of me. She was very neutrally taking orders, neither kind nor unkind, simply doing her job. This man was having none of it. “Where’s that SMILE?” he asked, loudly.

She looked up, confused.

“Where’s your SMILE?” he asked again, a bit aggressively, forced cheer pulling his mouth into a rictus. SEE? LIKE THIS?

She gave him a wan smile. She looked tired. She was a captive audience, though, so she tried her best.


“I knew you had it in you!” he boomed in response to her most unenthusiastic ‘smile’, before engaging her in a totally unnecessary discussion of drink preferences. (The line is piling up behind him by this point.)

“I usually drink regular soda,” she said in response to his inquiry. “I like things sweet.”

“Yes,” he said, smirking. “You look like you like things sweet.” It was clearly a comment on her size. He looked up and around, proud of himself and his wittiness, and I slowly shook my head at him. His wife stared at her feet. I doubt this was the first time he’s said things like that.

I bumped into the same guy not 10 minutes later, as I was heading back out to the patio area with a tray of food. My aunt was waiting with the kids, sitting in her motorized wheelchair we had rented from Disneyland. Keep in mind, this is the standard grey wheelchair anyone can rent. It was not special in any way, an unwieldy, functional looking thing with a metal bumper on the front and a small metal basket.

Our friend paused, and pointed to it with a big grin on his face.

“How’s that working for you?” he asked. “You liking that thing?” He asked this the way one might admire a new Porsche 911, or a Harley, instead of an industrial grade medical device.


“Oh yes,” my aunt said without missing a beat. He nodded in admiration. “Yes, I love being in a wheelchair.” Then she turned her back to him while his wife stared on in embarrassment.

“How are you liking walking?” I started to say, but my mother saw the look on my face and kicked me before I could get past opening my mouth. She knows me well.


This is precisely why I prefer working with dogs. :)

Pawcurious: With Pet Lifestyle Expert and Veterinarian Dr. V.

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Joint Care

Joint Care.

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For help to start your Monday

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Secrets of sled dogs and why human athletes should be jealous

One of the more ignorant assertions by the animal rights morons people is that Iditarod dogs are beaten, starved and forced to run hundreds of miles. The fact is that every racing sled dog consumes around 12,000 calories daily, food that the musher must prepare and have flown to the various checkpoints of the race. That is the caloric equivalent of 25 Big Macs every day of racing. Yet the dogs weigh only 40-60 pounds….
The Poodle (and Dog) Blog

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Despite cold, Irish eyes smile in Lake George

Smiling summer dog
dog smile

Image by Jennie Faber
Munch perched on a picnic bench at Wanless Park, surveying the decrepitude that’s been the result of nearly month-long city workers’ strike here in Toronto.

Munch has offered to graze on the grass and retrieve garbage, but CUPE 79 has warned that doing the job of striking workers undermines their bargaining position.

Despite cold, Irish eyes smile in Lake George
LAKE GEORGE — Shamrocks and other Irish-themed attire could be seen in full force at Sunday's St. Patrick's parade in Lake George — even on dogs. Village resident Joanne Morrison was walking her Boston terrier Ross and her border collie Scout along 
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'Justified' postmortem: AJ Buckley talks Danny's showdown with Raylan
He just had the biggest smile on his face. It's the time we're gonna finally see Danny square off with a real shooter, and then I f–kin' fall down my dog's hole and impale myself with my own knife. It's so redneck. (Laughs) I'm like, if there was ever
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Dog rescued from breeding hell nominated for bringing smiles to older people
RESCUE dog Zoe regularly visits Denville Hall Care Home in Ducks Hill Road, Northwood, and has been nominated in the Friends for Life category at Crufts 2014. The competition celebrates heart-warming tales in which dogs have truly earned their title as 
Read more on getwestlondon

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Some People Need to Steal Content, Because They Can’t Create Their Own

Are you reading this post on a site like,, or

That’s because there’s someone that can’t create content of his own and has to steal it from blogs like in order to fill his site with content, in a lame attempt to sell pet medications via affiliate links.

If you are reading it on a site like this, you can read the actual posts here, instead of on the site of a thief.

If you are reading this on my actual site or in RSS, I apologize. I just wanted to get a post calling these leeches out onto their sites, since their theft is completely automated.

