works well

All my dogs love them, and they push each other around if I have to medicate a dog and get out the pill pockets. They think they are getting a treat. It has made giving medication (pills) a dream. Now I don't have to use so much peanut butter, which is what I used before. A bit expensive for frequent meds, is. more than once a day, but is ok for daily use.

My dog doesn't like these

This is the first time I've tried the chicken pill pockets. My dog doesn't like them at all. They seem to be dry and crumble easily. I'll stick with the beef pockets from now on!

Tripod tested

Our dog had a traumatic amputation before we adopted her from a rescue group. She has undergone several operations and will always need analgesics and occasional anitflammatories. We have given her meds in everything from cheese to peanut butter but her favorite is a pill pocket. We discovered these a few years ago and wouldn't want do be without their convenience. Our little tripod loves them like a treat.

This *may* give your dog diarrhea, but they do their job.

My dog is 12, and has had constantly firm stool his whole life. After a dental surgery, I used these, and assume the medicine was giving him diarrhea. After he was better, and no more pills... I was still using these leftover pockets to smear into an old hollow bone (they are very pliable and many are cracked and smoooooshed, already, prior to opening the package), and he continued to have diarrhea. I was just worried something happened due to the mediciation, but finally put two and two together. Googling these pill pockets, diarrhea is a side effect. So be aware. These work well for the pill part, but the drawbacks are there too.

Also, I haven't talked about diarrhea this much in my whole life. I have heard the only time it's good to have diarrhea is in scrabble, because it's worth a crapload of points. I saw someone on Twitter ask Greenies if Diarrhea was a side effect.. the question is hilarious: [...]

Anyhoo... we love our dogs. We hate messy poop. There may be better ways. Making the poopy that loose makes me think it can't be too healthy?

Irresistible taste!

My dog needs one capsule and one pill every morning and the chicken flavoured Pill pockets are perfect to hide these. I always use one pill pocket, brake it in half - it´s enough to hide two big pills. My dog loves the taste and never ever had to spit it out. A relieve for me and a treat for my dog! Great!

Amazing little product

These are the smaller pockets, which I didn't expect, but they still work with the pills I have to give my ole' girl. She loves them and it makes medicine time so much easier. Truth be told, I have to keep these in the fridge to keep the cat from tearing into them.

Duck Flavor makes my 2 dogs throw up

Every time, every time, we give our two dogs their nightly pepcid in one-half of an "allergy formula," duck flavored pill pocket, they throw up hours later, whereas they don't throw up if we use the beef or chicken flavor.

Be careful, made 1 of my dogs very ill

I must admit these do work for getting your pets to take pills - 2 very finicky dogs who almost always spit out their pills in any food did scarf their pills down when put in these. However, after only 2 pills (separated by 8 hours), one of my dogs (8 month old puppy) became violently ill about 2 hours after the 2nd pill pocket with numerous episodes of explosive diarrhea and vomiting (ultimately very bloody after 12 hours). It ended up costing us money for a vet visit and medicine to get the dog to get well, and a major scare that the puppy was going to die (could hardly move after 18 hrs of this). The medicine was not new, nor any thing else changed, so I presume it was due to these (certainly not going to try them again to see). Our other dog (full adult) did fine, however. Maybe it should just not be used for puppies, or maybe it's just an unusual reaction, but if you google "pill pockets diarrhea", you will see this is an occasional known side effect.

Would suggest trying just one of these each of the first few days to make sure your pet is not intolerant of these. 1 out of 2 for me was not good odds.

This is best product ever!

Our dog has to take several medications.
We could not get her Tramadol down her at all. We crushed it, put it in cheese, peanut butter, chicken. She would find it and spit it out until we started using pill pockets. She is getting pills in them about 3 times a day & thinks she is getting a treat.

Best way to give pills

Wow! What a super way to give pills to my dogs. My dogs are not great pill takers. Have tried numerous foods to wrap the pills in - this is by far the easiest way. Just pop the pill(s) in the hole & give to the dogs. My dogs LOVE these pill pockets. No longer have any trouble getting my dogs to take their meds!!

Great Product!!!

These are my go to when it comes to giving my dog pills. He has to take Benadryl quite often due to allergies, and he loves taking it with these. He thinks he gets a special treat! He comes running every night to take his pill, and is always excited. Also, I feel good about giving these to him instead of people food or shoving it down his throat. Definitely a must have for dogs taking meds.

Best thing ever!!

Why didn't someone think of this before????? I use the salmon cat pill pockets for my cats and the beef pill pockets for my dogs. What an easy way to give pills. The dogs just gobble them down in one gulp. The cats are a little trickier, but if you hide it really well, they usually swalllow it right down.I've even had them eat the outside, spit out the pill, and then eat the pill because of the juicy esidue.


I found wrapping my tiny tot's pills in a little ball of wet dog food was simple and seemed more palatable than the greasy, foul smelling greasies oops I mean greenies. He used to toss them around but hesitated to eat them for ages until I became concerned. Wrapping the pills in a wholesome freshly opened canned dog food is better in my opinion.

Greenies Pill Pockets

Such a wonderful and easy way to give your pet a pill. And with Amazon, it's much cheaper than buying them at the vet's office or any store. And, my picky dog loves the taste.