Some People Need to Steal Content, Because They Can’t Create Their Own is a post written by . You can see the actual post at Dog Training in Bergen County New Jersey

Dog Spelled Forward Website and Blog

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Shelter_Me_EdieSHELTER ME: Second Chances” the 3rd episode in the series sponsored by Halo, Purely for Pets premiers on PBS.

SHELTER ME: Second Chances” is the 3rd episode hosted by Edie Falco in the inspiring series about shelter pets improving people’s lives. The 1st episode Shelter Me was hosted by actress Katherine Heigl and the 2nd episode “SHELTER ME: Let’s Go Home” was hosted by Jane Lynch; all three hosts are animal advocates.

Shelter Me is about helping others and making a difference. They focus on the success stories to bring more people into the shelters to give these incredible animals a second chance.

Here is this week’s airing schedule:

Marquette: WNMU
Monday, March 17 at 10pm.

Athens: WOUB
Tuesday, March 18 at 11pm.

Click here for the complete Episode Three Broadcast Schedule – 2014 Schedule


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Latest Greenies Chicken News

THAT'S LIFE: Unlocking the bush
(Possibly a chicken first before Googling it.) A greenie will probably call it a dead duck due to their pessimism about humanity's relationship to nature. (Possibly a migratory masked lapwing duck, because greenies know this stuff.) A redneck will
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Agency: Oil, gas rules will bring 'historic' pollution improvements
Listening to the “greenies” you would think we are getting worse, not better. We are fast Talk about Chicken Littles—its the oil and gas lobbyists that claim any improvement in public health and safety will somehow doom the world's richest
Read more on Grand Junction Sentinel

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Lacey on Things

Every month the Lethbridge Photography Club has a photo theme. Anyone who is interested, enters a photo and they will critique it for you. It can be a great opportunity to learn but it can also be an opportunity to stretch your wings a bit. I usually enter a photo from my archives but this time, I couldn’t think of one that would fit the theme.

The theme this month is “Balance”. I’m pretty sure the intention is something more along the lines of compositional balance but I get to interpret it however I want and when I think of balance, the first thing that comes to mind is Maddie on Things. Maddie is amazing and I decided to see if I could get Lacey to balance on something. I scrolled through some of Maddie’s photos looking for inspiration. In many of the photos she is pretty high up but I knew I didn’t want to do anything that risky.  But then I saw one of her on top of a Nutella jar. So I decided to see if I could get Lacey on top of a peanut butter jar.

I thought I had 12 days to teach Lacey to get on a perch and Amanda assured me it could be done. I had my doubts. Turns out I only had 5 days (I had my meeting dates mixed up)! If I had known that when I started, I wouldn’t have even tried so I’m glad I didn’t know!

The first session was a disaster. I had a little plastic step-stool that I placed on the ground in front of me and tried to lure Lacey on it. She basically did everything she could to avoid it. Lol. She stood up like a gopher, she hopped around it, she leaned and stretched and contorted. The only way I could get her to touch it was to physically place her feet on it myself.

So that night I tried again but this time I started with a large step-stool that sits at the base of a chair she often hops up on. On that stool, she hopped up no problem.  I then tried again with the plastic one (about 1/3 the size)  and she finally put her front two feet on it quite willingly.

By Thursday afternoon she was putting all 4 feet on the plastic step-stool. By Friday afternoon she was putting all 4 feet on a small bucket I have. I was amazed at her progress.

Friday I went shopping for peanut butter. The largest jar I could find was 2 kg and the size of the lid was about 1/2 the size of the bucket. Gulp. I wasn’t even sure all her feet could fit at once but we tried. It wobbled. A lot. I couldn’t even brace it with my feet. It didn’t take her long to completely stop trying.

Hmmmm. I found a bowl with a base the size of the jar. I turned it upside down and voila!  She got on it no problem. So I knew she could do the jar if we could figure out how to brace it.

Saturday, Marlin and I did some brainstorming. I decided to empty out the jar and screw it down to a sheet of plywood. It was still a bit wiggly, but it wasn’t going to fall over. We practiced on Saturday and only got as far as 3 feet up but it was after a long walk so I was hoping she was just tired.

We went out bright and early this morning and… Ta Da!!!!

Crazy Coulee and Little Lacey

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